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Default New and discouraged

Hi! I am new to LAWL. I have just completed my second week. The first week I was so excited and motivated. I lost 6.6 lbs! This week has been very different. I will WI tommorrow, but as of now I have only lost .4 lbs! What went wrong? I really want to do this to be healthy for my husband and daughter, but tonight I am so bummed out! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Stacy

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Welcome and congrats on 7 lbs. lost!!! You are doing great. You have to look at the total picture and not expect every week to see a great loss. In fact, you will probably have weeks where you see a small gain even when you do everything right.

I personally don't weigh at home. I have to weigh enough at the center and it is too much of an emotional rollercoaster for me to be weighing all the time at home.

Make sure you are not using too much salt or other high sodium foods and drink your water. Also, are you getting all your foods in? It might seem that not eating all your food might help you lose weight faster, but it will slow you down.

Good luck and stick with it!!! It's a journey.

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Don't get discouraged, you've lost 7 pounds in less than 2 weeks thats better than amazing! Way to go. You lose a lot of water weight in the first week or two and then your body will level out and you'll start to lose a bit more slowly. The main thing to remember is that as long as your going down your going in the right direction. I also agree with Jean, make sure to eat all your food, I find that when I skip things too often I end up plateauing instead of losing. I find that drinking hot lemon water helps as well, especially if you've had some higher sodium foods or little cheats.
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Thanks for all the encouragement! It helped me pick my chin up. I need to try to stay focused on the goal! I did WI today and was down 2.8 lbs! It has been TOM and I think I finally lost all the extra water. I'll try and remember this for next month so I don't get so down! Thanks again for the encouragement!

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10 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome Stacey, that's a great start to getting there.

Even now that I'm maintaining, I NEVER get on my scale at home. First of all, it's typically a different number than the scale at the COD. Secondly, I don't need to drive myself crazy with that. Finally, it's about gettig your body in sync, as long as your shinking you're doing great.
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Stacy, I have NEVER (and it has been 14 months now so I have had lots of opportunities) lost during TOM. Normal for me is gaining about 3-5 pounds, it just comes and stays for about 3 days and poof it is gone. So do be prepared for next month. You know I never weighed myself regularly enough before to know that it was just normal for me to do that. It could well be just the normal thing for you.

You are doing marvelously well. You are on your way to being much healthier. So many little naggy problems that I was having when I was heavier have just disappeared. I used to be a bad snorer, and I suspect now that I had a little sleep apnea, either that or I'd just snore and wake myself up... anyway, now I don't snore, so I don't wake myself up in the middle of the night, so I sleep so great and feel so much more rested in the morning when I get up. My feet used to really have pretty bad plantar facietis (I am not the world's best speller and that one is a bit tricky). Being lighter made that go away. Now I can actually shoes that would have causes me a lot of pain before, just less stress on the feet with less weight on them. My knees would complain at me from time to time, but you know what, not anymore. I can bend and move in ways that I couldn't when I was heavier. It just happens so slowly that we don't realize what we have done to ourselves until after it goes away. So don't give up, it is so worth it. You will feel so much better and better about yourself if you do this. Take it one day at a time, since if you start thinking about months ahead it can be overwhelming, so just stop and think, Am I OK right here right now, and if the answer is no I'm starving and about to lose it, then that is something to talk over with your counselor at the COD. Usually the answer is yes I'm physically fine, but jonesing for some junk food.... Which even if you were bone skinny it would not be healthy for you to be eating anyway... So just put it out of your mind and focus on going towards health.
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You all have been so encouraging! It helps me to read what other people deal with doing this program. It makes me feel less alone! I have a very supportive husband who is doing this program with me, but it's still nice to have other women to be able to talk with through this journey! Anyway, thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words! I have had a tougher day today. I gave into some temptation, eating a couple left over halloween candy bars. I was pretty hard on myself, but I am just trying to learn from it and move on to tomorrow. It's amazing how strong the cravings can be some time. I just don't always know how to deal with them. I hope it will get easier as I go and keep ridding my body of those kinds of foods.

Thanks again for all the encouragement. Have a great start to your week!
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Stacy.. I gotta echo the words of the others.. Don't freak out!!!

Your body is rebelling against the changes you're instilling.. Those first few pounds happened because you put a shock to your system.. You forced that weight off and now it's trying to catch up to what you're doing..

Over the next few months, you're going to have to make adjustments to keep the weight coming off.. You'll find that tweeking your daily menu will become routine.. Your body will get used to things and you'll have to shake it up once in a while...

The hardest part is wrapping your mind around the fact that you have to sometimes eat more to lose more...

You also can't beat yourself up for the invitable slip ups.. Learn from them... After a while, you'll get tired of feeling like crap (mentally) for sneaking a piece of candy or a bag of chips. You'll also tire of feeling like crap (physically) after the times you REALLY screw up and eat a meal that decidedly not on plan...

Then you'll learn to embrace the great feeling you'll get from winning the battle against your cravings... It's really a sense of empowerment you'll develop... And let me tell you, it feels awesome!!

Keep up the good work!
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