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Friends and Losers May 19-25th

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Default Friends and Losers May 19-25th

OK, the world has gone crazy - if I'm the first person to post this week!! Where are all of you????

Had a great weekend - the golf tournament was fun. It rained just as the leaders were coming up the 18th hole, so we did not get too terribly wet. When we arrived at our hotel (I won't name it, but it rhymes with Chariot) they had GIVEN AWAY one of our credit-card held rooms, that we had confirmed the reservation on THAT morning. Needless to say, not a lot of available rooms near the Meadowlands at 11pm during prom/graduation/golf tournament/all other sports season. Our friends were given a room at another hotel for the night, but the clerk told us the hotel was 5 miles away- NOT!. Well, the private driver picked them up, and by the time they got to the hotel it was 2 am. Ugh.

SO, I feel all bloaty and yucky. I think I am going to do a TO tomorrow and Wednesday - just too much eating out this weekend.

Hope all is well with everyone!
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Morning Everyone!!

Just thought i'd stop in and say really quick. I havent been around much but i'm still trying to stick with it. Almost to goal so i'm motivated. I hope everyone is doing great. I'm going to try to keep up with week. When i come back sometimes and this post is like 4 pages long i just cant catch up.

Kim - GL on TO, sounds like you had a good weekend except for the hotel mixup, how horrible!

Have a great day everyone, off to change the ticker!
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Morning everyone! Lets have a perfect week, shall we? I want to get back into all of those cute summer clothes calling my name in my dresser!
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Good Morning!

I'm trying to get back on track today. Boy do I need to drink a ton of lemon water...so puffy. DH is being transferred to the rehab center today...finally. Hopefully, he will only be there about a week. So, I know I won't be able to be POP, but I'm going to put forth a better effort at staying OP.

Have a great day!

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Thats good news about DH Paula. Just do the best you can.

Okay, where the heck is Nicole? She has not been here in 2 days. I am starting to wonder if we are cyber aunts yet.
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Nicole!!!!! Thank you for missing me!
Eating has been terrible. I need to check in here more often. I tend to eat better when I "hang out" with you guys!
We got new appliances so our kitchen was torn all apart so no cooking for a few days. Needless to say we didn’t make the greatest choices. But my kitchen looks amazing! And DH has really stuck to the new way of eating. He's lost 9 pounds.
Me and my sister and 6 of our cousins went out Friday night to a Japanese place where they fix the food at the table. It was yummy and we had a blast. The salt about killed me! My fingers were so swollen Saturday morning that my rings hurt! From there we went to a karaoke bar and listened to some music, haven’t done anything like that in a LONG time!
Today is a new day! I packed my lunch last night so no excuses for poor eating at work today. 2 more days of school then off for the summer, ahhhh! LOL
This time last year I was anxiously awaiting for my TT surgery. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Thursday will be my 1-year Tummyversary!
Nicole-I had 3 c-sections and the two planned ones were SO easy compared to labor. I know you don’t want her to have to have surgery but whatever is safest for her and the baby and her scar will be hidden.

Congrats to Amy on your engagement, your ring is gorgeous!
Congrats to other Amy on your graduation, you looked amazing in your cap and gown!

Paula-Glad DH is on the mend.

Michelle-I have a son that age, I can’t even begin to imagine how scared you were. Glad things are looking up!

Julie-Hang in there girl, you’ve done so amazingly well, keep up the good work!

Stephanie-I got more excited about another dairy than I did about another starch. All the counselors laughed at me!

Good morning Katie and Debbie and Numba One Kim, and Dionne and Dan and Jillian and Cecilia and Tracy and everybody else I cant remember without going back a page, forgive me! LOL

Here’s to an amazing week!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Grammie Nicole.... Yoo Hooo?? We need an update!

Kim#2 - Oooh - new kitchen! New inspiration to make OP food. Happy anniversary for you and your new belly button, LOL.

Debbie - I guess in the long run, I saved a couple hundred dollars for the trouble, so it's all good!

Paula - That's great news - I hope the rehab goes smoothly and DH is home by the long weekend. Take care of yourself, too, remember.

Katie - cute new summer clothes? ****, I can't wait until my tired old clothes fit better. But hey, they already are!

OK - checking in here to go search some recipes.... see ya'll later.
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Hey gang..

Hope you're all off to a great week...

You know, it's amazing.. You know I've often alluded to the good feeling I get when I shop and see what other people have in their carts and boy was that ever evident this weekend during the weekly "me time" trip to Wal-Mart...

As I was in the check out line with my numerous bags of veggies, fruits, skim milk, low fat yogurt and fiber rich foods, I spied the people behind me..

Now, for reference sake, neither of the couple was visibly overweight.. Quite the opposite for the guy, in fact.. He obviously works out.. But their cart was full of several kinds of chips, different kinds of cookies, 4 or 5 loaves of plain white bread, at least a half dozen cans of vienna sausages, and all kinds of other stuff that shouldn't be eaten on a regular basis.. My thought is that they must have a bunch of kids at home to nessesitate that many loaves of bread. But even so, to be feeding your kids all that junk..

It honestly made me kind of sick to my stomach.. Now truth be told, I missing having chips and crackers around the house, but I know better now.. Those kinds of trigger foods do nothing but want to make me eat more, so we don't keep them around.

It's seeing things like that which make me feel really good about the choices we make.. We're not sacrificing ANYTHING in order to make ourselves healthier except fat and calories.
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Kim - IP 9/10
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6 cans of vienna sausages????

