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Pat is in KY
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Default ANyone Try a LEAN CUISINE DIET?

Has anyone lost a considerable amount of weight using Lean Cuisine products?
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i usually have a lean cusine for lunch every day at work... it helps me from getting bed food and allows me to be full and satisfied with yummy food

i've lost about 10lbs since i started it, but i've also limited my calorie and fat intake
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Happy New Rears!
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I planned to be eating Lean Cuisines when I started my diet... but I'm seeing a Dietitian who basically forbid it. Too much sodium, not enough protein. She allows me one every 2 weeks, but for all my other meals it has to be real food, not processed in any way.

I love Lean Cuisines, and really enjoy my LC night, every 14 days. I have one with a big salad, some fruit and a slice of whole wheat bread to balance the meal.


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Feeling better every day.
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Yes I have lost 45 lbs in almost 6 months by eating Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers dinners (found in the frozen food section at my grociery store) and doing 1/2 hour of exercise a day. I find it much easier than trying to make my own food that isn't full of calories. I wont be eating them forever but it's nice to be able to just look at the box and know exactly how many calories I'm getting and there are no seconds. I don't believe it would work for everyone but it did for me.
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I do use Lean Cuisine also use Healthy Choice . Anything to help in the battle, I do watch the sodium content. I find that Healthy Choice has more vegies.I also do meals from scratch using fresh ingredients.
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I eat LC for lunch about 3 days a week. I hate making and packing lunches, they are quick and easy.

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That is my plan also once we move, I am tooo far away from home to justify running home to eat, and I hate eating at work since there is not anyplace to go (no breakroom) besides my office, which I spend enough time in. So when we move I will be stocking up and just zip home (2 blocks) eat a nice lunch, get dinner started and go back to work. This move will be SO good for me.
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Smoochie's Girl
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Hi Pat-
Sorry to go off topic-but you pm'd me and it won't let me reply to you!
It's a good reply too.

Sorry, now back to our regularly scheduled program

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Eating frozen ready meals like Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, and Healthy Choice helped me lose my weight. I usually eat one every day -- sometimes two. I try to get the ones with the highest fiber and protein. It's just easier for me because I don't like to cook and it's one less meal I have to worry about.

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I tried this for 3 months, and adding a salad with low fat dressing. I never lost weight not even a pound so I can't say if it is good or not.

I do know the sodium in them is out of this world!!
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I started a Lean Cuisine diet, but then started using Boca burgers and 100 calorie snacks, protein bars, etc. Very easy, no cooking, and I have lost 25 pounds to reach my goal. My weight came off slow, but it is staying off. In a nutshell, I found foods I liked and stayed at 1200 calories. A long time ago, I tried Jenny Craig, but it is too pricey for me. I just modeled supermarket food after it. No guilt about the cost, and it works.
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If anyone is concerned with sodium, Health Choice entrees and meals are generally lower in sodium than WW and Lean Cuisine meals.

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