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Default Oct. 8th to Oct. 14th Friends and Losers Thread

Good morning, everybody! As I tell my class at the beginning of every day - Make good choices today!

Have a spectacular day!
Psalm 118:24
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Default Mom's have to listen to this

Felicia - what a powerful statement....yet so simple! Okay, I'll do it.
Anyone that is a mom that has not seen Anita Renfroe's version of the William Tell Overture - mom song, it appears to be back on You Tube

She takes everything you tell your children throughout a day/week and she condenses it into 2 minutes. It is great.
5'3" ... 54 years young
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joni hahhahaha that was too funny!

Felicia I tell my students that too. We are off on fall break this week and since I have been sick for the past three weeks I really need it lol.

I am going to try my best to keep up with this now. I am getting back to my multitasking ways. Hope everyone has a great week and stay POP!!!!
Britt ~ Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain!
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Today is my first official weigh-in. Thank goodness, the TakeOFF is OVER. I'll report back with the number!
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Good Luck on the WI Dee.

I wish they did Fall/Spring Breaks for the work force too. WOuldn't that be great? Just a scheduled shut down for work?

I'm a little under the weather today so don't mind my glum state. Hope everyone has a great WL this week.
Amy - LAWL since 5/19/07: Re-Start 01/12/2012

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Our family had our big Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I did really well until dinner time and boy oh boy did I blow it! I ended up caving and having all of the things I really wanted liked the cheesy carrot casserole, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and gravy. To top it off I had half a slice of 2 types of pie! I really did gobble gobble! Oh well, back at it today.
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LAWL Salt Police
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Morning all!

Focus time!!
So.. Thanksgiving is over for some and upcoming for others... Time to put away the sweets and other crappy foods and get back on track! (I'm self motiviating, if you can't tell)... Liz and I have gotten lazy about our choices and we really need to get back to squares as to what we can and can't eat...

Have a good, POP day all!
The hardest part of life is to live while you're alive. - Great Big Sea - "Here and Now"

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Good morning everyone
I think I am finally back to regular American life. It took me a few days to adjust to everything. I pretty much lazed around all weekend. It was great!!! My mom and sis are home now .......and that sucks, but it is good to be back to normal.

DH and I had a wonderful time in Germany. It is a very beautiful country. We spent most of our time in Southern Germany near the Austrian and Swiss borders. I was thrilled that I got to see the Swiss and Austrian Alps. I didn't realize that would be part of the trip. All in all, I faced MANY of my fears and didn't even take any medication to do so Oh, and I was sober too......LOL. (For those of you who don't know me, I don't drink). Our flight was long, but with the on demand movies they have now, the time passed pretty quickly. I did not sleep on the plane at all.......so that made it kind of tough. I tried......but it just didn't work out.

We had a very nice dinner our first night at a 200 year old winery/restaruant. It was divine. The next night we went to Volks Fest in Stutgart. HOLY CRAP........now that is a party. It is the second largest beer festival in the world, and it was COMPLETE culture shock for a girl like me. It was a good time, and the place was filled with happy, dancing, singing drunks. I thought I would be scared at first, but it turned out very well. Great food too

I went up in a T.V. tower that is on top of a mountain....eeek(I am afraid of heights), and took a boat ride on the lake of Constance. It all turned out really great. We visited two castles..........supposedly the two most beatiful ones in Germany. I will post some pictures soon.......they are all on DH's computer right now. The bad thing is, now I want to decorate the inside of my house like a castle.........and that just wouldn't be good. Tell me not to please (tacky).

Our last night we spent in Frankfurt. It is also very charming. We just walked around and enjoyed the architecture. We had dinner at an outdoor cafe, and enjoyed a nice quiet night.

The things that I found to be very different there were: NO ICE. WTF? I never got ice in ANY beverage. That's just weird. And.......carbonated water. EWWW. If you wanted non-carbonated, you had to request no gas. LOL. And Amy......you were sooo right......the shoes, and boots in particular, were spectacular!!! But, sooo pricey. That is the other thing......everything was soooo expensive. Also, I don't think they believe in a bottomless cup of coffee. That was tough on this girl. I felt like a pig asking for another cup, cuz they looked at me like I was nuts. I had experienced the 1 cup of coffee in other travels though, so that wasn't a complete suprise. But here is what I found the most different. There were only white people there. I $hit you not.........just white people. I live in St. Louis, and we are a very culturaly diverse group...........so I was somewhat disturbed by this. I know they are not very open to immigration.........but I was still bothered.

