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Default People on food mover/exchange type of plan?

I am using the Richard Simmons food mover plan right now and I love it. It is by far the easiest plan I have ever tried and I really know it will work for me long term. You get an allotment of servings in each category depending ony our calorie level, and you close little windows on the mover when you eat the allotments. It is very similar to the old weight watchers selection plan.

I would love to chat with anyone who is on the food mover or a similar type of exchange plan. I think the booklets that came with it are a little sparse, so I have made a few modifications and still have a few questions. I would also love a buddy for this who wort of speaks the same language, as it were Anyone?

What has made the plan really sustainable for me is that it's based on portion sizes, not calories or points or anything like that. I tried WW before and would always get stumped when confronted with something I didn't know the points for, and then I would blow the whole thing. This way, I can eat when at restaurants or at my mom's or whatever and just eyeball the portion sizes and still stay on plan. I also like that it has me eating vegetables and limiting my carbs in a healthy and balanced way (for example when I want a snack, I look at what windows are still left for me, and often decide to forgo the carby treat so I can save that window for a meal).

But Richard does not really explain how to deal with special occasions, if you want to eat something special. Do you carry over some of the windows to tomorrow? Do penance cardio? Just allow the occasional treat? He doesn't say. Also, I thinl his calorie expectations are a bit low. He thinks I should be at 1200 calories, but I felt that considering my activity level (I try to workout five times a week, and I have no car, so I walk a lot!) that was too low. I bumped myself to the 1400 plan and have still been losing (and I often do not use up all the windows anyway, so I think I am more at 1300 or so).
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Hi Joanna.. This is an late, old post, to bad that I had missed this before. I am so happy you are doing his plan. I am on this and doing awesome on it!! Down 34 Lbs so far!! and have plenty more to go..and knowing I can do this and my foodmover is a lifetime tool!!

I am not sure if you are still around here..but if you want an buddy, feel free to PM me. Have been searching for net friends who are doing his plan and videos, and I can't afford his website, but do read his message of the day,daily.

Much success and Happy closing those windows!!
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