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Default Oct 22 - 28 Friends and Losers Thread

Good morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful POP day. Make good choices!

Have a spectacular day!
Psalm 118:24
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LAWL Salt Police
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Yay! Another Monday... NOT!!

The weekend came and went with a few "not so great" choices, but all in all we seemed to emerged unscathed.. Liz didn't quite make it POP with her 5 day plateau breaker, so she's going to try again this week, doing it strictly on weekdays, when it seems to be much easier to stick to the program...

There was just so much going on this weekend..Sigh.. I know, I know.. Excuses, excuses...

But at least the Cowboys won!

ON EDIT: I need some help.. I bought some bokchoy this weekend but as God as my witness, I don't know what to do with it.. I just bought it because it's on Liz's list of food for her 5 day thing... Any good suggestions??

Be one with your POP!!!
The hardest part of life is to live while you're alive. - Great Big Sea - "Here and Now"

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New mommy again :-)
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Wow...you all are a chatty bunch (like we didn't know that already )

I finally got caught up on the past week...mostly skimmed the posts, but got the jist of it.

My 3 days of travel led to slacking off the rest of the week. DH's birthday was yesterday and he wanted meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and carrot cake. And yes, it was all very yummy...too yummy, actually. Needless to say, TO today and tomorrow. I have to break my mind and body of my bad habits over the past week and get back on track.

Now that I'm caught up here, guess I better try to get caught up with my work...

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Talking Greetings

Hi Everyone,
I have just started the LA program and have been reading your posts for a couple of days and would like to join in.
I am a 45 year old single Mom of a 17 year old man child.
I live in British Columbia
I am going to lose 75 lbs (by July12 according to COD)
I love alot of outdoor activities that I feel to fat too really enjoy.
I look forward to getting to know you all
Take Care

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Welcome Lori
Hope the rest of you had a good weekend! I am about to sit down and doo my food plan for the next two weeks.. I've been BAD and an utterly furious with myself but will be using my emotions to get myself on track.. tsk tsk tsk.. okay scolding is all done. I'm going to write down every speck of food that will pass these lips and will report back later.
Kimmy glad the wedding was okay and you weren't a blubbering mess! EMIL had her 60th on Friday but surprise surprise I wasn't crying my head off at that one!!
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LAWL Salt Police
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Welcome Lori!!

Geez.. ANOTHER Canadian...

It must be rubbing off, however... I'm just now really getting into the band "Great Big Sea"... Very groovy sound...

And of course, there's Rush..
The hardest part of life is to live while you're alive. - Great Big Sea - "Here and Now"

LAWL Goal - 105 lbs. (300-195) - OWNED!!
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Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. My was uneventful and I was able to stay mostly on plan....with the exception of a few extra liquid fruits and a bite of apple crisp my DN (dear neice) made. We had a family dinner - spaghetti made with turkey and ww noodles. Oh and I tried the cupcake recipe that uses the diet soda and egg whites, only I used egg substitute since my DGN is allergic to eggs. They were great!

Well better run...have a great day!
Back on LA February 2009
(Red without Lites - I THINK)

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GM all,

Well I didn't make it through the 5 day plateau breaker like Dan said. But I am still at 168 today. So I am going to try it again during the work week which seems to be so much easier to follow then the weekends when we have stuff to do. So here goes day 1.

I also have an NSV. I tried on a pair of Rocky jeans that I don't think I have worn since before the kids were born, AND THEY FIT. How exciting is that. I just saw them and said I wonder. I am very excited.

Welcome Lori. You will love it here.

Better get to work. Talk to all later.
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Hi everyone
Oh, my number keys are working again.........say hello to lots of smileys and exclaimation marks!!!! wHOOHOO!!!

So, I only have a second, as I have to run to Walmart for some supplies........but wanted to take a second to tell Joni that I am doing FF today and tomorrow......and then maybe the plat. buster.......but not sure. I have to read about it first....lol. Otherwise, I will be doing the old red plan w/o lites, or the old purple plan w/ some sort of whey protein bars maybe. I haven't decided yet. That is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Kristen.......what is your plan?

Oh, also wanted to note that my friend did apologize for her comments. I was probably too upset when I wrote my original post to mention that. Also......I cried ALL DAY on friday about it.......but I am ok now.

