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Smile Hello. Difficulty making the right choices.

Hello. These little thingies are so cute.

So I've been looking around here and it seems like a great place. My intentions are really strong right now ( of course right before bed). I can see the end result, but the day to day is just not happening for me. Grrrr...
It's as if there are two of me, battling. Healthy me is always loosing to unhealthy me when it comes to critical moments. Critical choices...apple...or cookie, one reasonable serving....or finishing all the leftovers.

I have seen A LOT of really good ideas and great advice on here so far. Naturally a healthy lifestyle change is the ultimate goal, the rest will be icing on the cake.

Has anyone had success with self restraint when it comes to those critical moments of making the right choice? Sometimes I just go blank, eat the junk, and regret my decision almost immediately.

Well, Good night everyone.
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beautiful bright soul :)
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This is indeed a great place!
Learning self-restraint or self-control can take time and practice. Something you said stands out to me, though. "Sometimes I just go blank" -- can you explain what you mean by this? Perhaps getting to the heart of what causes you to go blank (what does blank mean?), and preventing that from happening could help avoiding eating the junk?

There are so many strategies that can be employed, and usually a shift in thinking also takes place.
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Sometimes it's nearly impossible to use restraint, when your mind is telling you one thing but your mouth is watering like crazy and you've almost got the dt's thinking about not having it, LOL. I tried for a long time to work away around still having sweets and desserts, trying small portions, but would just end up bingeing and feeling bad. Until I realised that giving them up completely was the only way to get a handle on the binge urge, then slowly reintroducing later on in small amounts, or not at all if I found they're triggering the urge to binge.
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I knew it was a great place. Already some great suggestions.

Hi belovedspirit
Let's see.....I guess the "blank" is that I can't think of anything but eating that thing that I probably shouldn't. (bag of M&M's) This type of food is extremely satisfying to me and while I'm having it I am reeeally ......happy.
Oooo....Hmmm...that's interesting. I never think in my life that I am unhappy. In fact my life is really good, I am very fortunate.
I think I just found something I should think about.....

Happybug (cute name) if that worked for you perhaps I should try it. My husband always tells me "you know what it tastes like, you can pass it up".
I have a "clean your plate" view towards meals as well as treats, so the package of cookies has to be empty and done. Walking away....another good idea today.

Thank you!!
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Hi WendyG! I have been where you are. There were times when I had to just take it 1 hour at a time, literally. I mean, you can make it through one hour, right? One hour? You can resist anything for just one hour. And that's the only goal I would make, that for that one hour I would not eat unhealthily. And I did that for all my waking hours one day, and then I started over the next day, until finally I could set larger, longer goals. Sometimes you really have to break it WAY down. Also, you have to find the best method of weight loss for your body and sometimes that takes experimentation. For 30 years every time I went on a diet, I counted calories, but I finally realized I have a carb sensitivity. I crave chips, candy, cakes, bread, and pasta, etc., and those foods send me completely out of control. Now, I am following a low-carb diet and I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months! Other people find success with counting calories, and others with packaged meal plans, and so on. What I'm doing now (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/othe...carb-diet.html) works better for me than anything ever has, but everyone has to find their own way. I know my plan doesn't work for some because they aren't carb sensitive or the cheat days which are a part of my plan trigger them and they go completely off plan or they need extra carbs because they exercise a lot. Whichever plan you choose, whichever you think will work for you, believe you can do this, even if you have to start out really, really slowly. Good luck!
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If possible, empty your house of all tempting junky foods for the first couple of weeks. Make it hard to get your hands on junk, that will help you get past these "gut it out" moments, which there are alot of when you make a dramatic change in your eating style.

If you have a family/husband enlist their help -- it's not FOREVER it is a 2 week challenge that will really help mom -- no junk in the house.

And PLAN your meals for the first 2 weeks. Again, not something you may have to do forever. But here at the beginning, it helps alot to take uncertainty out of the equation and just follow the plan. Make a calendar and cross each day off with a big smiley face.

You CAN do it. The beginning is the hardest, new habits take time! But stick with it, it will get easier -- there's light at the end of tunnel!
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Oooo...this is good stuff. Thank you all so much. Such good advice from all successful losers. hehehe ( No harm intended.)
I am encouraged by all of your tickers and before/after picts. You all have done it.
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