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Old 01-20-2014, 11:10 AM   #301
Started IP 04/22/2013
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 2,943

S/C/G: 257/130/150

Height: 5"1 1/2' (almost)



B: orange wafers
L: chicken soup w/1 cup mushrooms & celery & 1 cup cucumbers
D: 6 oz pork w/mushrooms & celery stir-fried with 1 cup cauliflower rice
S: raspberry jelly

Started maintenance 05/03/2014

Nothing is impossible. In fact, the word itself says 'I'm Possible'! - Aubrey Hepburn
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Old 01-20-2014, 12:18 PM   #302
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Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 263

S/C/G: IP Restart: 181.2/175.6/130

Height: 5'4"


P1, vegetarian, alternative products:

B - Sun Warrior Classic Chocolate Protein Shake
L - Proti Diet Pizza, cabbage, lettuce, flax oil
D - Tofu, mock sushi with cauliflower and cucumber, lettuce
S - Proti Diet vanilla pudding blended with 2 egg whites and WF peanut spread

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Old 01-20-2014, 12:46 PM   #303
Started IP Alts 1/3/16
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Vermont
Posts: 53

S/C/G: 265/Ticker/150

Height: 5'3"


B: vanilla shake with cinnamon (yum!)
L: tomato basil soup with one cup spinach and 1 cup broccoli/cauliflower mix
S: double chocolate brownie (perfect for a Monday)
D: baked ham and 2 cups roasted veggies
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Old 01-20-2014, 02:07 PM   #304
Re-start IP 1/1/14
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 70

S/C/G: 190/169/140

Height: 5'4"


P1, Day 20 - Restart with Alternatives

B: Iced Americano with half a vanilla Premier Protein shake
L: Apple Pie Quest Bar, 2 cups broccoli, jicama and cauliflower with seasonings and apple cider vinegar
D: BBQ chicken drumsticks with WF Spicy BBQ sauce, green peppers and broccoli
S: Chocolate Muscle Milk Light

Restarting 1/1/14 after losing 40 lbs and reaching goal in Summer 2012, then gaining it all back. New commitment to IP in 2014 and phasing off properly.

WI#1: -8.6; WI#2: -4.4; WI#3: -1.8; WI#4 -4.2 ; WI#5: -2.4

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Old 01-20-2014, 02:13 PM   #305
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Northern NJ
Posts: 1,205

S/C/G: 217/177/175

Height: 5'7"


Reboot P1 IP and Alternative Products

B - Maple Grove SF Pancakes (mix and water only gives IP equivalent unrestricted); WF syrup; decaf coffee, Splenda, tsp ff milk

L - "Taco Bell in A Bowl" (Hubby and I just named it today since we also love Big Mac in A Bowl!) 8 oz ground beef with spices (cumin, chili powder, Chipotle Tabasco, etc) and 1.5 cups sautéed veggies (peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and onions not carmelized!) All mixed with a 1/2 cup No Sugar Added Salsa and poured over romaine/iceburg lettuce. I added a little WF Blue Cheese dressing to act like "sour cream" HUGE AND SO SATISFYING!

D - Shake of some sort and marinated cucumber salad (cuke,onion, red pepper, ACV and Splenda

S - IP Peanut Butter Crunch bar

Met Goal Aug 2013
Rebooted Summer 2014

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Old 01-20-2014, 03:17 PM   #306
IP start date: 1/6/14
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 28

S/C/G: 189/173.2/160

Height: 5'10


JLUS, "Taco Bell in a Bowl" sounds deeeelicious. That's going to make it on my menu this week!

Today for me, P1:
B: IP cereal flakes
L: 2 cups arugula, IP strawberry pudding
D: 8 oz. salmon with lemon pepper seasoning, zucchini "apple" slices, lettuce
S: IP blueberry-cranberry shake
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Old 01-20-2014, 03:35 PM   #307
Fat Kimmie
Kimmie in AZ's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 24

S/C/G: 197.5/189/140

Height: 5'5


B- IP fruit drink pack
L - Soy Chips, roasted broccoli in chicken broth
D - Salmon, roasted broccoli
S - IP mango drink

