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Energy on Phase 1 (sex question)

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Red face Energy on Phase 1 (sex question)

Just a TMI warning...

So I'm on Phase 1 of IP and we aren't allowed to exercise. My boyfriend told me today that while he enjoys sex, he wishes I had more energy to ride him (cowgirl position). I already feel self-conscious about my body, but I've done the cowgirl position on him and really can't last long. I know I can increase my stamina if I was allowed to run and/or workout (weight training) during Phase 1 of IP.

I still have a solid 20 pounds to lose and I'm a slow weight loser. I guess I wish there was a way to increase my sex stamina while being on such a low carb, low fat, high protein diet.

I'm not sure if anyone has an answer. Are you able to perform sex well (cowgirl position in particular) when being on IP Phase 1?

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Well, I guess that question was way TMI for the FB IP Phase 1 Support Group. LOL!!!

But in all seriousness, I considering taking up running (couch to 5K) and just consuming an extra packet a day in order to build up my stamina. Good idea or no?
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I think any sex is good for the soul. Ride 'em cowgirl! Not so sure about the running, though; everyone is different. I know my clinic doesn't encourage anything more than some walking and light toning exercises.

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To give you an example, I planted 10 perennials today and almost collapsed!
Not enough energy to exert myself. Everyone is different but running may not be such a good idea.
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I would do some reading on catabolic vs. anabolic exercise. Running is considered catabolic and can decrease your muscle mass which does not support the whole basis of Ideal Protein. If you insist on high cardio workouts, you may want to try the Alternative Phase 1. Your losses would be slower but you would be getting more carbs and shouldn't lose muscle. You'd be better off doing light weight training and taking in the extra non-restricted IP food. Does this make sense?

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My sex life has gotten exponentially better since dropping 60 pounds - I feel better and hubby is much more attentive. I like being on top and the VLC hasn't hindered anything…but we don't have hour(s) long marathon sex sessions either. Do what feel right for you

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Keep on riding! It will get easier and you will be able to do it longer, there's your exercise right there.

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Stretch regularly, it can be a little hard on the joints - especially knees & hips. You might be more comfortable then. Or start on top & flip over when you get too tired. That way it's good for both of you, lol.

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Started IP 1-9-15
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I agree with Beth. My sex life has improved since dropping the weight. I say have fun and do anything you want to do. I don't think IP decreases energy for sex at all. As for running...only if you are already exercising would I start that on Phase 1. My hubby and I have increased our walking and I have really noticed how my stamina has improved going up hills in just the past few months.
-Mrs. OldHouse

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