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Tir Asleen
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Originally Posted by ika overeater View Post
hi TirAsleen!

same here - two weeks ago i've attained my maximum weight ever! it really terrified me! and so i came up with a plan to stop overeating/binge eating and lose some weight. it's on my blog, if you'd like to see - ika's binge free life.

but the most important thing in my case was realizing that i don't just have a "weight" problem. that it's not just about losing weight. that it's about finding out why i overeat and binge.
I know why I do but it is so ingrained now that I find I am still doing it. Any suggestions on being more aware?
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Originally Posted by TirAsleen View Post
Hi, I am terribly obese. I weigh 215 and am only 5'1 feet tall. I have no idea how I got to this point. Life happened and I saw myself in a photo the other day and just about fell over. I hadn't weighed myself in years. I thought I was like one sixty or so which is still terrible but I am so much heavier. How do we let this happen? I want to take personal responsibility for it and get back in shape but I have never done this before and so I am lost. Help.
You just described perfectly everyone's relationship with the scale on this board, me included. I was soooo bad that when I went into a doctor's office--and had to get weighed--I would tell the nurse NOT to tell me how much I weighed. I was in complete denial. Then one day when my doctor suggested I get a Diabetes’s test, That floored me. I was a little overweight--25 pounds but certainly how could she possibly believe that I was subject to this horrible disease. Then I watched a show called "The weight of the nation"--and realized you don't have to be obese or morbidly obese to get this disease--you can just be a little overweight and get it.

At that point I took my weight very seriously. I re-joined my Jazzercise class and lost 20 pounds within 8 months. Then I hit my plateau--and I am still trying to lose another 6 pounds--because that's where I feel good. My doctor is super happy with me, and I am now back to a very normal BMI--and am no longer considered at risk of getting diabetes. But it was definitely a wake up call--and it was my doctor that did it, and I thank her for doing it.

So my weight loss strategy is pretty simple. I don't deprive myself of certain foods, nor did I try out any crazy diet scheme. I just ate less--and I exercised more. If I have cake it will be a sliver of cake. Bread is my problem. If I see it, I will eat a little or none at all. I don't eat large portions--I cut those in half--and I never go back for seconds. Restaurants are always a problem--their portion sizes are huge--so I either split--eat just half--and I don't take the rest home. It's hard. I got hungry--now I don't--I got sore from exercise--not so much anymore--but it's worth it to feel this good. As far as the scale--I now get on it much more often. I am never going to let those pounds do a stealth attack on me again.

Just realizing you have a problem is a start. Now doing something about it, it's simply mind over food. Make a plan and stick with it. You'll have your bad days--just make certain that you have many more good days than bad. Don't let me discourage you with myself only losing 20 pounds in 8 months. Heavier people tend to lose weight faster than those that are close to their BMI. But it's important to know that you're not going to get to your goal weight overnight. Remember you didn't gain all this weight overnight. Just stick with it--and you'll get there.

Good Luck to you and Welcome to this board.

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