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Default Miralax?

I have been having horrible constipation (I'm only in week 3). Someone on a Facebook group mentioned their coach recommended Miralax, even daily. The coach used it herself and has lost 95+ pounds and the girl also loses 2-6 pounds a week still, so it does not seem to knock you out of ketosis.

I am desperate for anything right now, but the thought of a laxative really makes me nervous. Anyone use Miralax, and if so, are you "going" instantly and/or all day long? I definitely don't want that happening at work or while I'm trying to sleep! Any other recommendations for constipation will be greatly appreciated
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Miralax isn't like "Super Colon Blow" (google it for a giggle, it's from saturday night live). It's gentle and tasteless. My ex's daughter has a horrible time going because she's a total carb junkie and won't eat any veggies except carrots. So he give her some (she's 7) every other day and it helps her to maintain regularity.. I had some constipation issues myself, and have found that if you take 1/2 a dose to start, you can kinda figure out what will work for you...

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I had to do 3 things to get my intestinal track right. Note that you can buy these products off the internet. Just google them or try amazon or some really good natural foods markets.

First, I started taking this particular intestinal flora. I tried other flora brands and none had an impact like this brand. Actually i can't really say I had ANY impact at all using any other brand of typically lesser strength.

I started off with this 200 billion version for 1 week. The box contains only 7 packets, which you take 1 a day mixed with any liquid.

Then switched to 2 pills a day of this one for "maintenance". I took both of these intestinal flora packets and pills on an empty stomach right when I first wake up (not sure when is optimal, but that worked for me).

Then I added 1 heaping tsp of this (mixed with herb tea) to my diet in the morning, right after breakfast. I used to take this daily, but stopped when I started the IP diet. Yes, there is a tiny amount of carbs in this (5g and 20cals) but it has so much soluble and insoluble fiber, that the blood sugar impact is negligible ...

Finally, I had to stop eating the IP Broccoli Cheese Soup, which had a tiny bit of soy in it (way down on the ingredients list). For some reason the soy that IP uses doesnt play well with my intestines. It's interesting that there is "soy fiber" (non GMO) in the colon cleanser product above, but that hasn't had any adverse effect on me in 30+ years. So I guess for me at least, soy fiber is OK but soy protein is bad news. In any case, the only IP products that I eat now are whey-based and contain no soy (which for me right now is the Chocolate Drink Mix only). So if you have any food allergies, check the ingredients list. I think a lot of people have a hard time digesting certain elements of soy (me included).

It's amazing how far I have come in the 2 weeks since I started this regimen. My bowel movements are so clean (no smell) and easy (no strain) and regular (2x a day) and complete now that I don't need toilet paper afterwards. And I feel extremely (incredibly, amazingly) clean internally. This has been a big wow for me.

Previous to this system, I was constipated all the time, always felt like I had to go, but couldn't. And my bowel movements were the consistency of sticky glue that seemed to stick to my intestinal walls.

Doing this new system has definitely helped me break free from a plateau that I was in in the low 270's too. So I am actually losing weight better now that my intestines are working at peak efficiency.

So some of this is experimenting to find what works optimally with your body and sensitivities.
Alexandra (a.k.a. Avalon1957)

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Avalon: what a great natural health approach to Colon health.
I've had GERD for most if my life
Although constipation has rarely been a problem for me, gut health definitely is! Probiotics are often recommended for gut health/healing. As are digestive enzymes
I eat naturally fermented foods (such as homemade sauerkraut & also yogurt now that I'm on p4)
When I increased carbs (and I did it slowly and gluten-free) my GERD returned. I researched this and found it was common after a low carb regimine.

I'm going to try some of the things you've suggested to see if I can move my gut healing forward some more.

I love the more natural, stimulant-free approach.
Drugs (or in thus case bowel stimulants, even "natural" ones) mask symptoms instead of getting to the real problem.

Probiotics, digestive enzymes, and adding HCl has really been helping me!
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Smooth move tea worked wonders for me.. you can get it at any supermarket.. or just look up online to find out what stores carry it. They even have it in Chocolate... best stuff ever... only use one tea bag though, trust me. lol good luck and all great advice.

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I use Miralax every other day on the advice of my primary physician and my gastroenterologist. I was regular as clockwork though until I had to have surgery to remove 9 inches of my colon for health reasons. Now I need to take the Miralax or I end up with severe constipation problems.

The Miralax works by drawing more moisture into your colon and softening the waste so it can travel through the colon easier so drinks lots & lots of water. It doesn't cause the colon to spasm as some laxatives do. And it doesn't work immediately. In fact, I think it may take a few days before it softens everything and gets it moving. No explosion...just normal evacuation.

I take one dose every other morning in my breakfast coffee. It keeps my system working so I go every day or every other day, depending on what I eat.

Hopefully, you will find what works for you. You might need to take a regular laxative first to just get things moving and then switch to the Miralax on a more regular basis. Be sure to have at least one really big lettuce salad a day to help and drink lots of water.

My blog: http://idealproteinjourney.wordpress.com/

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I'm glad someone finally mentioned using probiotics vs. laxatives. When I was following Jorge Cruise's low carb diet he suggested taking probiotics to keep things moving. I haven't had any problems with constipation thus far - starting week 5 today. I suppose I should consider myself lucky. If it does become a problem I will definitely try the probiotics.

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Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
I'm glad someone finally mentioned using probiotics vs. laxatives. When I was following Jorge Cruise's low carb diet he suggested taking probiotics to keep things moving. I haven't had any problems with constipation thus far - starting week 5 today. I suppose I should consider myself lucky. If it does become a problem I will definitely try the probiotics.
I'm glad it was brought up too! A while back I couldn't get this cough to go away. I didn't have any pressure like a sinus cold and I never got a fever. I just coughed. This was around the same time I started IP and had the big C problem. I went to my ENT and he told me it was mild reflux. SO weird! I never imagined that it was that. I didn't have chest pains or burning sensations in my throat. Anyway, he recommended daily double doses of zantac and prolisec. I hated it. It made me dizzy. Finally my mom introduced me to probiotics in hopes that my body would digest foods better and not even give me the reflux. It did! So now I don't have a big C problem or reflux! I couldn't speak any more highly of adding a probiotic to your life! I even saw some tea the other day with probiotics in it. That may be easier for others.
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I've been taking miralax almost daily for ten years. I also take align, which allows me to only take miralax every other day, though with starting IP I've gone ahead and put it in my coffee every morning. Miralax takes a couple of days to work but it's totally safe.
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