I was a complete fatty over the weekend, and it was ooohhh sooo yummy........and so dumb. I haven't had hog fest like that in a long time.....and I really felt awful by the end of the weekend. I will not lie.......eating high fat, high sugar foods do not make my tummy hurt or anything like that............but eating crappy like that for a few days in a row really starts to make me feel dragged out and tired and cranky. Knowing that will make getting back POP, and I mean POP, not pretty much on plan, but PERFECT on plan for a few days will be a bit easier, as I NEED to feel better. I have been a bit down lately.......and as a wife, and a mom, I know I cannot let that get out of hand. You know how it is when there are just a few too many things that are unsettled in your life. That is kind of where I have been lately. I hate that. We must take good care of ourselves in order to beable to care for our loved ones

Ok, said way more than I intended.........do have to run before it gets too late for the boys to behave in a store

More later

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Hi Everyone

Welcome Lori! You'll find lots of support here!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I went to visit DSisterIL along with DH,all four of my kids, DSonIL, DGS, and my other two DD's boyfriends. I felt like we invaded DSisterIL's house but everyone had a great visit and great time. Unfortunaltly, I wasn't able to stay POP and the evil sclae shows it I'll just have to work hard to make up for it this week.
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Hi Everybody. Just got back from the COD and they have officially moved me from Gold w/Lites to Green w/Lites. They said that since I'm only 10 pounds from goal and the fact that I've been stuck for 2 months now that we should try it and see how it goes. I agreed with the understanding that if I felt hungry or like it wasn't working, I could go back to Gold.

I had a good weekend. Went to my grandson's soccer game on Saturday morning, then took him to Flat Tops for lunch and then we bowled. On Sunday, DBF took me to Bloomington to the 3rd Sunday Market. It was the last one until May of next year so I was really thrilled to go.

Welcome Lori. This is a great place to come for moral support or a good swift kick in the behind when you need it.

Lizzy - congrats on your NSV. Doesn't that make you feel like you can do anything?

Gotta go for now. For some reason they expect me to be working - what's up with that?

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. ~Frank Outlaw
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Starting over after baby!
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Hi gals! Heres to a POP week!

I wasnt exactly POP over the weekend... A piece of PB Pie saturday and a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Sunday did me in over the weekend, but I am drinking lots o water and am stepping up the workouts today. I am coming down with what I think is a sinus infection as well. Ughh, I also have a Lab Practical Exam in Anatomy class tonight so I am stressing a little bit over that...

Hope everyone has a good monday.
Mommy to 2 cute boys, Wife to 1 sexy man!

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Good morning all!

I am happy, finally managed to break this stupid plateau. Down 4.5 pounds since last Monday! Woohoo.

Welcome Lori!

Liz - good to hear you finally got the scale moving too. Doesn't it feel good to get into those clothes in the closet that you haven't been able to wear?

Welcome back Tina.

Dan - If you like Great Big Sea, try The Arrogant Worms - with your sense of humor you wouild probably appreciate them.

Kim - Glad to hear the wedding went well. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing those pics.

Hope everyone has a POP day!

Plan 4 with Lites
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SkinnyMini-to-Be :)
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Hi Girls (And Dan)!!! I have been a lurker in and out for the past couple of months but have recommitted myself to being POP and exercising staring TODAY! So I would love to join in on the chatter.. Ya'll look like a fun group!

About me: I am 20y/o from North Alabama. Working as a bank teller.. In school for my business degree. Have been on LA since May but have done two medical leaves due to surgeries and have had a hard time picking back up after being off plan for a month or so.. so I definately need to support of a group that knows what I'm going thru!

Am I the baby in the group or is anyone else down around my age?

Can't wait to get to know all of you!!!
Plan 2, COD

LA Goal

MY Goal
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New mommy again :-)
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Nicole - I'm right there with you. I ate stuff all weekend that I normally wouldn't eat and yesterday I felt like my head was going to explode. I mean, literally, I think my blood sugar went sky high and I felt absolutely lousy. So I'm "cleansing" today by drinking lots of water and sorta doing TO...meaning I cut out the startches, did grapefruit, but I'm keeping my dairy and 2 bars. So we'll see...

4.5 pounds, Val!!! Wowza! (can you tell I was watching Scooby Doo yesterday?)

Excellent NSV, Liz

And to Kristen, Carrie, Kimberly and anyone else who had a less than perfect weekend...today is a new day

Hi Lori!!! Welcome to our group. Stick close to everyone here and you're sure to see lots of success.

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