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Default Hello Everyone!! I just rejoined.

Hello All. My name is Dee. I just rejoined LA this week. I hope I don't regret it. I was a member in NJ and I moved out of state. Unfortunatly my weeks did not transfer here. I guess it had to do with the difference between corperate and franchaise. When I left NJ they just sent me off with 20 double boxes of bars. So I had these bars sitting around and I figured it would be best to rejoin LA because I would love to lose 50 lbs. So I called the center and explained my situation and the manager was so nice and assured me on the phone they would take good care of me .
The program cost came out to $399. It was the cost of a 20 lb program. Also since the center is 1 hour away I can only weigh in 1x a week. They said I had to purchase this program which includes ! year maintance. Was I taken for a ride?? Maybe I could have just followed the plan at home with the stuff I had. I really didn't have the money right now, but I felt pressured. Now I have that Care credit with over $600 on it. The manager wanted to have nothing to do with me after she signed me up. The young girl who explained the plan was very unsure of it because it was the new numbered plan. She was sweet but not to helpful.
Also the only thing that was included with is $399 plan was 1 bottle of Take off juice. What is the usual costs and what is included in the price?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision.. Thanks everyone for your hepl!!
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This program is very costly, but it is also very worth it. You have paid to start, now consider yourself done. That is what I did. You have to be prepared to say no to the sales pitches. I am very honest and tell them I am still paying off my original fees and cannot afford the "extras". I got 4 fast forward juices when I started and access to the at home web site. My cost was around the same as yours and I also had to buy lites.
So called "buyers" remorse is common here, since it's a lot of money upfront. But I like to look at it as an investment in myself. The $$$ I've spent has also kept me movitvated to NOT give up!
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I just joined in May, and my husband worked a lot of overtime for what we paid. About a month later, my mother-in-law and my sister were saying that they thought it was crazy to pay that much for weight loss. My husband said "I look at is as a good investment, and would have paid twice as much." It is a lot up front, but in the long run, it is cheaper than buying new clothes, diabetes and blood pressure meds, and so on.

Good luck on the fresh start!

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Thanks for your replies. I will stick with it. Since money is tight now, I will make sure I stick with the program and lose this weight for good. I guess I was just upset because I still have 30 weight loss weeks, 6 stab. weeks and 52 weight loss weeks in NJ. They really should have been transferable. Also shouldn't they have at least given me a sample box of lites when I joined?? Thanks again.
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I know that here in Oregon they have been offering a special again like they did when I joined about 5 weeks ago: All the weight you can lose for $249. It included the weight loss portion of the program but not the stabilization or maintenance. Also, I only weigh in once/week with the Express Program (not to be confused with the current Express program which is a jump start 4 weeks to the newer numbered programs that have been rolled out in some of the centers) But like Jennifer's husband, I look at it as an investment in my future - I pretty much won't have one unless I lose this 100 (now 80) pounds. When I think of the money I have spent and thrown away on other stuff over the years, this keeps me going and keeps me on program.

I would have hoped that you would have been able to transfer the 30 weeks, stab and maintanance weeks, but know that some centers are franchised and some are corporate and that is probably why they did not transfer the program you had already paid for. But, good for you for making a new commitment to losing weight. You will come out a winner and I am like you, money is tight so I make sure I keep going for my weekly weigh-in's to keep on track.

Good luck.
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