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Default Being tall is wonderful sometimes

Jackie, it's so funny that you say you're tall and your weight kinda balances out, because that's the same issue I have, which isn't necessarily a bad thing I think I've talked myself into doing Slim 4 Life, so I'm hoping that works. Good to know that I can talk to someone else about it on-line. Thanks!

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Default Success on Slim 4 Life

I lost 45 pounds on Slim 4 Life last year (2008). It wasn't hard but like any program you have to dedicate yourself to suceed. I reached my goal right before Halloween and have kept if off for 7 months now. Wow has it really been that long? I think there are other great programs out there too but Slim 4 Life was definitely what I needed.
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Default Also looking for online support

Hi, I just joined the plan here in TX and so far so good. I am on my 2nd week and so far I am down 10.8 pounds. I would like to exchange recipes with someone because I am running out of ideas and VERY much need variety. I too am a WW lifetime member but I felt that I really needed the one on one counceling.
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Hey All,

I've been on S4L for a week now and have lost 10 lbs. The problem I'm experiencing is fatigue. Mid-afternoon, usually after I've taking my protein bar. The thermo-boost doesn't seem to do much for it. The counselors tell me they think its withdrawal from pre-diet food, but I don't really buy that. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, what have they done to combat it?
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Anyone still posting that is on Slim 4 life? I joined the group over on yahoo and they are awesome. Today is my last day of the 3 day prep. My class is at 5:30 today and I'm pretty excited and anxious to start the actual program
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I just started prep yesterday. I used to work as a weight loss counselor at Slim4Life and I went from 155 to 135 in a couple months. It has been one year since I have worked there and I am at 175 But I feel very confident that I am in the same state of mind I was when I was working there and I am ready to do this. I was at JCP's the other day clothes shopping. Tried on 3 shirts all Large and I looked preggo I left 5 minutes later. No clothes for me. I am not going higher again! I feel so amazing compared to 2 days ago. Plus I was all bloated (if ya know what I mean) so that did not help! But I am super excited, I will visit the gym today or tomorrow to see what my weigh-in is!
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I'm doing slim for life. I have a friend who lost over 150 pounds and has kept it off for over a year. i have always cared about being bigger but no real motivation. well now i'm getting married next june! I am so scared about taking this step and my first day of preparatory was today. i want chex mix and donuts, but i'm staying strong. i hope people continue to get on because i have no one who understands right now.
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Is there anyone in here that is still actively doing slim4life?
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Hi, I joined slim4life (now Slimgenics) in Aug. My starting weight was 153, I'm now at 136. It's been pretty easy most of the time. I do crave wine/beer sometimes and allow myself some but then I go without a fruit and a carb, and have more water. I have 6 lbs. to go. Yesterday and today, I'm doing a plateau breaker since I haven't lost in a week. My concern is that once I start to add in more foods, I'll gain weight. Does anyone know how the stabilization/maintenance phase works?
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Default 170goal, Southlake, Texas

I joined Slim4Life in October 2009. I have asthma and I have been on steroids shots and pills, which is making it so difficult to lose. I started at 220.4 and last week, weighed 205.0. Please let me know, if you live in the area. I attend Southlake, Texas location and the staff is wonderful. However, it would help to be able to share the slim4life diet with others. I am so excited to find this site for 3 fat chicks slim4life. Thank you!!!!!
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Default S4l

Hey I just started today, I am on the 3 day cleanse! I would love to be your buddy!

Originally Posted by TDubry View Post

I just started the Slim 4 Life plan. I know most people probably haven't heard of it since the centers are mainly in Colorado, Minnesota and Kansas. So far it seems to be a great diet plan, but having been used to the Weight Watcher's enviornment and having group meetings and being able to connect with people online - I'm finding the Slim 4 Life plan challenging because it's just one to one meetings with a diet counselor and I don't get anyone else's opinion about the diet, whats working and whats not.

So I'm hoping that someone else out there is doing the plan and is also looking for a Slim 4 Life Diet Buddy to share challenges, tips and encouragement with along the way.

If anyone's interested PM me.

Have a great day!

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I just started Slimgenics. Today is my first day in the 3 day slim start phase. Based on what I have been reading Slimgenics and Slim4Life are the same thing. So far everything is going good, but I feel the same way you do as I would like to speak with someone who has been doing it for awhile. Specifically, why do we have to buy the thermo snacks?
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Smile Slim4Life

I just finished my first week with Slim4Life. I lost 4.4 pounds and am ecstatic about that. I need some food ideas so I don't get bored with what I'm doing. Every night has been a chicken stir fry w/ asparagas & mushrooms. It tastes great but need new ideas. I have so many questions about what is accepted and what is not. I am on Plan 2 for 22 weeks. I am very motivated because I should be at goal in time for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in August. Let's be BUDDIES!!!!:
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Hi guys! I just joined slim4life and today is the first day of cleanse. Would love to have slim4life buddies .
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Hello S4L people! I hadn't been on this thread before as it seemed to be inactive. I've been doing the program now since June 15. Going into my 38th week and I've lost 122 pounds and more than 58 inches now!

Someone asked why we need to do the snacks. My theory is that its a way for them to have calculated the calories into the plan for us as we're in weight loss phase. The snacks are made out of vegetable proteins and there's a wide variety so something is going to work for you. From what my husband says about some of the bar supplements verses the ones he's found at Costco or Walmart, ours are better. ;-) They taste better, don't have to worry about whether or not the ingredients are on plan and they are easy to grab and go as I run out the door. The juice drinks I use to get at least 1 Thermoboost in as I don't like the taste of the boost by itself.

Food recipes: Most times, my veggies I eat the amount allowed in raw form as a finger salad or 1 or 2 1/2 choices with lettuce. Once in a while I'll do cooked veggies or toss with the protein I've chosen. I'm at a point now where I really don't care WHAT I'm eating, just need to get in the required amounts and other things have my focus. FINALLY I can say I am "eating to live, not living to eat". I still LOVE food and use spices to make the proteins taste better, add tomatoes in with protein for an "Italian" flavored meal etc. Try to change things up and don't get into a rut of ONLY eating a certain type of protein, vegetable, or starch.

MAKE sure you get in the tablespoon of good fats and your 1/2 tsp of Morton's Lite Salt. Must Must Must get the water in!

Remember, if you can stick to the list, get in what they ask you to get in, take the pills, you'll loose faster and get to your goal much quicker. If you aren't able to, or have problems with something, talk to the counselors. They are there to help you!

Um..if you have other questions...ask me. :-)

Oh and if you got the apple oatmeal or start to crave a muffin ask your center for the oatmeal muffin recipe! Or I can give it to you. They turned into my "birthday cake" =). Plus 3 muffins is a supplement! yummy and almost too filling.
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