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Default LAWL Losers and Friends August 13-19th

There is nothing like a new week to inspire us. Letís continue the journey with renewed or continued determination.

They can because they think they can.
Thinner is better...........

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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Great starting words for the week Lynn!!
Hi everyone....my goal this weekend was to limit my computer time...and I did...AND I'm proud to stay I limited my liquid fruits and starches to just a few on Saturday night (that is HUGE for me!).
Weekend was hot and I scorched my back at my friend's pool....stupid me is all I can say.
Busy morning so I'll have to read the weekend posts later on. Hope everyone had a safe, fun, healthy weekend!
5'3" ... 54 years young
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Happy Monday morning everyone. Today is the second day of take off. I know I shouldn't of but I stepped on the scale and it was 149.0 I just hope it will stay in the 140's I think I might just have a party, the last time I was there was before both my kids 7 1/2 yrs ago. If only I can get through today with no cheating I hate take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day.


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Good morning! I am excited for this week! My goal was to reach 10 lb lose and so when I weighed in Saturday am I was so happy to have finally reached that goal!! This week, I get my measurements taken, and i am sure they will reflect quite a few inches! My clothes are fitting again, and some stuff is even a little bit loose! Cant wait for them to be HUGE on me.. Tee Hee..

I weigh in today, will see! The weekend was good but started my cycle...don't care - I feel so good!


One good day leads to another--before you know it, your THIN!
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Good morning to everyone!!

I am off today but back to work tomorrow. Today I have to take some paperwork to the bank for the mortgage stuff and then I have a life insurance guy coming this afternoon. I have to change my beneficiary and make sure they are going to take the payment every month out of the correct account.

I started with the new plan yesterday and holy there is a lot of food. I am gonna have to talk to the COD cause I had enough trouble with Red1 let alone plan 5 now. 7 starches??? That's hard to get some days. The protein is ok because the portion sizes shrunk a bit. But I'll have to try and talk to them tomorrow when I go in again.

I haven't actually gone and looked at any homes yet - just drove by them to see where they were and if I wanted to go see them. I should be hearing from my realtor today.

Well, should go get the day started....check in later!!
Mini-Goal: Under 200 for May 1, 2011

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GM all and here's to another fun filled, POP weed on LAWL. I did real well over the weekend being POP. Started TO on Sunday using the Cantalope and don't want to do day, 2, today. I want my yogurt and FiberOne. I think I have become addicted to that stuff. I can tell you the two servings of FiberOne helped my regularity problem and I think that has helped the scale to start moving. I think we need to start an I Hate Take Off Thread and post Daily Menu's.

I looked back through my log for this month as I finished the last day of my journal yesterday and I have lost a total of ~3 pounds (maybe 4) in 4 weeks.

I am going to WI today and I will post the results when I get back. Good Luck.
Amy - LAWL since 5/19/07: Re-Start 01/12/2012

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Good morning everyone! Wow what a busy weekend so there wasn't time for posting. All and all I did okay staying close to plan this weekend despite the big party on Saturday. I ate what I wanted but in moderation. I'll be anxious to see how the scales later in the week. Speaking of scales.........Nicole did you get that challenge going? Hope to have time later to read the weekend's posts and catch up, until then have a great day!
Back on LA February 2009
(Red without Lites - I THINK)

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Starting over after baby!
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Good Morning Everyone! I hope everyone is planning on a great POP week! I am getting ready to go WI in a couple hours! I am hoping for a big SV! I did the hot lemon water last night as it is TOM and I feel bloated

Kims- thats so funny we're so close, and have the same name!!

Amy - I have to plan my menus ahead almost weekly, and I think you will do fine! I find I stay on plan better when I plan the night before and pack it too. Then while I am at work or school I have no other choice but to be POP.(Unless I forget to pack something...Oops) Good luck with your last year! I am starting the middle of my first year of Nursing classes next week!

Well its time to start mentally preparing for this WI. I never do good after a weekend!

Mommy to 2 cute boys, Wife to 1 sexy man!

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Ok I posted this on the wrong week this morning DUH! It sure is Monday! LOL

Renee-Congrats on the NSV! Its great when people start to notice. I live in Maryville and I agree, its a great place!

TN Heather, hows it going neighbor? I went to WI Saturday and didnt know a single counselor at the COD, freaked me out!