I can feel the nitrates from here.
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hey everyone. just thought i'd stop by and say hi.
my walk on saturday was great!
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I'm ready to get started!
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Hey everyone,

Just got back from WI and was up a 1.5 lbs. I hope it is from the extra starch and salt on my chicken Saturday night and deer meat twice yesterday. My counselor also told me it could be because I had just came from the tanning bed. I thought the tanning bed took water out of you. Oh well, it will be gone hopefully with at least one friend when I go WI on Friday. I have to pick an outfit for my picture for the paper. I have no idea what to wear.

I can't wait for school to get out. I am so excited about my DS being home for the summer. My DH says he thinks I am more excited than my son. I love having the kids at home and spending time with them. I plan on spending some one on one time with DS this summer. He is starting to develop a weight problem and I need to get him to exercise more. Any suggestions would be great. He eats pretty healthy and always has. However, he has started to eat when he is bored or unhappy and it has packed on about an extra 20 lbs he doesn't need. He will be 7 in July and I need to help him slim back down. I don't want to cause a complex for him. However, I know that kids at school can be mean and I don't want him to go through in school what I did. So, we will be exercising together.

I hope everyone has a POP day. So, no personals right now. I have to go finish a scrapbook for the teacher. Oh, me and my bright ideas at the last minute.

Have a great day.

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Hi, just wanted to stop in and say I am still here! The baby is growing and so is my belly... (Okay maybe not from the baby... I am out of control with my eating!!!)

Hope everyone is doing good!
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Hi friends
No baby.......no labor.......I have just been super d duper busy these last couple of days. DH is in sunny florida.......and that's all I have to say about that.

Katie..congrats on getting to move that ticker. It feels soooo good, doesn't it?

I don't have time for personals.......I have a bit more laundry to put away, and then have to help DD organize and tidy up her room. I also found out that not only my sis is comming on friday, but so is my nephew, mom, and dad. I know emily will be happy.....and I will be happy to have them here too..........it's just that with numbers there is always more chaos......and I was so looking forward to a few days of quite. . Who the **** am I kidding.........it is NEVER quiet here........

Dionne.......I am with you......I am very anxious for the kids to get out of school. Mine have like a week left As far as your boy goes.........I would try to engage him in as much playing outdoors as possible. Unplug that TV and computer. Give him water......and I don't mean to drink..........to play in..........whether it is in a pool, a sprinkler, a slip and slide....or just the hose. My kids will stay outside as long as the water is on, . Yeah, the water bill goes up........but it is a small price to pay for the endless entertainment and exercise it provides the kids. Also......plant a small garden with him. It is so exciting to see how things change on a daily basis. Another good idea is to google all the the parks in your area (and beyond if you like) and make a plan of how you can visit a whole bunch of them before school starts again. Let him decide where to start and go from there. I really think the art of playing is dying in our society. We tend to over entertain our kids. Giving them a few simple things.....like water, sand, a bat and ball, basketball hoop.....chalk.....bike.......bubbles.....etc can help them be creative and develop of sense of self. Interacting with neighborhood kids is also soo important. It gives our kids a sense of community. It makes them better citizens...........Oh......listen to me........the teacher wanna be in me is going crazy right now.... Anyway......you get my drift.......simple, uncomplicated outdoor fun always seems to be the least stressful, most enjoyable way for my kids to stay moving

Ok, time to make the doughnuts..........I WISH......... Time to change the laundry........

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Hi Everyone!

It was a good weekend for me. Worked on Saturday, but that's normal for me. Yesterday, I just relaxed...amazing how good that felt!

Sounds like everyone was busy. Most of you, more so than I.

My oldest nephew had his Senior Ball this weekend. We all converged on him and his girlfriend to take pics! What a riot that was...lol! Besides his parents (my Brother and SIL), 2 of his other Aunts, myself and a Gramma, her parents and her Dad's fiance' were there. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sun came out for the rest of the evening. Apparently, they had a good time and he didn't get home until 9:30 yesterday after the party they had for rollerskating afterwards. Having no kids of my own, my nephews are always great about keeping me in the loop!

Dan - always good insight into our challenges and it's effects! Keen observation is always a plus! I should try that too at the store!

Paula - Glad things are looking up!

Nicole - Jeesh! You have so much company! How do you do it? As far as the assesment of kids playtime, I agree! The 'artist' in me says that children don't use their imagination as much as we did when we were kids. Too much is already done for them! What is going to happen to this world when there aren't any dreamers left?? I can imagne that when I was a kid, I probably built enough 'Barbie houses' out of cardboard boxes to fill a city! Always looking for 'stuff' to make furniture and cool wrapping paper to wallpaper them etc, etc.! Ahhh....those were the days! :-)
BTW...my fingers are crossed for a smooth delivery of that new grandchild of yours!

Always, Tami
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Dionne, You are noticeably thinner in your profile picture. No wonder your COD wants to put you in an ad.

Nicole, it sounds like you are likely to have lots of help if the baby can just hold off until Friday to arrive. Your family is there to help you. Really that is great that they all want to be there... although it does seem rather like a bit of chaos.

I am doing a TO today. My DH is having a colonoscopy tomorrow so he can't really eat until tomorrow night, so I thought.. good time to do a TO. Plus I have need to get more focused. I never should have bought that costco thing of cashews. I can't seem to limit myself to the proper portions when there is a big jar right there in my kitchen. I seem to get weak and pop an extra little bit into my mouth before I've even really registered that I should not be doing that. Often times, just putting things out of easy reach is enough to keep me from eating it.. I still have the impulse, but I can get it back under controll before I've consumed the contra-band.
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