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Originally Posted by AlaskaLadyie View Post
Thank you Since I have never saw the sheets I guess I am in the dark on what is on them... I did eat lunch after by big exertion yesterday and ate chicken and cucumber for supper I was ok until we got home later...then I knew I would never sleep if I did not eat something as I was feeling starved.... do any of the rest of you do heavy physical labor while on this diet??
There have been people here who have physically demanding jobs and they often carry a couple extra hard boiled eggs or have an extra packet for additional protein either right after the exertion or in the midst of it if it is an all day thing.

Also you might consider splitting some of your food up a little differently so you are eating every 3-4 hours. Have a half a restricted bar between Bfast and lunch; save a half cup of veggies to munch on in the afternoon along with the other half of the bar; have 2-3 oz of your dinner protein with lunch, ETTC. You have to stay in the guidelines of IP (including the 4th packet on these kinds of days) but make the eating work in your favor.

One last thought... You might need to be sure you are having something of substance for Bfast and not just a shake. One whole egg and three egg whites is equal to an IP egg packet (less expensive/better food.) even add some veggies from lunch to it (1/4 cup or so).

Look for Maple Grove Farms SUGAR FREE pancake/waffle mix found in the grocery store. Near Bob's Red Mill and gluten free products. $3.99 a box... Just use 1/4 cup mix with water to get batter consistency. No need to add egg or oil! Serve with Walden Farms maple or blueberry syrup.

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Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Kelly, do you have a gallbladder? Gallbladder attack? Mine was all back pain.
Did you have gallbladder problems? I have pain in my back and right side by my ribs. Have wondered if it is gallbladder. You said you had pain in your back.
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Originally Posted by jemma51 View Post
Did you have gallbladder problems? I have pain in my back and right side by my ribs. Have wondered if it is gallbladder. You said you had pain in your back.
jemma51 - I had gallbladder issues when I was pregnant with our youngest - it was actually probably responsible for his conception!

The two symptoms I recall were something that felt like really bad indigestion followed by absolutely killer right side pain - curled up fetal position, crying type pain.

Gallbladder attacks are often precipitated by consumption of fats so I would think that eating IP food would keep that down?

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Default Beck Diet Solution Daily tip

Monday Motivation: So often we hear from dieters, I felt so good when I stayed in control, and I felt really bad when I ate way too much. When dieters finally learn to gain control over their thinking and eating, dieting feels GREAT, not terrible.
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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I saw an answer to this yesterday. Usually if people agree with a response, you won't see others.

Here is a link to the alt thread. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/idea...-part-4-a.html It is frustrating when threads get buried by so many threads started, especially additional "chatty" threads. That's what the daily chat is for!

Anyway, just remember IP isn't just about calories, but balance. These bars are light on protein, heavy on fat. I'd have to look at complete nutritional and ingredients label to comment further.
Gosh, JLUS, I hope you don't take offense to me repeating the question for more feedback! Lisa, the calories and fat of these Level Life bars seem much closer to IP bars than the Pure Protein or Quest Bars that I could find. Would adding an egg white (15 cal, .5 fat) to the alternative bar, make it pretty comparable? (Cal 155, Fat 6.5 vs IP Peanut Butter bar at Cal 170, Fat 7). What brand/variety of bars do you find to be the closest?
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Jemma, had my gallbladder out a while ago (before IP), was misdiagnosed for a year. My symptoms were severe pain in the center of my back and bloating/nausea. By the time I was diagnosed, I could not handle most foods, but vegetables brought on the worst pain. It is my understanding, that rapid weight loss can exacerbate gall stone issues.
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Originally Posted by 3sisters View Post
....I hope you don't take offense to me repeating the question for more feedback!....
I don't think anyone minds if you repeat a question as some people may have missed it -- I get lost in the threads myself. I think tho' that sometimes people feel their question wasn't answered so she was just pointing out that if it has been answered, others may not comment again to say the same thing.

Never hurts to re-post or put in different threads if you are still looking for answers
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[QUOTE=AmberLS;5028811]Well I'm no longer in a long distance relationship.
Hi AmberLS,
Sending you a big hug. Do your best to eat something, even just the lighter chicken soup or juice drink protein. You have made such progress, keep reaching for your goal. You and your children are in my thoughts.
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Default advice for staying on track during TOM

Hi all,
I struggle once a month with staying on track. My mom is helping me with IP but she is done with the change. This is the only time when I want to eat only chocolate and brownies. Any advice would be wonderful I am nearly half way to my goal and don't want to have a set back because I cave in to hormones, etc....
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Thank you all for the support. I'm doing my best. I'm not on plan, I'm not off plan, I'm just no where. I'm doing my best to get my water in. I'm struggling believe it or not this is the first split that I wasn't the instigator so to speak. I had no idea this was coming.

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