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Default The Scale Makes Me Go Hmmmmm

Hello all. Been doing phase 3 and went into maintainence Saturday. Big Ocktoberfest event where I indulged in beer, cocktails, and food although nothing completely out of control. Anyhow, Saturday morning was weighing in at 132. I have vacilated at 130-132 while doing Phase 3 depending on salt intake, water, etc, etc, etc. Sunday I was exhausted from the night before and had a phase 3 bfast and Pho, which is seriously high in sodium for dinner. Got on the scale Monday and jumped to 135. Today I am doing a Phase 1 day to purge water weight and to reset if you will.

My question is:
1. After you all started phase 3 and went into maintainence, did any of you gain a few lbs that are often talked about when people get into maintainence? When I did IP before, I think I lost another 2lbs in phase 3.
2. While I know its not possible to gain 3lbs in two days, maybe it is, but I definitely did not eat almost 10 cals, do any of you find yourself jumping around like that on cheat days? Can we really move up and down that easily with a few meals/cocktails?

No worries here as I am bad to phase 1 today and listening to what my body needs to get back down to 130-132 but would love any IPeep insight.
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Hi! I didn't ever have the regain going into maintenance. Not likely that you actually gained so much so quickly. Not sure what pho is, but since you said it's high in sodium, that's probably the culprit. Get plenty of water to flush your system and give it another day...

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I am not doing IP (thank God). Nor am I intentionally in maintenance. But I have been maintaining around 170lb for about a month now and a 5lb fluctuation in either direction is perfectly normal based on sodium, exercise (if you are allowed to do that...I am) and water retention. I have gained and lost over 4lbs in single days during the last month.

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Alcohol also makes you bloated because you dehydrate and retain water. Not to mention beer has tons of carbs. I think being back on Phase 1 will help and you will be back to 130 in a week or two

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Hey all. Thanks for you input. I did a phase 1 day on Tuesday and kicked off three pounds. I will probably do another day or two of phase 1 this weekend to really keep things in check. I have to weigh everyday even though it can be water weight because it keeps me accountable. And honestly doing a few phase 1 days here and there just to create more of a balance is fine I think.
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I weigh myself everyday too. Although they say it's a bad idea, I need the accountability and also the lift it gives me when the scale is down. I don't beat myself up if I have a little gain but I sure pat myself on the back when I lose!

I am also on Phase 3. I haven't gained anything back yet and I've been on phase 3 for a week. I understand I should gain a couple but so far so good. I am prepared for when and if it happens though.

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