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Default Question for LAWL users

Hey Guys,

Just a quick question, I was wondering how any everyday woman or man with kids can afford LAWL. I went to the free consultation and when i found out how much it costs I was shocked... I understand that it may be cheaper than all other weight loss programs but places like weight watchers only require the funds for that particular week... not all up front!! I also understand that paying all up front keeps you accountable for your weight loss, but still I am 22yrs old with an 11mo. old son. There is no way that that is affordable!!
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Hi Mandy I am Kimberly, 23 with a 20 month old. I started in July this year. Luckily my center was running a deal where I got 1 year of weight loss for $199. You can catch some good deals, you just have to be nosey. lol I understand how expensive it is and its frustrating. My BFF started in January this year and she paid over $800 and wanted me to start with her but I couldnt afford it. So when they had their open house, they ran the above special and I talked my husband into letting me get a 0% interest (for 6 months) credit card to charge it on.

Also did they ask you about applying for care credit? They run no interest deals as well. But if your like me, the care credit wasnt an option as my credit was a little less than what was required for Care credit.

HTH, and I hope you can catch a good deal, or maybe when tax refund time rolls around you can use some of that extra cash! I am planning on starting the bars after the first of the year when we get our tax refund.

Good Luck and if we can be of any assistance let us know! There are some very knowledgable people on here who really know LAWL.
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Hi Mandy,
I am sure you are anxious to get started-but I am positive that most centers will be running specials for the holidays. I spent A LOT of money on LAWL but my circumstances at the time allowed for a splurge and I'm actually glad now that I paid it all upfront. I have a lot to lose, so I only paid to get under 200 and decided I would make a decision of whether to buy more weeks when the time came. That cut down on costs slightly. Also-ask if there is a way to get around buying the lites. They are what really add on the cost.

If you can find a good counselor to level with-ask what she thinks about doing a 6 week start up program or what the post holiday specials will be.

Also-many people on this board do LAWL on their own and use this forum for support and guidance. It may not be a bad idea to get started on here and wait out the good deals!

best of luck!
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Mandy, not sure if this would work, but maybe take a look at how much you can afford, and ask the counsellor up front what you could get with that - all costs included. Explain your situation, you are a young mother and can not afford a lot. If Carecredit is not an option - they will likely work with what you have.

LAWL keeps track of how many people go in for free consults and walk away without taking the deal. It hurts the centers statistics. Maybe they will say okay, we can give you a better deal.

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I don't use the lites I told them I was allergic to soy (former employee suggestion) so they never push me to buy them and they have adjusted my eating plan up to make up for the calories.
Good Luck!!

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I too signed up on a special for lose all the weight you want for $249. As long as I keep making an effort and follow the program, check in once a week (the $249 program is called the LA Express and you only check in once a week), my weeks are not limited. I also had a lot of weight to lose and they estimate weight loss at an average of 2 pounds/week when they figure out how many weeks it will take you. As I get close to goal, which is far far away right now, I will hope for specials to add the stabilization and maintenance phases to my weeks.

This board is geat. Lots of support and you can search the posts at the top of the page for program information.

Good luck
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don't do the lites, just tell them up front you can't afford them (as I did) or use the soy allergy excuse. wait for a special, I got the lose all the weight you want for $199. a tip on this - if you do get a special to lose all the weight you want, ask for the healthy range of weights for your height and choose the lowest number possible, even if it is not your ultimate goal. that way, you get more weeks. (my counselor suggested this). i started the program for $243. good luck!!

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I just came from my center and they are running an 8 week special. I have also seen some advertising on the TV in my area lately. I suggest you call them to find out the cost and maybe give them a call once a week to check in until they promote something you can live with.

By starting with one of the special promotions that they offer you will be able to control the cost more than if you paid for it all up front. You can also "test drive" the program to see if it is right for you.

Good Luck.!
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Boy do i feel like an idiot. I guess i was soooo ready to loose the weight i didn't do much research. I wish i had found 3fc first. Anyway now i know not to bulk the LA Lites. Live and learn. But, honestly, if i had only spent $200 instead of the $700+ (still purchasing lites) i may not be as motivated. Thats alot of money to throw away.
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Super Mom. It is a lot of money, but I had to ask myself. Is it worth it for me to lose X # of pounds? It was to me and probably one of the best investments I could have made in myself. I am Healthier, Happier, and best of all Thinner. And it was worth every penny I spent. I have probably spent that and then some on diet pills that didn't work.
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Hi there. I also am very strapped for cash I put $200.00 down and then I am making payments monthly for 5 months of $59.00 that doesn't sound so bad for losing 50 lbs!
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Hi Mandy.

I just signed up with LAWL at the end of October and agree that it can be expensive. Especially if you get sucked into buying their supplements and bars. Fortunately for me (haha) I have an as-yet-unidentified blood disorder. The existence of which prompted them to tell me that I was not allowed to use any of their bars or supplements. Not that I would have opted for them anyway. I felt that they were nothing more than a way for them to up their profits.

So after a little over three weeks I've been about 95% on plan, no bars, etc. and I've lost almost 15 pounds. That tells me that I don't need any of the extra stuff they are selling. I just need a place were I can go to weigh in a few times a week for accountability. LAWL provides that. Yes, I pay them for the privilege but I'm OK with that as I am the one who is ultimately benefiting from it. I pay them but I don't have to overpay them.

I have friends in another city here who just refused to buy the Lites when they signed up. The person at the centre tried to insist but my friends were firm and that was that. I'm sure it varies between centres but you could always try another centre if the one local to you tries giving you the hard sell.

Now is a good time to join as they are offering the plan at 50% off. Here in Ontario at least.

Good luck with your decision!

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Yes, it is expensive; but I was at the point that I did not care about how much it was going to cost. I quit smoking, so I had extra money there, and I decided i was going to take care of me - for a change! I have paid good money to put my kids in activities, just to have them drop out...
Everything costs $$ - so we just need to decide what we will be spending on...


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