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Exclamation New!!! Day One check in

I am Molly
I have tried a lot of things for weight loss, but between the stress of living on my own and my crazy job - trying to exercise and eat healthy have been wayyyyy too difficult.
I'm sure that I am not alone in this.
One of the problems I have with meal prep is keeping my produce fresh and prepared to take with me. I end up eating crackers and grabbing a coke from the vending machine in the break room, and lately I've taken to eating those stupid (but reliable) frozen meals for lunch, often skipping breakfast (usually too tired to eat), and barely passing dinner (unless it's pay day and then I go for fast food; but I'm picky I don't like mcdonalds and I hate burger king. Arbys, Wendys and occasionally five guys are what I look for.)
Working late means for me that I don't cook, I like cooking but I don't. My BF cooks and usually makes a mess. It's basically chicken on the george forman and mac and cheese, sometimes spagetti, and other pretty unflattering choice.
Needless to say.. We are not the cleanest and especially not the most organized and that makes meal prep dedication difficult.
Exercise? In between long shifts I sometimes lift weights and do squats with the barbell and 10lbs and 15lbs kettlebells.
I also try to get on the mat every so often and do crunches.

I need help!!! Or at least some advice, I'd appreciate it! 🌹
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Hi Molly, I hope things are going well for you. I see you are not posting, but hopefully you are reading. I don't have any earth shattering advice, but I do know that it's hard to get started, and it's hard to maintain, but that sweet spot in the middle feels good, and that's what you should aim for right now! Welcome.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.
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Hi Molly: maybe you and BF can each do something for your meal prep. Maybe one of you can do dishes and straighten your counter space and the other be the Prepper/chef. Switch off as you can. Things that helped me would be doing ahead of time prep - such as making a huge salad and getting that in a bowl in the fridge (I use romaine and spinach as my base) and pull from that on your sprint between work and home. I then keep other things handy to throw on - if you can start to replace half of your fast food meals with something like salad or veg or the like that would be a help. I will attest it’s hard to work on weight when your partner may not be - see if he’s on board to look at prepping more diet friendly meals the chicken is a good start, the Mac and cheese only in small doses - I have to do that at my house. And the soda needs to go - if you must have it see if you can make it a once a week treat. Those calories load up quickly and it can make your scale not move for a few days (my issue). If you can start making some simple changes you may start seeing the scale move. Really watch your portion sizes as well and you may get on your way. Good luck!

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