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Default Pure Weight Loss Bankruptcy and Closing

My sister was just told by our local office (corporate), that all of the Pure Weight Loss corporate offices are closing, and that the company is going into bankruptcy. Ours has no bars, not even ones already paid for and yet taken home. Has anyone else been told this?
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Let's try this again . .
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oh yes-read the other posts here. . . .

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JDBC... Sorry to say you, like me when my COD closed in April, will more than likely be SOL regarding your prepaid bars... If the company has no money, there's no money to refund... It sucks....
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THey were able to order the bars that I wanted. And, as for my refund, I got the price in other product. After my counselor figuring what I paid, how much I had left and then figuring in that $149 NONREFUNDABLE SET UP FEE, I only was owed about $75. Which she then offered me in product. And she gave me alot more than that. I got 2 bottles of Reduce+ and 2 bottles of that new 420 stuff. That alone was almost $200 in stuff. In her words, "what are they going to do? Fire me?"
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^^ Ha Ha... How true.. Good for her!!! And Good for you for getting in there and at least getting something...
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Default don't count on fair with this company

I am a former employee who was in upper management for a year and a half and EVERY horror story you hear is true. I am so ashamed to have ever been tied to this organization. They are crooks and they don't care about you, me. or any one for that matter. I predict you will be lucky to see the doors open on the 4th because I am sure it is safe to say the corporate owner will be on the courthouse steps before the end of the year and I doubt that the one employee they have left will before long realize they are simply being used to do his dirty work and won't stay until the end. Who will be left to run them. NOBODY! PLease go get all the product you can and ask for product instead of requesting a refund through corporate. YOU WILL NOT SEE A DIME!!!! DON"T BE FOOLED! And..... how dare them try to deduct that $149.00 enrollment fee. Why don't they just slap you in the face. It would hurt less. Please don't hold any employees responsible. They did not know. They are being just as screwed over as the clients. Some out even more money. I was bullied into leaving my position when the ship began to sink and they no longer could afford my position. They beat me down day in and day out telling me how much of a failure I was hoping I would quit. After being given unrealistic, unreachable expectations, overworked and beat down and they eventually let me go. Thank God. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I now see my former employees and colleuges getting bent over hard and I am so angry I can't see straight. They are Ruthless. They relocated people and their families across the country making false promises and now those people are stranded, jobless, and scared. This is so unfair. I encourage you all........ make them own up to all the lives they have messed with. I don't think he has the balls. As for Rain Skin, I know he has been working on this for over a year as far as I know. There are 2 centers that had opened in Chicago but I was told that those also were closing. Very well could be a lie. Don't worry, I will keep my eye out and expose them silly to make sure people know not to be fooled by this group of con artists. To any clients I serviced.... my heart was in it for the right reasons, to help people, and I am sorry for any pressure that I or any of my staff put on you to purchase products. Our jobs depended on it and if we did'nt meet the numbers expected, we were pretty much belittled. We were his puppets doing his dirty work. They were snakes. I am sorry to all of you who got hurt. This is not okay. Expose them for what they are or they will walk away without ever having to answer questions we deserve to know. I guarentee you he is not losing sleep over this.
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Does anyone know if all of this will be affecting LAWL centers in Canada?
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Wow this is the first I have heard of this. I do the Pure Weight loss online program (which I just joined last month). It doesn't say anything on their website about closing so I wonder what that means for those of us doing the online program.
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Default Its true ladies

i was just told on friday that our center in Centreville, VA is closing. I was not surprised at all. i used to work for LA back in 99 and they have always been a low budget company. We didnt have computers for the longest.
When I got on the plan a year ago I paid for two years up front and I doubt that I will get anything back. Its ashamed too because I do like the program, (didnt do the bars cause of allergies) but Id lost 55 lbs. I feel for the employees too because they have to deal with the irate customers who can only be told to submit a request for a refund (even with a woman who had just purchased more weeks - last week!!!!! was in the center complaining and the rep couldnt give her an answer because the home office didnt answer the calls!!!!)
I think that if you plan on sticking to the program to lose more weight they should be offering you the rest of the plan information for free!!! and anything else you can carry out of the center!!!

You paid for it - might as well get your money!!!!!!
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Hi Ladies,

Here's the info provided by a local tv station in Syracuse, NY:

"DeWitt (WSYR-TV) - If you're a member of Pure Weight Loss, formally LA Weight Loss, you won't be for long.

The company is closing all of its centers, which include three here in Central New York.

We've been hearing from members who've been hearing through the grapevine that the centers are closing. Monday, the company confirmed that is true. As of January 4th, the Auburn, Oswego, and DeWitt locations will close.

In a statement to NewsChannel 9, Pure Weight Loss says "fierce competition from the internet, the introduction of Alli, the over-the counter weight loss pill, and other commercial diet programs combined with a difficult economic environment have forced us to take this action."

These centers used to be LA Weight Loss. That company went bankrupt earlier this year and now Pure Weight Loss has run into similar financial difficulties. As of right now, customer refunds are questionable.

Several members have told us they've been handed or mailed refund claim letters but the local centers aren't paying anyone back and there's no guarantee the corporate headquarters will either.

The company is being pretty tight lipped about whether they have the financial means to pay any customers back, we will keep you posted, but if you are a member who may be owed money, contact them and get your name on their refund list."

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Default Pure weight loss help

Listen, the thing that clients and employees need to do is contact :

Your state Attorney general - they should have a website with a consumer complaint form to fill out


The PA Attorney General...(pure weight loss headquarters are located in Horsham, Pa)

This needs to be done before the 1st of Jan.

Try to do it today....if they gt enough complaints they might place an investigation the ceo Mr. Vahan Karian and the company and possibly freeze assets.

If you paid with a credit card and it has not been longer than 1 year and you did not already finish payin the balance, you may be able to file a chargeback with your credit card company, but I urge you to contact the 2 attorney generals offices even if you do because Pure Weight Loss can still dispute the chargeback.

If you mail out the "refund application" or anything pertaining to the Pure Weight Loss issue- mail it certified with return receipt, keep a copy of your file and any refund application you mail. You will notice that the employees may not want to give you a copy of your file and they will tell you corporate will be getting it and you don't need it, demand a copy, they are being told by corporate offices not to give copies.

Don't give up on your diet, the program works, you can do it on your own minus bars for now. I noticed about 3-4 weeks ago, my center was not getting in certain flavors and an increase of attempts to sell pills.

Why did they really offer a sale in the past few weeks on their inventory? They were liquidating their inventory which leads me to believe that they will not give refunds.
One minute my center is saying they are giving refunds for the unused weeks and lites, now yesterday they are saying it is only for the weeks unused and not the lites.

Please Please Please contact the attorney generals via online form or mail....if you have any questions please PM me
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