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IP Community Daily Chat Monday 1/5/2014

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Default IP Community Daily Chat Monday 1/5/2014

IP Community Daily Chat

Welcome back to the Daily Chat thread - post your plans for today, share what's been happening, ask questions!

Some forum lingo:
NSV = Non-scale victory
TOM = time of the month
WI = Weigh-in
WF = Walden Farms
OP = on plan

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And before you cheat, read this thread:
The Real Cost of Cheating on Ideal Protein

Before starting new threads: spend some time reading the forum. Most new threads are duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates. Folks who are the most successful, make time for research/reading.

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Fun with Ideal Protein Packets
Fun with Veggie Purees!
Mix'n in the kitchen...Recipes from the Rainbow
MiX'N' iN THE KiTCH'N.... Recipes from the Rainbow Volume 2

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Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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Remember the commercial with the guy walking thru saying "Time to make the do-nuts"?

That's me this morning. Dragging.
But it was a wonderful long vacation and I feel so much better back on P1 without all the bloating from excess starches.

Let's do this!!!
Happy Monday
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
Lost 95 lbs on IP!
Link to weight loss Photos

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We can do this 100 % OP
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Good Morning All:

Had my WI on Sat. I lost 4 lbs during hoildays. Although I did not meet my goal that I set but I was very happy with the weight loss.

To my surprise my coach is actually encouraging to do 30-60 minutes exercise and also to make I have extra packet of protein.

Goal 1 - Be at 170 lbs by 12/14/2014 - Goal Met on 12/6/2014
Goal 2 - Be at 160 lbs by 12/31/2014 - Goal Met on 01/03/2015
Goal 3 - Be at 150 lbs by 01/31/2015
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Ideal Protein 1/3/15
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Good Morning Everyone,

This is my third day on Ideal Protein, but only my first work day on the program. I must admit, I was very nervous about using the program at work. I have been so sluggish the past couple of days as I go through carb detox. I have been napping like a newborn baby. However I am back to reality, and feeling really good today. The headaches are gone and the energy seems to be there. I had a cappuccino drink for breakfast today and plan to have the mushroom soup for lunch. I have two cups of cooked celery and mushrooms to add to it thanks to a recipe that I found on the forum.

I am looking forward to a great day and a great journey on IP. I hope everyone has an awesome Monday and sticks with their plans.
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Reboot 9/2014
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Happy Monday!

Kids are back in school today so this morning was a bit of a fight...they were convinced they had another week of vacation. Ah the sad reality of elementary school I actually do better when we're on regular schedules, it's much easier for me to get up in the morning knowing I have to get all of us ready and out the door.

Planned out my meals for the week, lots of crockpot dinners so that we have more time at night to work on taking down Christmas. We're getting the toy clutter under better control too, as we started the process to adopt a furry friend - we're hoping to adopt a rescue dog sometime in the next few months

Hope everyone has a fabulous start to this first week of the year!!
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Good morning and welcome all who are new and returning!

Our teachers went back today, but the kids don't go back until tomorrow, so I have my son at work with me.
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Welcome back ladies! It's sooo good to be back in the swing of things and the daily routine. Makes staying on track so much easier for me. Here's to a successful week for those of us continuing on the journey. And here's to LOTS of willpower and strength to the newbies.
Mini Goal 1: 25 lbs down by Christmas! (Goal met - 12/6/2014)
Mini Goal 2: 35 lbs down by Jan 1! (Goal met - 12/27/2014)
Mini Goal 3: Onederland by Feb 14! (Goal met - 2/21/2014)
Mini Goal 4: 60 lbs down by April 1!

W1: -12, W2: -4, W3: Missed, W4: -7, W5: -4, W6: -1, W7: -4, W8:-2, W9: Missed, W10: -1, W11: -4, W12: Missed, W13: -2, W14: -2 W15: -2, W16: -3, W17: -1
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Started IP on 12/5/14
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Good morning, all! Just returned from my weekly WI and was down 4.8 pounds! Yay - that's my largest loss since I started exactly 1 month ago. And it certainly helps with my goal of averaging 2.5 per week.

Clear proof that IP works if you work it! Here's to another OP week for all of us and to a healthier new year!!

