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Huge Announcement!!

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Default Huge Announcement!!

i just wanted to announce the fact that i have made it into ONEDERLAND!
as of yesterday!!! i got on the scale and am at 199.2! yay! i cried i was so happy! i haven't seen that weight in so long, i know it's been at least 7yrs. i can't even believe it. i got on and off the scale about 10 times!
and DH was there to witness it too, which made the moment that much sweeter! he knows how hard i've worked for this and how badly i've wanted this! i can't believe it still.
i know that i may fluctuate up and down, so i may pop back into the 200's(only by water weight probably)..but at least I KNOW i've seen and have made it to ONEDERLAND!
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Congrats Jillian-that Is Huge!!!! Keep Up The Hard Work!


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:cheer :
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Congratulations Jillian! Woohoo!!

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Congratulations, great job. WTG.


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Congrats Jillian! We know how hard you've worked for this!!
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Jillian that is awesome! I almost wanted to cry when I read that! It must feel sooo good! Keep up all your ahrd work! You rock!
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Oh Jillian,
I am so happy for you. It is so great that hubby was there too. You have worked so hard.

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WTG Jillian!! That's fantastic and I'm so glad you had your dh to share it with. Keep up the great work.
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Congratulations, that is so great, I cant WAIT to see onderland myself! Im so happy for you, what a fantastic christmas gift for you!!

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Merry Christmas Jillian It just doens't get much sweeter than that!!! I am thrilled for you......and SOOO proud. You are making your lemon-aid XOXO

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congrats, thats fantastic! you must be feeling on top of the world having that right before xmas as well

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Congrats chica!!! That's so awesome! I cannot wait to do the same myself!

Merry Christmas! Good luck with the move!
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What an awesome Christmas Present you gave yourself. Echoing the kudos here and just letting you know you are inspiration personified.

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