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Default Is There A "Head Office"?


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Not in Canada but I do believe this IS the main office.

LA Weight Loss Centers Inc.
747 Dresher Road, Suite 100
Horsham, PA 19044

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Fluffy Mama... hate calling you that!

I'm in Mississauga and asked for the head office address today as we have a real problem with stock at our centre.
They gave me an email [email protected]

Hopes this helps!
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You could also go the LA weight loss website and click on the Contact us link to email them.
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Must be something going on in Canada, because my center is so low on stock it is not even funny.
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Our centers have had some stocking problems in the past couple of months but have been pretty good lately...

Could it be the winter weather causing shipping problems? I know our mail was all screwed up because of the big winter storm we had around Christmas/New Years...
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My COD stock is pretty good - but a month or so ago, one of my regular counselors had me stockpile the carmel deluxe bars (they're the only one's I really like) so maybe she had a heads up on some impending supply problem?
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Default wont help

They're not answering calls. My site was closed as of this morning. Great way to start the new year. So upset.
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Default Head Office Contact Info


I came across this posting on another site a few months back (fransbest), and though I would post it here for us all to look at. I was a client in AZ, which had become a LATO (corp owned center) before they pulled the plugg and got nowhere with the LA @ home or the Horsham customer service people. Hope this helps...

Jenn from AZ

Not sure if this will help anyone or not, but here is the DIRECT contact info of Harold Katz, owner of LA Weight Loss Franchise Company Inc, the the top guy of all LA operations WORLDWIDE!. I will not post the email or phone numbers here, but you can get it from katzgroup.com. Go to that website for the mailing address as well. It's very interesting if you read the profile if Mr Katz - no mention that he owns and operates the LA Weight Loss Franchise Co Inc. I wonder why? - to try hiding from all of his angry customers, on his way to a new venture? with OUR money?? But the assests page does list Katz Group owning 100% of LA Weight Loss Franchise, which includes all LATO owned centers in the US, and supports all franchise operations in Canada and the States.

The head operations office is at the LA Weight Loss Centers Inc.
747 Dresher Road in Horsham, PA, and I have several emails, phone numbers and contact info for various people at the corporate office, but you never get anywhere talking to any of them - if you can ever even reach someone! Total waste of effort - all you get is empty promisis. But the phone number listed on the site above gets you directly to H. Katz and the other owners - skip all the useless customer service info.

Might not get you anywhere, but it might make you feel better to complain a bit to the head cheese! Good Luck.

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My centre closed dec 29, 08 - i emailed US and this is contact info i recd.

>>Diet Success Corp.
>>351 Spinnaker Way, Suite 5
>>Concord, ON L4K4N4
>>Phone: (905) 889-7864
>>E-Mail: [email protected]

my luck with phone, voice mail was full so i emailed them and this is answer i recd.
Dear Lucia,

Mr Shneer has forwarded on your email to him and asked me to respond to your email.

We will attempt to explain the situation as best as possible. Our company, Diet Success Corp is a franchisee of a U.S. company. Our U.S. franchisor is called L A Weight Loss Franchise Company. We buy all of the products that our clients use from our franchisor. We have no supplier other than them. The owner and President of L A Weight Loss Franchise Company is Mr. Harold Katz.

In June 2007, Mr. Katz vowed to the franchisees that under no circumstances would he allow any L A Weight Loss markets to close. However, over the past few weeks, Mr. Katz began to close approximately 200 of the centres he controlled. This included centres all over the U.S. and also approximately 24 centres in the Greater Toronto area that he also controlled.

As these closings began across North America, Mr Katz and his company did not inform its franchisees that it was in process of closing centres. It was done without any disclosure. These closings were in complete contradiction to the vow that they had previously made to the franchisees. Then very recently, our franchisor informed us that not only were they closing the centres they controlled, but they were also closing L A Weight Loss Franchise Company as well.

So we have closed for one and only one reason. That is that our franchisor is in process of closing and in doing so, they have breached their Franchise Agreement with our Company. We do not know all the reasons that they have decided to close and we do not know why they have broken their commitment not to close any markets. While we donąt want to give you a run around, we would suggest you direct your inquiry to Mr Katz himself. You can ask him why his company, as our franchisor, is closing. He can be reached at 1-866-525-0422. Hopefully he will provide you with a full explanation.

We can understand that you are very angry, upset and disappointed. We share in those sentiments. The owner of Diet Success Corp has lost his business and livelihood, and all the employees of this company have also lost their jobs.

We have heard that in some similar circumstances, that some of our competitors are willing to honour your remaining service time with us. We would recommend that you contact those local competitors and see if they would be willing to extend services to you.

In terms of a refund, if you paid by credit card, we would recommend that you contact your credit card company and see if they will refund your money. Our company is not in a position to know if it will be able to pay any or all of the refunds that may be requested. We will have to see over time how many requests are received and then determine if the company has the financial ability to pay those refunds. Given that our company is has closed, we would say that it is extremely unlikely that we will be in a position to provide refunds. But we wonąt know for sure for some time.

So our recommendation at this time is for you to seek a continuation of your services with one of our local competitors and/or if you paid our company via credit card, to request a refund through them.

We are truly sorry for this situation, and while it is probably of no comfort, we hope you can appreciate that it was not of our making. We deeply regret we have been put in a position in which we are unable to continue to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Yours truly,

Customer Service Department

Diet Success Corp


Any lawyers in our forum? Is there something we can do as recourse? Maybe as a group?



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My centre closed on Dec. 29, 2008 as well. We has just gotten back from the US for Christmas. I had just rejoined LAWL on November 4th after having my second child (and my husband has around three months left on his contract - all in all we are out over 100 boxes of lites Grrrr).

This is the latest info that I have found in the Ottawa Business Journal. Their article contradicts what that person responded to you regarding the problem being LAWL.

This is one excerpt from it --
Pennsylvania-based parent company LA Weight Loss Franchise Co. said in a statement that it was "befuddled" by the Ottawa closures.

"We understand that Diet Success has closed without giving notice or returning the prepayments received from its customers," it read. "We find this shocking and are demanding that it follow our procedures that require proper notice and refunds. We are as befuddled as its customers. (This) is certainly not in line with standard operating procedures."

Diet Success's claim that it was out of stock and unable to procure more was untrue, the company added, as "we have warehouses of product ready and able to be shipped.
I can't post the link due to this being my first post (I googled "diet success corp" and it was the first link.)

I'm not sure what to do myself. I paid using CareCredit. I spoke with them today and they told me to send a copy of my original contract (it's in French dang it!) and a letter regarding the dispute. ugh.

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If your center is open and is running low in stock I strongly suggest that you go ahead and get all of your product. If they don't have "your" flavor still take something, sell it on ebay and then purchase (on ebay) the flavor that you want. My center had stock issues and huge "sales" and then boom- they closed us without any notice what so ever. Just a heads up!
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Does anyone know what happened to our records at the Hickory Center?? There was lots of personal information in those files as well as ss#,C/C#. I would like to know if it is possible to get my file...
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