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Red face New with little to no Motivation


I'm new to this and I have been seeing this as my last hope. I have struggled with losing weight for years and now its just has gotten the best of me. I find myself sad and angry every time I look in the mirror. I've always been a typically outgoing and happy person and now I have lost that along with my self-esteem. It has made my sex go to he** and I can't seem to get intimate with my fiance without feeling disgusting. My goal is to lose 40 pounds and get down to the weight I was before. I don't have anyone to help me be motivated because my fiance and I are on different schedules and he is already pretty fit himself. I am sick of looking at thin, fit women and being jealous of what they have. I'm ready to try and get motivated and make this change in my life so I can get back to that outgoing and happy person.
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beautiful bright soul :)
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I wish you luck with your goals -- you can do this!!!
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Renee~ Started IP Aug. 25
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Originally Posted by PandaBear93 View Post
I don't have anyone to help me be motivated because my fiance and I are on different schedules and he is already pretty fit himself. I am sick of looking at thin, fit women and being jealous of what they have.

This is most definitely a plan you can do, and you've taken the most important first step!!!

Your fiance can and should certainly help you be motivated! He can help you plan meals, overcome those down days, and just be supportive. Recruit him, share your goals, and tell him what you need and expect from him going forward.

As for jealousy, don't let it rule your life. It is unhealthy and will only block your way to success, as others will always have things we desire. Look to yourself for your own successes, earn and OWN them, and you will do great!

One note- always be prepared; carry extra packets, bars, snacks, etc., and stock up on tons of veggies so you're never left hungry and without program food.

Good luck! Keep us posted. You CAN do this!

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Hi Panda Bear! So glad to have you! You'll find lots of support here! Everyone here understands your frustration and your struggle, and we can help. Browse around, there is a lot to see. Some forums are more active than others but feel free to jump in on any that interest you. You might want to check out "Chicks Up for a Challenge" under Support Groups. Joining a challenge is a great way to get motivated and to stay accountable, and newbies are always welcome anytime! You can do this. I know it seems overwhelming and even impossible at first, but just take it a little at a time, a few lbs at a time, one step at a time, and you will reach your goal! Good luck!
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Make little goals, they're easier to achieve. Plan to lose 6lbs then go to the next 6 etc. Read up and educate yourself on making healthy food choices, be prepared by buying in fresh fruit and veg and healthy snack options. Start and keep a daily food diary. I measure and weigh everything, I find it helps so much. I exercise in 15 minute increments on the days I don't feel energetic, etc, 15 mins ab circle pro, 15 minutes later on the exercise bike, or 15 min walk. I don't usually do more than 30 mins a day 5 days a week. It's amazing even how much difference a couple of days following a healthy change can affect your mindset and once you start to see the results you'll be inspired to keep going. If you haven't already, start a 3FC blog so we can follow your progress. Look forward to hearing updates!
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Welcome PandaBear93! You can do it. Set small achievable goals and then attach little rewards when they are met, like time just for you, pedicure, new book...
Good luck.
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PandaBear93. Support is very important in weight-loss. If you can't find it at home because of opposite schedules consider us your cyber-buddies.
I agree with the above about setting small goals. You also need to decide what your going to do to lose the weight. Weight loss is a basic formula. 1lb is 3500 calories. So if you decrease your food intake by 500 calories a day you will lose 1lb a week. If you also exercise at least 250calories a day that is another 1/2lb a week.
Choose what is going to work for you. Low carb, weight watchers, calorie counting, ideal protein etc. I myself am a calorie counter. I use an app. I record all my food every single day.
Exercise. If you haven't been doing it start slow. 15 minute walk, then add 5 minutes a day. 30 minutes is what your heart needs for health. 45 minutes for fat burning weight loss.
Forgive yourself. Every one of us has had a screw up in our weight loss journey. The important thing is to get back on the trail. One bad day isn't going to ruin you overall. 30 bad days in a row and your back to step one.
Hope this helps.
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I have to exercise in the morning
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Default Welcome!

We are in this journey together... congratulations on taking the first steps!
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Hi pandaBear!!! I know how you feel. I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last couple of months because of exams, moving, new job,... and I hate myself these days. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin and I hate shopping for clothes with this body. My family is not in the same province as me and I am single so I understand that it can be hard to stay motivated by yourself. From what I can tell however, this seems to be a great community and you will find lots of people to support you here, so hang on.
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Hi. I'm new too. Starting the diet tomorrow morning. My starting weight is very close to yours (166) and I want to lose about 35 pounds. Hopefully we can both find some motivation here! good luck!
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PandaBear93 You CAN do this! Trust us, we are a diverse group but one thing we do have in common is our desire to be healthy and regain a size we want to be at.

You, GO GIRL!!!

My Mini Goals:~Under 200# (ONEderland) DONE- 10/5/13~50# off by Christmas (down to 174#) ~163#- No longer "obese" category (BMI)
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