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Default Hi

Just start ip hope it works!
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IP Start 26 August 2014
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Welcome to IP and 3FC, Booboo. If you don't cheat, IP will work for you. If you have a bad day, come and chat on the Daily Chat thread (nearly always at the top of the IP board here) and people will encourage you to stay on plan (OP).

Good luck with your weight loss journey!
- Amanda

W1=10.0; W2=4.2; W3=2.4*; W4=3.4; W5=4.2; W6=4.6; W7=1.2*; W8=4.0; W9=3.6; W10=2.4; W11=3.8*; W12=3.2; W13=1.8; W14=3.0; W15=3.2*; W16=1.0; W17=
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Welcome Booboo,
This is a great forum with lots of help and answers to questions. The hardest step is the first, the rest will follow on the IP plan.
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Originally Posted by Booboo1234 View Post
Just start ip hope it works!
Welcome, Booboo1234!!!
Coming to 3FC and following IP is no boo boo!

I looked over your several posts so far, and I see that you are still a bit lost on this forum. I recommend the following steps to make your 3FC experience really valuable as you progress through your journey on IP:

On your profile settings (tab at top labeled User CP), subscribe to the Ideal Protein subforum, and bookmark it so you can come directly to it each time you visit 3FC.

Each day look for the IP Daily Chat thread -- that's probably the most consistently current thread - we all tend to check in there, and many post there everyday to share what's going on with them. As mentioned already, it is always near the top of the IP sub-forum list of threads.

Notice that, because we are spoiled by the attention to detail of one of our IP members, Lisa, the first posting of the Daily Chat has a bunch of invaluable info, including links to recipes, protocol sheets, and even some before and in-progress pictures that are very inspirational. Use that page as your study guide -- review all the info that is shared there (it will take you some time, but it's time well spent), and periodically on your journey, come back to it for renewed motivation and refresher on specific details. Lisa re-posts all of that info every day when she launches the new Daily Chat thread, so you never have to hunt far to find it.

Check in on the 100% thread regularly - I can't remember the exact name but I will bump it up to the front of our IP list of threads - you will see it near the top. Read thru it's many posts to learn a lot of important little details about staying on program. Like they say in Alcoholics Anonymous... "it works if you work it" - for IP that means following the protocol as exactly as you can:
  • Measure, don't eyeball,
  • stick to no more than one 'restricted' item per day,
  • eat all 3 IP items per day unless your coach recommends 4 per day due to starting weight or physical activity, (I noticed that your posting on What Are You Eating Today iPeeps did not account for all 3 packets... )
  • take your supplements everyday,
  • drink the water,
  • use the salt and oil

Find the December Starters thread-- and check in there each day to see how other newbies are doing.

Post what you are eating to the What Are You Eating Today iPeeps thread -- I know you found and have posted there at least once - that is a great source of ideas for a day of food on P1, and it's also a way to hold yourself accountable - whether posting your plan or your actual intake everyday.

If you follow these steps you will find 3FC to be a big help as you navigate the IP program - you will make friends, too.

I find it helpful to zero in on members who have a similar starting weight and goal to mine--- I notice how long they have been on the program and how they are doing - you can see that info in their profile info to the left of each post, or their ticker graphic. You will be able to set up a ticker after 20 posts, as I recall... check Lisa's post - it will tell you there.

I am sorry this post is so long, but I hope you find it helpful.

Once again, welcome!!!

End of Week WI:
#1: -6.4; #2: -3.0; #3 (10 days): -3.0; #4: -2.4; #5: -1.6; #6: -2.6;#7: -2.2; #8: -2.4; #9: -0.2; #10: -3.8; #11: -2.0; #12/13 (16 days): -6.0; #14: -2.2; #15: -2.6;#16: -2.8; #17: -1.0;
#18: -2.2; #19: -2.4;#20: -0.0; #19: -3.6;#20: -0.4;

Mini goals:
- down 25lbs by 9/18/14 - Goal met
- arrival in One-derland by 10/30/14 - Goal met
- down 50lbs by 12/4/14... unofficial Goal met 12/6/14
- goal weight by 4/30/15

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Welcome Booboo! Briael is right, IP works if you don't cheat, the most difficult days are the first 2 or 3 days, after that you don't even feel you're in a diet! Best of luck to you!

Oneuh- Great advise!
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