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ChaloJ 01-20-2014 02:47 AM

Has Nuun been discussed?
Sorry if I missed it somewhere. My cranial-sacral therapist recommended Nuun for me since I run on the dehydrated side even though I drink all the water. I *thought* I was getting enough salt, but it's possible I've been shorting myself.

Anywaaaay, she had me try Nuun that is sweetened with stevia. Anyone see any problems?http://www.nuun.com/products?ck=Yugt...&cktime=122999

mckaren4 01-20-2014 11:11 PM

I did a search and it looks like its ok
use in moderation- too many items of carbs just under one can add up to a lot of extra carbs real quick.
I would stay away from the ones with caffeine unless you wanted to drink more water

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