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Unhappy So Stuck

So I am totally stuck. I have tried everthing, take off, getting rid of condiments, switching up my foods. I seem to loose the same pound over and over again. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I am getting totally discouraged. It makes me want to go and eat chocolate cake!!!

Any suggestions will help.


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There are others here that probably won't agree with me, but I would go ahead and have a piece of chocolate cake! (One, and only one, piece of chocolate cake! ) I wouldn't make a huge piece either. BUT, I have had some good losses after I have gone off plan a bit (pizza, McD's cheeseburger, etc). I feel you have to live. And, when I started adding in foods for stabilization, I've still lost weight. I don't think an off plan food every once in a while will hurt anything. But, that is just my opinion...
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Default Exercise

I am a firm believer in switching up exercise. Some strength training or pilates might help kickstart your weight loss again. Also, I try to make sure I don't eat too many carbs too late into the night.
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I think it's great that you posted here, rather than just running to the nearest chocolate cake! To me, that's progress right there. Yes, maybe you're stuck w/ your weight, but if you weren't doing this, you'd probalby be gaining, which would be much worse. However, who can blame you for getting frustrated when you're putting forth such an effort and not really going as far as you'd like. First, it's possible that you're getting thinner, but that it's just not showing on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it's very possible that you're retaining water (especially if you are strength training). Second, I agree with one of the above posts: it's important to switch up your workouts. Try doing something totally different. For instance...do interval training. Start with a slow cardio speed and then do a sprint for about one minute. Recover by going slowly and then, after 2 or 3 minutes, do another sprint. Continue this for 35-45 minutes (whatever you can do) and then, you'll see some results very quickly. Be sure not to eat more calories, as you might think it's alright since you worked out, but then, you'll be eating the calories that you just burned off and you won't see results. Finally, are you counting calories or points? Maybe if you're doing a certain diet plan, maybe it's not working and you need to find another. You WILL lose the weight, but you might just need to tweak things around. Remember, the main thing is consistency...it will pay off over time. If you cease your efforts and turn to choclate cake, you will not reach your goal and that won't make you feel any better.

I wish you lots of success
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I agree with Lucky.. See about switching plans.. When they switched me to the old Blue plan, I immediately stopped losing and kept bouncing back on the same two pounds.. When they switched me back to Red, I started losing again...
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Does anyone know which plan I should switch to????If so, how many proteins, starches fruits, etc???

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Heidi, What plan are you on? How much are you exercising? Are you going to a COD?

I did get to a point where I stopped losing weight, and after much reflection and checking body fat measurements, I came to the conclusion that I stopped losing fat because I just didn't have that much left to lose. Sure I had been much LIGHTER previously. As when I crash dieted I lost as much muscle as fat and ended very much lighter, but not so lean. Currently I weight about 15 pounds above what I used to consider my "perfect" weight, but I'm leaner than I was when I was at that weight in the past. So go online and see if you can estimate your body fat percentage and figure out if your goal is even a reasonable one. I know we all would LOVE to see really low numbers on that scale, but you have to go by what is good for your body.
I have read many places that a body fat below about 18% is really hard for a woman to maintain. I know that is about the point that my body starts just fighting tooth and nail to not lose any more. I guess perhaps your body is defending its last reserves of fat. Remember that Hollywood style leanness is actually very unhealthy! Many of those stars are risking their health by being that thin. Anything below 18% body fat is going to require quite a lot of discipline to maintain for a woman. Anything below 15% is likely unhealthy.

Anyway, perhaps you still do have fat to lose. I did lose much better on BLUE than on gold, because gold was too few of calories for me. Perhaps you are exercising more and need to add some more calories to keep your metabolism going. Are you feeling hungry all the time or cold and tired all the time, that can be a sign that you are cutting calories back to severely. Also the closer you get to goal the harder it is to lose. Perhaps instead of eating too little, you've become more lax in weighing and measuring and portions. Although it sounds like you've tried to cut back.

Really you've done so great! almost 55 pounds is humungous amount to lose.
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I spent weeks gaining and loosing the same 3 pounds. I hear you on how frusterating it can be! I think our body does it's own adjusting. Suddenly I just started loosing weight again, and the funny thing is I threw in the towel, ate garbage food for about 4 days then weighed in and my LAWL counsillors said I can not figure out how you lost any weight looking at your diary. I am a firm believer of sticking to it, but sometimes when your fall off the wagon, it kick starts your body....and besides life would be dull if we didn't fall off the wagon once in awhile!
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I find that I have slowed down as well. There's some good info here, hopefully you'll get it sorted soon.

I'm with the person who suggested eating a small piece of cake.
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I am complaining to my DH because weightloss is slow - I am on plan 3. But I am going down, 4 pounds in 5 weeks. I have to be glad I am not going up and I am not hungry. I appreciate reading all your posts and find them motivating. I am also going through a job change and alot of stress, so I am trying to be nice to myself.

Has anyone had experience that 2 tsp of fat is not enough fat? I have heard you need more, but not sure.
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went to the COD yesterday to find that over the last month since I restarted after my surgery I gained back about 9 pounds... each time I go in they say "oh we'll call the nutritionists next time just keep your diary up to date" well frig it IS up to date and I write down accurate descriptions and I got a lecture on eating off plan (1/2 cup of poutine ...compared to the large tub that it came from I was quite proud of myself... and I seem to be the only one) and they said that since I ate that one thing off plan the nutritionists would laugh in their faces...
well how do they think that makes me feel...
I started up with LA lites again after surgery (As I quit them because of gallbladder problems) ... and I don't see what I want to see.
Just got engaged and had a few bottles of wine a few days later but that was a month ago and since then I have been good with eating lite things and fruits full of water ....

AHHHHHH anyone have a magic food that helps boost losses? Something other than TO (which I GAIN weight with?)

sorry for ranting but I feel completely frusterated with the program and each different person at the COD says a different thing and never follows up... even with my begging...
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