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Can I be thin?
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Question Questions regarding plan and recipes

Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well. I have some general questions. I bought the most recent LAWL cookbook. Some of the recipes say to count something as an LA Lite and it also uses an LAWL product in the recipe. For instance, the Creamy Basil Chicken (I think) has LAWL soup in the recipe. Do you know how I would make these types of recipes if I use regular soup and also what I would count it as? I do not get any Lites are part of my daily requirements. My COD said "Well you just can't make those recipes".
Also, do you know why I would not be able to "mix" my proteins. For example, steak and eggs. I use 1/2 of my requirements of each to equal 1 protein. My COD said "Mixing of proteins is not allowed".

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im not sure why, but I do know you arent supposed to mix proteins. They've yelled at me about that as well.
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Hi and welcome!

For the soups, there actually isn't any substitute. The soups count as a lite because of the soy protein, and any over the counter things like the "cup a soups" don't have the same calories, protein, fat, etc. and are much, much higher in sodium.

As for the protein thing, I was told not to mix also, so I don't. Other people have been told you can split the protein, just not mix it. So you could have 1/2P eggs for breakfast and then 1/2P steak for lunch. Not sure of the nutritionals behind it, it's just something I've done for so long that I don't even think about it now.

The best advice I can give someone new to the plan is to just "do what you're told". This plan is unlike any other you've ever been on. It doesn't allow "anything in moderation" as many other programs, but the success rate is very high for those that follow it. You eat your own food, and while doing that you are learning how to eat for the rest of your life. So instead of fighting the program, just resign yourself to the fact that some things don't exist for you right now, but they will all be there waiting for you in maintenance.
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I was told that I could go ahead and mix the proteins just not to do it to much. I have the giant protein portions on Red to begin with, then with 2 1/2 proteins a day that can be a lot of protein. (20 ozs of Chicken Breast to be exact ) COD just advised me not to do too much mixing but it's permissiable if it means I get in all the protein.

Also with the pre-made soup you have to watch the sodium content. I'm stabalizing now and I was told too stay far far away from any canned soup. What they did recommend was that if I wanted a tomato soup was to make it from scratch, that way I know what exactly is going into it, and I can control the sodium content.
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We were also told to watch how often we mixed our proteins... It can just confuse things..

As for the soups and sauces, anything with a cream base, I use evaporated skim milk.. Low in sodium and obviously very low in fat... I add my own spices from home and a few dashes of lite salt or NoSalt..

It also works for making a pretty decent alfredo or bechamel (sp?) sauce...
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