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Default Ketosis Question

Hello all! I am in week four. I had a 6lb loss week one, a 3 lb week two and a two lb loss week three. I weigh myself every two days or so to see and I have been the same weight or a little more for the last week, my losses last week happened at the beginning. I have ketostix and the first few weeks it was always saying that I had low amounts of ketones in my urine, but now I have high amounts. Shouldn't this equal more loss? It is not TOM or anything like that. I also have been really hungry and having a lot of cravings which I was not having at all. I will admit that I have not always been eating the third packet (it's just too much for me, and I really dislike many of the non-restricted foods). Any advice? Do I need to make sure I and diligent about that last packet? I try to make up the protein from it my adding an egg or too. My coach is not always the most helpful. Thanks for any advice!

Mini Goal- -25lbs to get Tory Burch Shoes

Goal 1: Under 200- Done the first week! Goal 2: 182- 25 gone- I get the Urban decay naked pallet. 11/11/13 Goal 3:157- 50lbs lost- Tory Burch Sandals Goal 4: 130 GOAL! And $1,000 new wardrobe!!
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Not sure on the ketosis issue but I can say, I know you need to eat the 3 packages a day. Follow your one page Phase 1 bible, and the pounds will drop.

My ketosis sticks always show negative, and from what I understand they are not accurate. I know I am in ketosis even though the stix show otherwise.

One for each 5 lbs
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Eat your last packet. You may not be getting enough calories. Good luck

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I would also stop using the ketostix. I've read multiple threads saying that they don't work and are not accurate. If you are sticking to plan (including last packet) it will work and you will be in ketosis.
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This sounds exactly what happened to me. Natural progression of the diet I think. I had a stall during my 4th week. I was staying the same weight and even fluctuating a bit higher and I was very discouraged! My week 4 weigh in I lost nothing- just 5 inches. Then my week 5 weigh in I lost 5.4lbs!

My advice:

I know it is very hard not to step on the scale. I do it daily too- so instead of telling you not to step on the scale- go ahead and do it, but don't let it discourage you from moving forward and sticking with the plan!!!!!! Just move on! lol

Secondly, I agree you should have your 3rd pack. Even if it's only a drink- I LOVE the Dr. Bernstein's RTD chocolate, tastes like rich chocolate milk! And they are soooo much cheaper than the IP version (12.00 for 6) and have exactly the same nutrition stats.

As far as the ketosis sticks- they are not reliable enough to base any sort of decisions off of them. The body is so complex physiologically there isn't really any point in using them in my opinion...there are so many different things that could be going on that would make it a false positive or false negative.

Take home message- just keep doing what you are doing, and the scale will move...I promise!

And as far as the cravings- I have found that at first I didn't crave anything, and now I kinda of do occasionally..and then not again. It's kind of unpredictable and comes and goes!

IP start date - Aug 2, 2013 - 230.4lbs
IP end date- Nov 2, 2013- 206lbs (24.4lb loss)

Reboot Jan 2, 2014- 215lbs
Goal #1- below 200lbs Goal #2- lose another 24lbs (191lbs) by Feb 22nd (going to Mexico Feb 22-Mar 1)

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Being in ketosis is like being pregnant. You either are or you're not. Lighter colour, darker colour, it doesn't matter. Just because it's a darker colour doesn't mean you should lose more weight. I've found that the weekly losses are inconsistent, which is why it's important to average over time rather than hang on to the week by week losses.
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1) Ketosis does not cause you to lose fat. Fat loss is an equation of energy. Energy is measured in calories. You can gain fat and be in ketosis.

2) Fat loss is not the same thing as weight loss. Fat loss is fairly linear. Weight loss is not typically linear especially in women.

Bottom line - follow the plan and you'll continue losing fat. The scale will reward you soon.
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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John I have alwAys loved your advice. Since I am doing a reboot I was hoping to see you on here. Why would someone gain in k? Isn't that the whole concept of the program. I am confused
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