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Default Hey brand new here....

Okay so I just turned 30 and I hail from the southwestern region of Virginia. I'm finally a senior in college (long story), hopefully I'll graduate next year but anyway, I've basically been suffering from BED off and on since about the age 13. Metabolic and obesity issues do run in my family, I actually used to be one of the skinniest people in my house/family. Anyway, I do live on my own now. I'm majoring in sociology at a small university here in Virginia. I've been on SSDI for severe anxiety and depression for roughly 3 years. I get the SSDI (child/survivors) because I was persumably disabled prior to age 21. I was also born with mild CP, LD, etc but it was my anxiety and depression that I mostly got on SSDI for. Anyway, I don't get food stamps because I'm $100-$200 above the limit for my state or region's threshold. I make slightly over $1200 a month so that's good for a person on government assistance. I do have a benefit of getting a meal plan from my college so getting food for at least 9-10 months out of the year isn't hard. But anyway, I was born into a working class family so getting food on the table wasn't a big deal but as a family we didn't always choose the best food to eat.

But anyway, right now I'm trying to find appropiate outlets to work on overcoming this I have had times in my life where I was able to lose weight but ever since I hit the 200 lb mark a few years ago, it's been difficult. I recently tried Weight Watchers and even though I did originally lose 3 lbs, I ended up gaining the weight and 2 more after about a month on it. I've tried keeping a journal. It's so stressful and tiring and everytime I showed my therapist my journal she seemed to speak in a very judgemental way.
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Hi Princess! Since metabolic issues run in your family, have you ever tried a low carb diet, which is supposed to help people who have metabolic syndrome? Insulin issues run in my family and although I have always counted calories in the past, I am now doing a low carb diet with a weekly "cheat day" and it's working very well for me. If you haven't tried low carb, you might want to consider it. Whichever weight loss method you choose, set your mind to it and you can succeed, taking one step at a time! You'll find lots of support here, so browse around and join in! Good luck!
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Well no, but I am attempting a vegetarian diet.
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