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Default Power 90 info???

My hubby found a plan that he wants to follow called Power 90. Has anyone heard of it? Any results to share?

For the 1st time in the 23 years that we've been together, he's reading about nutrition, calories, fats, carbs, etc. His attitude in the past has been "I'll do whatever you tell me". He never tried to understand how things worked and just complained about the "crappy" food he had to eat. This man, who HATES vegetables, LOVES chips, dip & MEAT, and doesn't like Healthy Foods now states that he'll do whatever it takes to lose weight and get in shape. Of course, he's only 3 months away from his 50th birthday and in probably the worst shape he's been in ever.

I've put on a LOT of pounds over the past few years also, so we would be doing this together. Power 90 includes aerobic exercise and strengthing exercises, as well as a 30, 30, 40 food plan (fats, protein, carbs).


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My question would be, why spend the $90 ("a $425 value for only 3 easy payments $19.95 + $12.95 + shipping and handling")? You don't need to spend any money to be told to get aerobic exercise, go to the gym, and eat a diet of 30/30/40. (The calorie balance is even more important -- i.e., you have to eat fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight. No majik pill, nutritional breakdown, or program allows you to bypass the laws of thermodynamics.)

There are probably thousands of such routines or diets available for free on the web. No need to fall for the cheesy sales job and set yourself up for endless spam. One place to start would be at www.stumptuous.com: click on iron and read the "starting", "training", and "eating" pages. It's geared toward women, but the same advice obtains for men. And it's not trying to sell you anything.

Seriously, save your money. Weight loss isn't easy, but it's not rocket science, either.

Just my opinion, but you asked.

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HI, I have never heard of that program but I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight and for me my favorite most effective and easiest program is weight watchers. I love it, and I swear by it. I love that I am not deprived. once a week I go out to eat at the china buffet. the other days I can still eat what I want just in moderation. I am still trying to include exercise but havent been and I still have been losing weight. last time I joined I lost 25 lbs in 6 months but I could have lost more if I hadn't had so many weeks of overeating. most times if i overeat the scale stays even or I go up less than a pound. just dont get discouraged its about forgiving yourself and going back on plan if you mess up one day. (sometimes I have a bad week and still have a loss.) Its a wonderful program. I think any weight loss program works as long as you stick to it.... its finding the program that you can commit to thats tough. good luck to you in whatever you choose!!! and have a nice day
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My husband and I started Power 90 about 3.5 months ago and it's really good for people who've never done structured exercise before. My husband was always skinny growing up, but now he has a desk job and has put on a few pounds and we aren't able to go out for bike rides like we did before baby.

I've done lots of exercises, taken classes at the gym and strength training exercises in college. He had never had ANY instruction in strengthening or working out. He's very uncoordinated (read: no dancy routines) but was totally willing to do what it took.

The entire circuit alternates between strength one day and cardio/abs the next day. 1-2 is fairly easy, about 28-35 minutes each workout. The circuit 3-4 is the exact same thing, but with a few minutes added on to make it a little harder (35-50 minutes each): the cardio just does one more round of each exercise and the strength adds some different exercises. The abs just double from 100 to 200 exercises.

I definitely saw results and it was fun to keep each other accountable, doing it together. I quit after a couple of months because I got BORED. As my husband put it, Tony Horton's work out is like raw nuts and bolts (good for man's man). The kind of workouts I enjoy are like complex, intricate clocks with lots of dancy moves that change often (DH comes up with the best metaphors).

DH still gets up to do the workout by himself every morning. He doesn't like how long the circuit 3-4 takes, but he's seen results and has lots more energy and body tone (he didn't really need to lose weight, just shape up what he had). He's ready to move on to the Power Half Hour (a 5-disk collection of Tony Horton's that works abs, arms, legs, thighs and stretching).

I would definitely recommend it for a good, sweaty workout that gives great results, especially for a man who is not good at following something like Kathy Smith or Taebo, heehee.

You will need free weights or resistance bands to do the strength video.

We got these free from my mom who got on Beachbody's mailing list. I would recommend buying it used off of Amazon.com for cheaper and so you don't get on Beachbody's neverending mailing list/ autocharge plan.

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