WI was good Saturday, I was down a whole pounds from my weight when I started stabilization, then had pizza Saturday night and blew that all to hades! LOL Oh well, today starts a new week! Heres to being POP!!!

Other TN Kim! I answered your PM. Its nice to meet you! Maybe me, you and Heather can get together for coffee or something! We'll work on that!

Good Monday morning everybody else! Hope you have an absolutely amazing week!
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Heather - East TN
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And I posted my reply to the wrong thread to so here it is again...

Hey TN Kim! I haven't been going to the COD long so I'm not sure I'd recognize a new face if I saw one. It does seem strange that there's so much turnover at many of the COD's talked about on this forum. I had a good WI Friday. I changed my ticker to show my bare-naked weigh-in weight since that's seems more realistic to me and it's the one I'm tracking every single morning.

I guess I should quit posting to last week's thread and move on to the new one. Just didn't want to leave you hanging! Thanks for asking!

I also posted this one this morning on last week's thread...Thanks for your patience while I work on coming back to reality after the weekend.

Dan - How much salt should we limit ourselves to each day? I know the recommended daily allowance is quite high (as is the calorie allowance and everything else recommended so I know I can't count on that!) I have quit putting salt in the food I prepare or on any food I eat, but I am surprised each day by all the hidden sodium I find. However, I know our bodies require some amount to function properly and I just don't know what that amount is. Since you're the Salt Police, I'm counting on you to clear this up for me! Oh, and why does the lemon water thing work so well? Does it have to be hot? I have a hard time drinking anything hot (except coffee!) Is it just as acceptable to take diuretics (water pills)?
Heather in TN
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Default Back from WI

I just got back from WI and I was down almost a pound. I signed up for the stabalization and maintenance and amazingly enough she said I could STILL continue to follow my current plan if I wanted to lose some more weight. I thought she must be reading my mind. I did ask for a specific counselor and asked her to measure me again and sure enough, the measurements from last week were WRONG. She pulled on the tape and made them smaller than they should have been. Anyway, I'm not going back in until Wed, Aug 22 and will start Stabalization then.

I am going to start a Labor Day Challenge Status Update Thread, so check it out if you signed up for that Challenge.

Good to hear about everyone's great weekends. I spent 4 hours at the lake in the Sun tanning this new slimmer me in my new bikini (which I haven't been able to wear one in probably 10 years).
Amy - LAWL since 5/19/07: Re-Start 01/12/2012

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Princess Heather - That isn't crazy at all. It's been proven that some women stay overweight because in their minds, it will prevent them from having to deal with advances from the opposite sex. Who knows the number of reasons/fears we have in our minds?!? But I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you! As you know, this is a LIFETIME, LIFESTYLE change. None of us gained our weight overnight and we won't lose it overnight. It takes time and it takes a made up mind! Just think, 40 years old and no worries about activities that cause shortness of breath. No concerns about the wear and tear on your knees, back, or heart. A healthier, livelier, and more beautiful you! You can do this girlfriend! Remember, sometimes it's a day at a time, sometimes it's a mouthful at a time! You rock!
This is my year!
2008, the year of LOST WEIGHT!

Hugs and blessings,
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GM everyone,

I am hoping to get back to 169 this week. So far so good. I am back to 172 after our short trip to Denver where I gained 4/5 lbs. So I am planning on staying on plan.

Great to see so many losers. It is nice when all that weight comes off and clothes start to fit again. I am quitting Curves to join Sports and Wellness with Dan so we can work out together.

Well, I guess I had better get to work. You all take it easy and have a great POP day.

# of POP Days: 1

"Never give up, Never surrender" - Galaxy Quest

Overall Goal:

Goal: 2/4/2009

1 - 2 lbs

Goal: 2/14/2009

4 lbs
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Morning all, sounds like everyone had a good weekend. We went camping for 4 days for a family reunion. It was really fun. Yesterday we went on a big hike, which was really fun as well.

Have a fantastic day everyone!
"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, either way you are right."

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Hey Everybody

Had WI today, down 0.2
My COD has officially changed to Pure Weight Loss, and the counselor handed me a paper about the glycemic index, which foods to help stay full longer and help along with WL. We shall see!

Congrats to all the WL losers!

Have a great POP day everyone!
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