Been feeling a bit light headed so added 99% fat free chicken broth for more salt intake.
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Old 01-20-2014, 04:15 PM   #308
Carb Addict
Tigerlvr52's Avatar
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Seattle
Posts: 345

S/C/G: 290/290/180

Height: 5'6"


I was horably un prepared today...

b. Shake Plain
L. large taco salad from Taco Time.... thank go for them. NO tomato, no cheese 1 table spoon salsa
S. Shake Plain
D. Green Beans 3 oz chicken and spinach shake.
Round one May 2012- November 2012
Reboot January 2016

My reason for sticking OP
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Old 01-20-2014, 10:02 PM   #309
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 44


B: EAS shake, coffee
L: chicken noodle soup, yellow squash
D: grilled chicken, cabbage
S: peanut butter crunch bar
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Old 01-21-2014, 12:44 AM   #310
Started IP Sept. 24, 2013
64peppergirl's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Kansas
Posts: 100

S/C/G: 378/315/190

Height: 5'6"


Phase 1

B: Proti-Diet Blueberry Pancake, 1 t. olive oil, WF syrup, decaf coffee
L: Salad (chopped bell pepper, zucchini, green onions, lettuce) WF Italian dressing, Proti - Diet cocoa
D: Pork chili (made with canned diced tomatoes, green chilies, ff chicken broth, 1 t. olive oil) mashed cauliflower
S: Proti-Diet chocolate pudding, WF marshmallow crème, WF chocolate topping.
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Old 01-21-2014, 08:11 AM   #311
Started IP 04/22/2013
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 2,943

S/C/G: 257/130/150

Height: 5"1 1/2' (almost)


64peppergirl: That pork chili sounds really good!


B: Cappuccino & coffee
L: Garlic herb chips & 2 cups cucumbers, peppers & zucchini w/lettuce
D: Scrambled eggs w/peppers, onions & spinach
S: Strawberry pudding

Started maintenance 05/03/2014

Nothing is impossible. In fact, the word itself says 'I'm Possible'! - Aubrey Hepburn
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Old 01-21-2014, 08:39 AM   #312
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 157

S/C/G: 178/155/140

Height: 5'4"


P1 alternatives:

B - EAS vanilla shake, tea with 1 TB milk
L - Romaine salad with red peppers, cukes, celery, scallions and homemade dijon vinaigrette, plus Pure Protein vanilla shake
D - Chicken with cauliflower roasted with lots of whole garlic cloves
S - Cinnamon roll Quest bar
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Old 01-21-2014, 08:57 AM   #313
Started IP May 1, 2012
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Central VA
Posts: 168

S/C/G: 281/ticker/140

Height: 5'4"


JLUS - Taco Bell in a Bowl sounds yummy! I think I'll try it tomorrow with my leftover beef from from today.

P1, restart with alternatives

B - ProtiDiet Crunchy Cereal Chocolate Bar
L - ProtiDiet Pink Lemonade, Romaine salad with peppers and cucumber in WF Thousand Island dressing, 1 c asparagus tossed on EVOO, sea salt and garlic powder
D - 2 c Mexican cauliflower "rice" topped by 8 oz extra lean hamburger cooked in no carb hot sauce and Mexican spices
S - ProtiDiet Pink Lemonade

Restarted with alternatives 1/13/14 at 206 lbs. I WILL make it to goal this time.

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Old 01-21-2014, 12:38 PM   #314
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 50


Hi everyone -

Hope you all have a great day. Still struggling with cold/ cough, so food has been at a minimum.

P1 - Day 5 & 6

B - chocolate drink; coffee
L - chkn/veg soup (4oz chkn/2c veg)
Sn - chkn/veg soup (4oz chkn/2c veg)
D - chocolate drink warmed with peppermint extract
Sn - same as above
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Old 01-21-2014, 01:36 PM   #315
IP Restart Date: 1/6/14
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Join Date: May 2013
Location: Carencro, Louisiana
Posts: 59

S/C/G: 257.4/195.6/197

Height: 5'8"


B-wildberry yogurt drink
L- IP plain rotini with EVOO and chopped cucumbers, bell peppers, purple onion and tomaotes (cold pasta salad) and 1c cucumbers with vinegar, salt/pepper
D-cabbage rolls
S-Quest coconut cashew bar

onefor every 5lbs lost:
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