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Default Question about what to do?

Hi I have not posted yet but have lurked a couple of times. I just had a quick question. I have been on LA weight loss since May 2007. I wanted to lose about 58 lbs. I have lost about 26 lbs so far but have hit a huge plateau. For the last couple of weeks I have lost 2 lbs and then gain it back. I lost so much weight right away and now it seems I can't seem to buge that scale down. I have tried to be on plan for most of it but heck it is hard to do. The COD just informed me at my last weigh in that i only have 7 weeks left of the plan. There is no way I am going to get down to my goal weight of 190. They said that I can buy more weeks to get closer to that but really don't want to spend any more money on this then I have too. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do if you didn't want to buy more weeks. My husband says no way are we spending any more money. I know I need to loose that weight but heck the lbs that I have lost is nice. Thanks and just not sure what to do.
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Hi there,
I bought the whole package and the lites and all, so I had the guarantee so they just let me keep going and going and going until I decided I was at goal. Of course that is not really helpful in your situation where apparently you didn't have the guarantee. I've heard that they often offer clients such as yourself a really cut rate deal for the additional weeks. I've heard as low as 4$ a week, so an additional 10 weeks would only be 40$, which might be worthwhile to you, depending on how much they charge. I think it is just normal to have at least a little plateauing in a long weight loss effort, so keep working at it and little by little it will come off. 2 pounds a week is really the ideal and few of us are really able to keep that up. I certainly was no where near the 2 pounds a week after the first couple of months. Anyway I would ask how much. Perhaps your husband would not be so upset if it was something like 40$ to extend the time... I know he probably is not interested in paying the whole thing again. Even if you decide to go it on your own, that doesn't rule out you still losing really. It just makes it harder if you don't have that accountability.
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Hi JG - As Barbara said, ask at the COD how much extra weeks would cost, you may be pleasantly surprised. However, if you decide it is too much and quit COD, you have found a great site. This place, I think, gives better advice that the COD and many people on here do not go to a centre and are just using this site as a resource. Whatever you decide congratulations on losing the 26 lbs!

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I guess my question is how is your COD dealing with your plateau? Have they considered changing your plan?

As far as your menu goes, have you done some rearranging to kick start your body? There's also the 5 day plateau buster that you could try if you haven't already.

Our bodies adjust to the weight loss eventually, especially as we approach our goals... At one point, I was just where you are.. I was doing really well and then just hit a wall.. My counselor took a look at my menu and said she thought I was being too repetative with my food choices and recommended that for lunch, instead of the standard grilled chicken salad, go treat myself to a Subway sandwich... And then work at messing around with my menu so that I got in all my starches in the morning, and only have lean proteins like fish and poultry for a few days, staying away from beef and pork.

For me, it worked... Everybody's different of course, so you just have to find that right balance...

Keep up the good work!!!
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Dan-what is the 5 day plateau buster?

I don't know if you use the bar,or if you got them all when you joined, but
my center if you need to buy the bars they will give you the weeks. But sometimes i think it's cheaper just to buy the weeks.

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There are a lot of different things that you can do to break a plateu which can be found in this website. However since you stated "I have tried to be on plan for most of it but heck it is hard to do" You probably can't really call it a plateu. You really need to get back to the basics of LAWL and the plan will start to work for you gain. You MUST stick to the plan, measure your food, drink your water and maybe doing a TO wouldn't hurt. After you try that and you don't see any movement on the scale, you can try some of the plateu buster information.

As far as the cost of extra weeks is concerned all CODs are different and run different specials. My extra weeks cost me $12.00 per week at which they wouldn't budge on the price. But I could buy as little as 4 weeks at a time so that I wasn't out a huge some of money up front.

Remember Get Back to the Basics and Good Luck.
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Here's the Plateau Buster my COD gave me. After being stuck (losing .2 - .5 pounds a week for a couple of weeks, I lost 4.8 the week I did this). Note: I can't eat the Lites because of a soy allergy so I couldn't do a TO.

Proteins - lean options such as chicken, fish and veal
Starches - high fiber/low cal, lite whole grain bread (35-45 cal/slice)
Fruits - high fiber - strawberries, raspberries (I used frozen) and apples
Vegetables - high fiber - broccoli and spinach
The first 2 days, up your water two extra glasses/day. (from 8 to 10)

No fast food, frozen food or restaurant foods
If you do the Lites, do one lite bar and 1 lite shake instead of 2 bars.

Hope this helps

PS - FORGOT PART OF THE INSTRUCTIONS (That's what I get for writing this post 'off the top of my head'.

No condiments
Do this plateau buster for 5 days.
SOOOO sorry for the omission.

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thanks everyone so far on the pointers and advice. I think I am going to try the plaeatu busters and see if that helps some. I know I really need to get back on track and weighing and measuring everything I eat. I was kind of slacking on that part for the last couple of weeks. I know I have been struggling with alot of water retention, especially around TOM, so I have usally have been up around then. I can say yes hot lemon water does help alot. I just really need to get focused again and really work at it. It is getting harder to get the walking in though since it is getting so cold out so am going to have to go to the mall so I can get it in. I will keep you updated on my progress and hopefully next time I can say i have a loss on the scale. Thanks so much and I will defentely have to post much more. I have 3 kids at home so don't get alot of time to use the computer.

I will have to go in next week and find out what they say and see how much it will be to add more weeks. Hopefully it won't be too much and my husband will let me buy at least a couple of more weeks.
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5-day plateau breaker:
11/2006 - 05/2007 : lost 27 pounds and stayed there until joining LAWL
10/2007 - 12/2007 : hope to be at 125


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