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Default Hair Falling Out

Are there any supplements/products other than biotin that any of you ladies have found to be helpful for hair loss? Mine is starting to fall out by the bucketful! I want to lose weight but I would prefer that it come more from fat loss than hair loss!!!
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Not a doctor ofcourse, but when my hair was falling out from stress/thyroid issues I added zinc supplements.
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IP start Aug 2012
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This topic comes up over & over
Some people experience it more than others.
Definitely have your thyroid checked b/c extremely low carb diets can be hard on thyroid.
However, very low cal diets are also notorious for causing temporary hair loss.
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Started IP 2/13/13
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I started IP in Feb. 2013, and I remember having hair loss, noticeably, in late April through June-ish. People around here reassured me that it would taper off, and it did, so take heart. If it is IP related, your rate of hair loss will probably slow or stop eventually. When I was going through it, I began taking 10,000 biotin and an otc iron supplement. (It was the Nature's Bounty -- green bottle, 25 mcg, I think. It was the only one that didn't rip up my stomach.) I'm not sure whether those supplements helped or it was merely time, but it did stop. I stopped the iron, but have kept up the biotin -- all is well now. Hang in there.

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I got all the way to maintenance at the end of August (lost over 65 lbs) with out any hair loss...Then I got sick, had anesthesia several times during September and October, and lost my mom in November. Now all three of these things can make one lose hair. In December it started to fall out at an incredible rate. My hairdresser said nothing really "stops" the process...(Avalon had some good posts on the mechanics of hair loss a while back..). The salon I go to is an Aveda Salon and they do have some products (Invati)


that might help with stimulating the new growth, and making the most of what you have left. I used some of them...and in particular an Aveda hairspray called Control Force that helped a lot with the cut they did to minimize showing where my hair was thinning. My hair has come back nicely...not sure if the diet or the other two events caused my problem...but the good thing is...it does come back.

Oh yeah...I was pretty much 100% silver gray..(used to be a brunette) and it came back more salt and pepper than silver gray!

Go figure!!!

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Actually having substantial hairloss too. I keep noticing it more and more and I couldn't think it had anything to do with my Thyoid actually. thank you for that I'd probably need to get it checked then!

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Started IP Sept. 24, 2013
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I have lost so much hair that I HAD to buy a wig, but I gotta tell you that I am enjoying it so much. Just pull the hair on and go! I really love how it looks just like my hair and is always ready to go.
I decided that the weight comes off first no matter what. The hair can grow back later.
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IP -9/15/13 @goal 1/18/14
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Hi all. Started IP 9/15/13 and met goal 1/18/14 but didn't start to lose my hair until the end of the February. It's been consistently falling out since then - and I took and still take Biotin as well as all the supplements. I bought some very expensive hair and scalp treatment that I can't tell is making a difference. Every one I talk to (Dr, hairdresser, sisters) says it will stop and I'm just trying not to cry when I look at my head and make the best of it and hope it will stop falling out and will start to grow back.
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Originally Posted by 64peppergirl View Post
I have lost so much hair that I HAD to buy a wig, but I gotta tell you that I am enjoying it so much. Just pull the hair on and go! I really love how it looks just like my hair and is always ready to go.
I decided that the weight comes off first no matter what. The hair can grow back later.
LOL, I have a bunch of wigs just for fun that I have had for quite a while, from curly & blonde, to long & wavy streaked with reds & dark blondes, to light brown crimped with a hairband, to a very short and swingy bob with bangs. I have lots of hairdressers in my family and have always been rather dramatic in clothing and hairstyles. This gives me a change when I don't feel like anything more permanent. Here's a couple pictures of me in wigs:
There are lots of good places to get them online "Paula Young" is one. You can spend $30 for a cheapie for a costume party, or you can spend $5500 for a Remy hair gorgeous wig (professionals & show girls with lots of money, lol).

The first pic is "Queen of Hearts" for a costume event
Second picture I am in the flowered pink top on left ("Dolly Parton" for Dress-up Zumba Day)
Third picture me - 6 years ago on a mini hike to a falls.
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Default protecting my hair

Hi there, this happens with my friend too. She was trying to lose her weight, but in the result she was losing the weight as well as hair. Then she makes a decision that she will lose her weight anyhow, but take care of hair also. She had read from somewhere that wearing wig will protect the hair. So finally she bought her first lace front wigs from any of the online websites, she is so happy with the wig quality . As wigs allowed her to protect her hair with extensions rather than cause further destruction.

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Which round am I at now?
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I lose hair during hormonal changes - when I go off the pill (not on, though) and when I'm losing weight. I am doing low carb, more on the extreme end -so again, them thyroid hormones.
I appreciate these posts because I'm not quite sure what to do about it either, but have had nightmares about being bald I'll try the zinc!

That said, it does stop, it is cyclical. Going to the hair dresser to get get regular trims and styles that are more flattering with finer hair has helped me.

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Is happening to me too... I'm loosing a lot of hair and is worrying me! I will try biotin to see if that helps.
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There's a lot written about hair loss during super restrictive diets. I experienced it on my initial IP, and IP reboot. Somewhere in 3FC is a great article about the phases of hair growth & how dieters may experience dramatic hair loss. Long story short, it's a natural and temporary result of calorie restriction for many.. Some people don't have it happen, but there is no scientific evidence to support supplements or shampoo as effective means to prevent or cure it. Maybe if the underlying cause is something else those things work, but not if it's caused by calorie restriction

When it happened to me, I went to the doctor to rule out underlying illness, so I am assuming that is ruled out, and of course writing only from my own experience. I tried Biotin and some other recommended supplements. They made no difference, nor did shampoos help. Once I reached goal and upped my calories, the hair returned 100%. It took a few months.

If you can feel any stubble on your scalp, you can be assured right now that your hair is growing in. Good luck!

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When I did IP the first time 6 years ago, somebody suggested taking inositol for hair loss... I don't know if it worked for me or if my body just finally adjusted to the diet, but my hair did grow back in after a couple of months...

Aunt Sheshie

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