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Default When you have fallen off the wagon... how do you get back on?

LOL, it's kind of sad but I am already getting frustrated and it's only been a month. One 2 week period without any weightloss, and I feel my ambition going down the drain. I feel kind of embarrassed that it has only taken this long to feel so defeated . Do you ever have days where you look at yourself and you are like... "well... I don't need to lose any weight. I'm no supermodel but I don't have to be."... and then three weeks later you are taking a lighter and gasoline to your pants because they don't fit? lol, well I am going through one of those "I don't need to lose weight" periods (for about a week now) and I want to get motivated again.... without convincing myself how ugly I am to do it. Every time I go through this cycle, I motivate myself by looking at skinny girls in magazines and online until I feel like crap... but that's can't be good for my mental and emotional health. So, I am opening this up to you guys... how do you get yourselves back on track, without emotionally abusing yourself, like I do?

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I know just how you feel. I'm trying to change the way I think about weight loss. I'm looking at it as becoming healthy instead of becoming skinny. I want to become as physically fit as possible. So if I slip up and eat extra...or if I have a few weeks without weight loss....I'm still doing better than I was before I started all of this. After lurking on here forever, I've read so many motivating quotes and stuff about not giving up. Someone has a quote on their signature line that goes something like....you don't drown from falling in the water, you drown when you stay there (or don't get out) something like that. For some reason, it had a profound effect on me. I have an all or nothing attitude that I'm TRYING to change. NO ONE is perfect. If you eat badly, if you don't excercise for a day or so...it doesn't make you a bad person. Live in the moment, you can't fix yesterday.

My 19 year old daughter is in the NAVY. She is 5'7 and weighs 110lbs soaking wet. She is a police officer in the Navy and had to work her *** off to compete with the guys. I'm using her as my inspiration and she emails me little quotes and motivational stuff everyday. I used to do the same for her when she was in basic and at the police acadamy. She would call or write to me feeling defeated and just wanting to give up and I would mail her quotes and inspirational stuff to keep her going. It's all about support....you can't do this alone.

Just keep posting and reading posts. Lean on everyone here.....I know I am!

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S/C/G: 165/ticker/120???

Height: 5'2"


That quote about drowning.... it really has a pretty profound message. I never really thought about it that way. I have spent so much time feeling inadequate because of my body image... I want to change, because I don't want to feel that way anymore. My goal... my ultimate goal... is to be able to wear lingerie in front of my husband and feel sexy... instead of walking in sheepishly and climbing under the covers as fast as I can, so he can't look at me. I want to look at my husband and instead of thinking "why the heck would he love someone like me?" Think "Wow, I am so happy he loves me." and just accept it. Lol, you know... I can feel the motivation creeping back in already!

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I agree with the above post. Look at it as becoming healthy,looking good and wearing smaller clothes is a bonus.Here is a quote I
have seen on the forums, it is not origional with me but I think it is great............
Being overweight is hard, dieting is hard, maintaining is hard , choose your hard.
Good luck.
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i really understand how you feel.......and i too would luv my husband to see me in more evening clothing.......(even with a soft light on....my biggest prob. is i start a diet but then seem to give up to quickly, the first 2 wks on a diet, usually i have a wt loss that is great......then....(course i know it is water wt. mostly) it slows to such a minimal amount after i feel like i worked so hard.......it makes me feel all that hard work wasnt worth it......and then i wanna switch diets already........and usually that is where i give up........well...your quotes helped...not to mention i think i just may have to come to the realization that even though the hard work only had a loss of maybe 1/2 lb.....better off than on......i know i have to pick a diet and stick to it!......p.s. i can tell your beauty goes way beyond the nighty.....so let him enjoy your beauty.......find something semi-revealing....something that would make u feel good in ...covered yet...w/a lil sheer/or lace.....and then go a lil more revealing every so many pounds.....hey.....u know.....i might even try that....! hmmm.... take good care...
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Lightbulb Stop What You are Doing First of All

That is what you need first of all.

I can see your point when you say that you are not seriously overweight BUT I really must implore you to reconsider a couple of things.

First of all, I wish I would have taken action when I was only slightly overweight. I know that when I get down to my end goal weight I am only going to allow a 5 lbs gain before I go back to my diet plan. I have heard some people say 10 lbs but it is easier to lose 5 lbs than 10 lbs. If you establish good habits now while you are young you will be reinforcing them for a longer period than if you were to wait and get pregnant and gain additional weight and then sometimes the cycle begins then. I am assuming you don't have any children but the more demands that are put on you later on in life the more difficult it is to lose weight---not impossible but difficult!

Secondly, nothing good ever came out of self-abuse. I once read or heard that all good things come out of a wellspring of self-love. LOVE YOURSELF enough to "do the right thing". Eat for health and vitality. Exercise for the same reason and because it is the cheapest and best way to increase your natural "endorprines" that exists! Very few people who exercise regularly complain of feeing blue or whatever.

Define attractiveness in your own terms and not by comparing yourself to women who are 6-12 inches taller than you(they prefer to hire girls 14 years old who are at least 6 feet tall--I watch Tyra Banks too!) and you need to be underweight to keep their jobs. That is an unrealistic standard that all women including myself (at one time) subscribed to. My suggestion: UNSUBSCRIBE!

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Like you, I look at pictures and things of women who are fit and toned and use that for motivation. However instead of beating myself up and feeling angry that I don't look like that I look at them in a positive light and tell myself "I can't wait to look like that!" and "I'm going to look amazing when i have the body she has!" You need to make a conscious decision to think positively or negatively, when you catch a negative thought quickly think of how you can turn it around into a positive thought. After a while it'll just become second nature and you'll discover you're thinking less and less negatively! It truely does help

And speaking of motivational quotes there's one I've heard a few times that helps for me to go back and look at and think about when I'm in a lull. "Motivation comes and goes, it's the commitment that keeps you going." This has been so true for me and I know I can't count on my motivation to carry me through rough spots. I have a little self pep talk and say "okay, you're feeling unmotivated and discouraged...but you've made a commitment and you need to honor that right now regardless of how you're feeling." When I stick to it through the rough patches my motivation usually reappears two fold!

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