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another had issues with passing out

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Default another had issues with passing out

Ok, I know this may not get some positive responses and I realize it may have nothing to do with ideal protein at all. But I wanted to know if anyone else had any similiar experience. I was the one who posted that I was frustrated after having a less than stellar weighin on week 3 and week 4 both. (.2 lbs week 3 and 1 lb on week four). I have been 100% OP, maybe 110%, no extra IP packs and probably too much exercise.

last friday after leaving work, I was feeling fine. Only thing I noticed in talking with my mother that I was having a hard time following her conversations. Next thing I knew I was being taken to the ER in an ambulance only partially aware of the EMT's asking me questions like who was the president and what year was it(neither one of which I knew at the time). I apparently lost consciousness driving home from work on the interstate shortly after this conversation with my mother. I totalled my car but by the grace of god didn't have any major injuries, just some bruising. I have MS, but have never had a seizure before. I have passed out before, but I was told it was due to low blood sugar. THe EMT ambulance personnel and the ER personnel checked my blood sugar and it was fine. So anyway I will be following up with a neurologist next week for an MRI. Cardiac tests and blood work in the ED were normal. I recovered and they let me go after about an hour in the ER telling me to followup with my neurologist.

So to make a long story short, I'm going to hold on IP, until I find out what may have happened. Just another thing to add, I had two sugar free sparking water hiball energy drinks during that day. Maybe the lack of food and the energy drinks were too much?? Right now, I'm trying to come up with a reasonable explanation and hoping next week's MRI shows nothing more serious. And thanking God that he spared my life in this accident also.

If any of you have advise or experiences, I'd love to hear them. Thanks so very much!
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Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.

I'm guessing that your electrolytes were out of balance because of your exercising. Have you been having your salt?

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Have you ever experienced a Dissasociative/outer body experience? I have heard of this with people withPTSD and also on extreme diets. One time I felt weak but I just needed a lot of vitamin therapy, and some sun exposure for another vitamin the sun provides.
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Just a thought.... here stores are not allowed to sell energy drinks to children as they are susceptible to passing out and actually having heart problems from them. At least one teen I know of died due to this. Of course that doesn't stop kids from drinking the stuff, they just get an adult to buy it. This newspaper article was from 4 years ago:
Coupled with your low food intake on IP (or any strict diet) and your exercise (which is not supposed to be done during P1 except for easy walking) this may be the cause of your troubles especially since you say your sugars tested OK.
There's no such thing as 110%, lol. If you are off protocol in either direction it's less than 100% following instructions... I hope you & mum get feeling better very soon.

ETA quote from a 2014 article in Canada.com: "Energy drinks have been associated with a number of adverse health effects, including cardiovascular symptoms, sleep disorders, nervousness and nausea. The side-effects are caused by the beverages’ high concentration of caffeine." "“We also found something very interesting,” said principal investigator Sunday Azagba, a researcher at the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo in southwestern Ontario. “The more intense users tend to be more likely to be depressed, they’re more likely to have substance use,” he said, referring to alcohol and marijuana."
"Kathleen Miller, a senior scientist at the Research Institute on Addictions at the University at Buffalo, said the findings are troubling but not surprising, as they’re in line with the body of emerging evidence on energy drinks and their potential effects."

One of the articles also mentioned that the herbs like ginseng, etc that are added to some drinks can react with meds and users should check on this with their doctor or pharmacist. In case you are on meds for MS.

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Again, not a dr- but what was your blood pressure? A few people that I know have fainted during Phase 1 and it was related to bp. Are you on any medications?
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OMG so glad you're okay & so sorry about your car

If you're working out heavily, that is not part of the IP plan. Nor are the energy drinks (I'm with Liana, thinking those are a major culprit). Those and perhaps a lack of using your salt, which is essentail on IP.

Sticking to program 100% means minding the details like this. 100% is as good as it gets.

I'm hoping your medical testing shows you are otherwise healthy.
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Maintaining for now, while we address thyroid healing

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Kathy 72; so glad you weren't hurt!!!! I've suffered from dizziness for the whole 4 weeks that I've been on IP. I am on high BP meds, and after the first week my BP dropped to normal, but my doctor won't take me off them, says he wants to wait at least a month to check my numbers before he modifies anything. Today I was working in the garden (hard) and had quite a few dizzy spells, where I just had to sit down until they passed. I guess with the lack of calories and the low BP, I just gotta take things a little slower.
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