Anyway, we didn't run into any major issues while traveling........and got to see a lot of the countryside and experience a rich culture. It was a fab experience. I recommend it

So..........enough about all that.......how is everyone doing? I am sure we can get these pages turning again!!!! I really really missed you all......and I am so happy things have finally calmed down enough for me to get on here!!!

And Kristen...........isn't Brett looking mahavelous??? I am horrified about last night's game.............but it is sooo good to seem him cannoning the ball again. I thought about you all night last night during the game

Ok, boys are WWFing all over my house, and someone is bound to get hurt.

Oh, hang on.......Joni......thought of you like crazy while in Germany cuz there are dogs EVERYWHERE!!!! And I mean everywhere. In restaraunts, airports......bakeries......you name it. And it it was a place where dogs weren't allowed, there was a place to tie your dog up outside, right along side a water bowl. It was so cute!!!

Ok, really have to go now.......kids just escaped!!!

More later.

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I usually do fairly well during the holidays. I do allow myself to have some of the Off Plan foods but only a small spoon of it not a lot. That lets me have a little taste without going hogwild. It was a suggestion that my counselor made to me once.

At least you acknowledged what you did and are ready to move on! Oh and look on the positive side of things at least you didnt have two whole pieces of pie!!!

Dan thanks for getting us on track for the holidays!!! I can understand where you are coming from I have been lazy for a while with my cooking. I just dont want to cook anymore or at least not all the time that is!

Well I am off to convert my meatloaf into an OP version and get it ready for tonight.
Britt ~ Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain!
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Wonderful words of wisdom Felicia - I should start saying that to my DD instead of please be good today

Joni - I'll have to check out the youtube thing at home....it is blocked here at work.

Welcome back Nicole - the boards were slow without you. I thought of you this morning when my crown came off......I didn't swallow it though

Hello to everyone else out there, hope you are having a great day.
Back on LA February 2009
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Starting over after baby!
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Hope everyone has POP week!

Welcome back Nicole! We missed ya!
Joni -hilarious video, I dont understand all that yet, but give me a couple more years...
Dan, thanks for the motivation (and you thought you were self motivating....)

Amy -I got somewhat of a fall break from work, but i almost demanded it, there are only 4 of us that work at my job and for the past 2 months they have all been sick, one had a broken ankle, one had surgery and the other had pneumonia/pleurisy... I was the healthiest one, and covered for everyone, so I needed a vacation!

So far so POP today! I have backtracked 3 or 4 lbs so I have to get serious!
Mommy to 2 cute boys, Wife to 1 sexy man!

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New mommy again :-)
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Welcome back Nicole!!!

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-- Karen --
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Good afternoon everyone.
hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today is the official Thanksgiving holiday in Canada, however we celebrated yesterday, and Sat. I was pretty good. Did turkey, veggies, salad, and saved my starches and fat for stuffing, and a home made bun. Okay I was over on those, but - thought that was not to bad. I didn't havemashed potatoes or gravy. I have a nasty cold, so not feeling much like eating a lot helped I guess.

Nicole, well home. Glad to hear you had a great trip.

Have you guys read Jillian's post yet (I'm quitting) if not - better go read it.
She has big news.

anyway, as much as I don't feel like it, I have laundry to do, so I better get it. The forecast is to be nice for the rest of this week. So, I want to be caught up on everything so I can spend time outside. Hopefully the snow stays away for awhile. Trouble is here, this time of year, when it gets warm out, the wind howls. Thats southern alberta for you.

Everyone have a great week, and I will try to check in later.

Inside this body is a skinny person screaming to get out ...
But I can usually shut her up with Chocolate
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Good morning (well it is still morning here). I was pretty much POP this weekend. Second weekend in a row where I managed to behave! I tried the spaghetti squash, and it was really good. My DH looked a bit green when he saw me with the squash (he's not a fan), but then ate a ton of it. I also tried the nutrigrain eggo waffles, and they are yummy. So I'm making an effort to branch out and try new things but stay on plan.

Amy, I hope you feel over the weather here soon. I could use a fall break too! Heck.. I'd settle for just a couple of 40 hour weeks... Lots of pressure here to work a lot. At least they haven't tried to buy us cots, like my last job, so we could spend the night and keep working.
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karen and nicole--you are too sweet!

i appreciate all the congrats and well-wishes. it's a tough adjustment for me, when i was never expecting to see those 2 pink lines ever again! but i'm getting excited, i really am!

nicole--your trip sounds like a wonderful time! loved hearing about it!

ok, i'm gonna go and workout now. still gotta get it in, even though i really don't want to.
Highest weight: July 2003 when I delivered my 1st child

"Exercising is like brushing your teeth...it's just something you have to do everyday."

"Success often comes from doing ordinary things with extraordinary commitment."
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