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Default What's your goal (other than weight)

Does anyone have a goal they want to do when they've lost weight?

For me, I've been building up muscle so that I can do chin ups. I have no idea why I want to do them other than to say that I can.

So that's my little goal. Does anyone else have something they want to accomplish either during or after their weight loss journey?
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I'm ready to get started!
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I know this one is going to sound a bit crazy or at least everyone I talk to now thinks I am. I want to have a basketball pregnancy. When I get to goal and maintain for a couple months, we plan on starting to try and have our third and final child. I want to loose the weight before trying to get pregnant because of health reasons but also I would love to have the basketball look. I figure that if I am already eating healthy and used to exercising I should be able to attain this goal. Everyone I tell this too tells me that I am crazy that I should have the baby and then loose the weight. My main goal is to just be healthy and have a healthy baby.

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New Founde Life
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I hope to incorporate a healthy lifestyle permenantly. Ever since i starting this "way of life" i have been doing my best to eat healther and go organic, or as much as i can. That would include exercising even after the weight is off. I feel so much better when i exercise and eat right every day.
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I want to feel as good as I did when I was in my 20's or as close to it as I can. Full of energy and life and know that if I want to go for a hike in the mountains for my 45th bday I can do it and who knows in a few years I may be in Nicoles shoes and have a grandbaby and I want to be able to be a fun grandma that can play ball or chase them around the yard not just sit on the porch cause I am to tired or achy to enjoy thier young world.
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This sounds strange but since I was about 20 I have had a pop for breakfast because I don't drink coffee. It is a Diet Coke but I am trying to start my day with o.j. and then a Diet coke the next morning. I don't think it is right for my children to see me have a pop for breakfast. Anyway that is one big goal for me.
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inspired this time around
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I just want to feel good...Wake up in the morning and wear the clothes I want... Right now it's the oposite...the clothes kind of chose me. Nothing seems to sit right. That's my main goal.
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mom to 4 girls ~Elizabeth
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I want to show my 4 girls that weight does not have to be a battle and food is not our enemy.. it is our fuel. I told my oldest.. you wouldn't put pop in our car, it needs the PROPER fuel. Our bodies are like that too.. we need the good fuel and the right amounts. I hope they grow up not struggling with that... life is tough enough! Other than that, I really want to run a full marathon. My kids are all getting into school withing 3 years so that means I will have the daytime to do more training. YEAH!
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Michelle - Starting Over
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i want to go to Hawaii with DH to renew our wedding vows. just the two of us in a nice romantic setting. sadly we have no wedding pics so i told him i want to be thin and wearing a pretty dress for pictures of our vow renewal. DH would go today if i agreed, but i want to look good and feel good when we go.
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Success Leads to Success
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I want to shop in my closet - be able to fit into all of the clothes that I have been keeping in hopes of "fitting into them again"!
AND... I have a trip down south waiting for me at my goal

Starting Weight: 161.8
1st Goal: 153.8
Next Goal: 145.8
Ultimate Goal: 135

Goal for Total Loss: 26.8
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Choosing with every bite.
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I have dramatically improved my health as measured by blood test. I've gotten all but one item within normal range. A couple are close to the upper limit, but inside the limit. I want that to be all healthy and moderate.

I already had or have developed a couple of vitamin deficiencies as I've lost weight. How in the world can I live in Florida and have a vitamin D deficiency - the sun vitamin.

I also want to get rid of the remaining fat - mostly around my middle, the worst possible place - and get my proportions right: waist under 30" and no more than 80% of my hips. Currently I'm losing faster from my bust and hips. Pretty soon I'll have all three measurements matching. This is not what I had in mind. In fact the ratio of waist to hips has worsened as I've lost weight!

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As I mentioned in my other post, I am training for a 1/2 marathon this year - next year I would like to try for a full marathon. I am already feeling the effects of losing 32lbs and can only imagine how much energy I will have when I meet my goal

It's not about enjoying every single meal, it's about enjoying every single day!

Re-committing to my original goal!!!
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I want to be able to fit in my jeans without lovehandles, wear a swimming suit, fit into my clothes again!!!
I don't understand how I am the same weight as before I got pregnant but the clothes that fit me then no longer fit...
I want to be fit and toned like a 20 year old should be. I already missed out on my teenage years being too worried about my overweight.. im ready to finally change it so I can start enjoying life
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