Virtual hugs,

w1 -2.6. w2 -3.0, w3 -2.2, w4 -3.0, w5 -4.8, w6 -0.8, w7 -1.6, w8 -0.8, w9 -2.0, w10 -4.8
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Good Morning all! Day 1 for me. So far so good. I had my breakfast of cheese and fine herb omelet pack with some sauteed veggies. It felt like a lot of food. Lunch will be the tomato soup with a salad and some added veggies. I've got the strawberry wafer bar for my snack to get me through the workday. So far I feel no hunger. Let's see what the rest of the week brings. Have a great Monday everyone!
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Good morning everyone. I have a question about the science of IP, and there are so many knowledgable IPers out there, so I hope this is a good place to ask: Is there anything about IP, particularly the ketogenic nature of the diet (so this may be true of Atkins, etc.), that makes one more susceptible to regaining weight after getting off the first couple of Phases? I am still on P1 but already so nervous about phasing off and Maintenance. Does IP do something to your body (maybe pancreas? or fat cells?) that makes carbs and sugars even more evil after you've gone through the diet than they were before?

Sorry if not very articulate. I love how IP is working for me and am just trying to educate myself a little.
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Default Making through the work day...

So back to work. Just a teacher planning day today which is nice, but right now the water in the school is being worked on so going to the bathroom etc. is complicated. I came up w a smoothie plan that worked beautifully: in a ziploc bag I put my spinach and then my my other smoothie ingredients (instant coffee, sf cinnamon syrup, and protein powder) in small containers. My smoothie was so yum this morning. My nutribullet at work makes far better smoothies than my roomie's ninja. I felt like I was drinking a thick, delicious Christmas shake. And as a result, the free breakfast goodies they served at the meeting were a breeze to pass up. So far so good
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Lilaberry Glad that you're over the worst couple of days. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here.

ladelineb Congrats on a nice loss! It feels like an achievement losing almost 5lbs, doesn't it?

linda.lou Glad to hear that you had a good start. Remember your salt, potassium, healthy oils and be sure to get all your water in. These are fairly critical to helping with any nasty start up side effects like cramp, dizziness, weakness. Hope you have a great week!

Mimi47 The drawback (if you can call it that) to IP is that your metabolism will slow down because of the reduced caloric intake from carbs and fats. This is why IP is a four phase process. The object of phasing out is to increase your carb and fat loads slowly so your body starts handling the volume again, and your metabolism adjusts. Most people see a small gain when they begin phasing out, because the body replenishes the glycogen store in the muscles (that was depleted when you began a ketogenic diet). This tends to balance itself within a couple of weeks, and many people report losing during P2. Once you get into P3 and P4 you will probably want to begin doing some light-moderate exercise because muscle plays a large part in metabolism. Muscle burns 7-10 calories per lb, in comparison to fat burning 2-3 calories per lb. Therefore, to increase metabolic rate you want to raise your lean body weight in comparison to your body fat percentage.

One of the websites I use to track metabolic rate and potential caloric intake for current and future goal weights is ... http://keto-calculator.ankerl.com/

You can play around with the balance of carbs/fats/protein. I know that on the maintenance thread our veterans have been kind about sharing the percentages that they feel comfortable with. Hope this helps!
- Amanda

W1=10.0; W2=4.2; W3=2.4*; W4=3.4; W5=4.2; W6=4.6; W7=1.2*; W8=4.0; W9=3.6; W10=2.4; W11=3.8*; W12=3.2; W13=1.8; W14=3.0; W15=3.2*; W16=1.0; W17=4.8; W18=1.4; W19=5.2*; W20=1.0; W21=2.0; W22=+0.6; W23=5.0*; W24=4.6; W25=2.8; W26=1.8; W27=+2.2; W28=0; W29=3.4; W30=2.2;

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Good morning all! We had a crazyyy storm hit us yesterday and it's still here today. I shovelled my driveway 3 times yesterday ( the shovel I did before bed was a foot of snow!) and woke up to a foot more snow this morning. Took me 30 minutes just to shovel the driveway at the front of my truck...I did not have the time to do my whole driveway (which fits 4 vehicles)! I'm full of energy today but I'm so terribly cold (my hands just won't warm up!!). Have my weigh in tonight which I'm excited about and my mom's birthday dinner after. I'm bringing my own roasted brocolli and we're having a roast (my dad's making sure it's IP friendly!) I'm making the yorkshire puddings but I won't be having one (or three like I used to do). The idea of them kind of grosses me out actually. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Started IP 4/7/2014
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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration, and for those just returning to work today, are not having too hard a time adjusting back to normal routine. I started my January IP reboot on Friday, just to reset and get my mind in the game for the rest of the year. Hoping I can get back down to the lower 160s or upper 150s before phasing off again in Feb.

Congrats to everyone who made it through the holidays 100%! You are an inspiration!

My IP Journey
Started IP: 4/7/2014
Hit Goal of 165: 10/14/2015
Started Maintenance: 11/25/2014

60 pounds lost in 6 months + 1 week
12% body fat gone
Down 6 pants sizes

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