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Introductions Introduce yourselves and make new friends!

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just on a journey!
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Default Hello! Newbie intro

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm new to the forum. Just introducing myself and giving my story.

Ive always had weight issues and body image issues. I'm one of those people who looks at food and gains weight lol. I'm 22 almost 23 and sick of it. I try and try and weight never comes off. And at 5'5" weighing 200 lbs people have asked if i am pregnant. Yeah... so how do i cope? Oh yeah lets stuff my face some more. So im startng a new journey to learn better habits and to lose weight and to be a happier healthier me.

I am not sure how many other people on here are qsymia but i am. Well kind of. I couldnt afford the real qsymia. So im currently on the 2 stand alone meds that make up qsymia. I hope other people are too because i dont personally know anyone else that is and id love some support!
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Hi Alex! I am not on qsymia (or the meds that make it up). I had to google it to see what it was. I haven't seen a thread here on it yet, although there may be one. There are all kinds of advice here on just about every diet aid. Many of us know that feeling of being down on ourselves and trying to cope by eating even more. It makes no sense, but at the time, we just want to self-medicate to feel better. But it only makes things worse, and it's funny how we know that's going to be the outcome but we can't seem to stop ourselves. When you say you try and try but the weight doesn't come off, do you mind if I ask what methods you have used, and did you not have any success at all, or do you mean that you gained back the lbs you lost? I'm asking because if you used a proven weight loss method and lost no lbs at all, maybe there is a medical reason behind it, like a sluggish thyroid or vitamin deficiency, etc. If you haven't had your doctor run such tests, you should. If instead you mean you lost some weight, but ended up putting it back on, maybe you just need to try a different way, a different method, one that will be easier for you to stick with. In any event, you will find lots of support here! So browse around and jump right in! Good luck!
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Hi, Alexie, and welcome!

I've never used any weightloss aids, but I did a quick search of this website and came up with 7 threads talking about it, so I think you will find some buddies, or at least learn of other people's experiences. If you click on the search button at the top of this page, type in qsymia, and you will find the threads.

Best of luck to you!
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just on a journey!
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S/C/G: 199/199/160

Height: 5'4


Jacqui_D: yeah its not too well known i dont think but i read about and then decided to talk to my doctor. My doctor and i have a great relationship. He trusts me and i trust him too. He did blood tests checking for general levels of just about everything before he consodered me for it. Turns out my cholesterol is a tad off and all a little high but my thyroid function was good. Also for the phentermine part of the drugs my insurance had to authorize it. A panel of doctors had to approve it for me to fill it and they did. So thats good.

Previous to this i was working a job carting patients around a hospital and i walked like 5-12 miles per shift. I was also hitting the gym 3-5 times a week. I worked that job for 2 years and never lost anything substantial. Also adding in the gym on top for 6 months... i lost 5 lbs. So when i say nothing came off... nothing came off... lol. Also in my household is me my mom my brother and my gma. Both my mom and gma have had gastric bypass. My mom had it 7 years ago and has successfully kept off 140 pounds. My gma had it in the 1980s. So how successful she was idk lol but now shes 80 and has kidney issues so between those we have healthy foods in my house. My brother is also vegetarian. Ive tried calorie counting, weight watchers, atkins and slm fast.
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just on a journey!
Join Date: Aug 2013
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S/C/G: 199/199/160

Height: 5'4


Thank you! I had never used any til now either but its working wonders.

Best of luck to you too!!
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I actually got my prescription for Qsymia today. I am excited to start it tomorrow and see if it will give me the "boost" I need to keep the weight loss going. We will see how we do Good Luck!!
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Aussie :)
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Welcome to 3fc Glad you have joined us
= 1 for every 5pounds/2.25kg lost
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