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Default am i really doing this!!!!!????

Hi!!! I'm Stephanie and I am embarking on the journey to losing weight. A little about me. I battled with bulimia for 7 years and lost 100 pounds. Once I quit purging I gained a little weight but maintained well at 150. then I got put on anti depressants and I have gained over 80 pounds in less than one year. I am really struggling with this new weight gain because I keep thinking my only option is to resort back to old, unhealthy, habits. I know this is not the solution but it hard not to turn back. for three months I was on a 1200 calorie diet and exercised 6 days per week and lost only 8 pounds in those 3 months. I am going to meet with a nutritionist on march 24th but I thought a forum would be a great place to refer to when I'm struggling between my visits with the nutritionist. I am 24 years old... I want to live a long life and be healthy while I'm living it. if you have ANY advice or suggestions I am ready to start my journey. I look forward to meeting all the great people in this new chapter of my life!!!
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I think its excellent that you are going to work with a professional for your diet.

With them on your side you should go much better for the long term. I used to work in an eating disorders clinic for a while as a receptionist but i learnt a lot about all that stuff.

I also take antidepressants. Some medications seem to increase our appetite but for the most part i think our weight gain is not due to the antidepressants.

With your nutritionist, try to work out a way of eating that you can live on. I personally can't eat sweets in moderation so i decided some time back to leave them out of my diet and the more i go on the more committed i am to leaving them out of my life altogether. There are plenty of other really yummy things to eat and sugar like that just throws out my appetite.

Keep your mood up and seek counselling if you start to have any mood issues that you aren't managing by yourself. I have found that a low mood increases my appetite and often ends up in binge behaviours.

Good luck on your journey. I am sure you will find lots of support here and with the knowledge your nutritionist shares with you, you will have good information to share with others here who are struggling.
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Hi there and Welcome! You've been thru a lot when it comes to weight it sounds like. I'm also happy to hear you will be seeing someone. Please don't feel like bulimia is the only option. There are so many other options and your nutritionist will help you find the right one. You've come to the right place for support, so post as often as you need too. Good luck on your journey.

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hi stephanie!welcome and heres to the start of ur journey :-) its brill that ur seeking help rather than doing it on ur own-iv made that mistake b4 but have learnt from it so all is ok!main thing is to b healthy and happy no matter what ur size imo-im type 1 diabetic and have a prob with binge eating but have never purged-im now into my 25th day binge free and have lost 13lbs up 2 day 21 by bein healthy and excersises!just believe in urself and never doubt urself-its all worth the effort in the end and ur not alone :-) posting on here and reading ppls experiences has really helped me get into a good mindset-u can do it :-)
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Hi 1life2live
I think it is great that you are meeting with a nutritionist to help you on your weight loss/healthy living journey.
I will post my introduction today so I don't want to repeat myself too much.
I am no expert, but I am trying to look up a lot of stuff online and talk to different people and read as much as I can on these forums.
I have been seriously working on my weight loss since Feb 26, 2014 and have been hungry most days within 1 1/2 hours after each meal. Just the other day in a health store I bought a fiber supplement. It said to take 1/3 cup (5 1/3 Tbsp) per day and I thought it would be best to work my way up to that. So today I am up to 2 1/2 Tbsp, which I added to my breakfast (haven't had lunch yet, but will right away) That was 3 hours ago and I am just starting to feel hungry now.

So that might be one thing to add if you are not already doing that.
From what I looked up we need 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day.

Also eating low carb foods, and cutting out sugars has helped me.
I read when you eat sugar, your body craves more sugar.
I do have thoughts of all the foods I am not eating, but they go away.
I also drink as much water as I can.
In my introduction I am going to mention some more specific things I am doing and I am hoping for some feedback from others on what is working for them or if they have better info I hope they will comment.
I hope this all helps.
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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


cleanslate, it is better to include more food based fibres in your diet.

But if you really want to eat an extra fibre thing, then a cheaper and purer way to go would be to buy just psyllium fibre. It has no calories. Its soluble fibre and will pass right through and keep your gut healthy. You generally don't need more than 1 tbsp per day. But when starting its better to use a smaller quantity if your body is not used to much fibre.

but probably the main reason you are getting so hungry is because your calories are very low.
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