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IP Daily Chat Thursday 8/22/2013

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Originally Posted by jmanovich View Post
Can you elaborate on how to do a mini phase off? I am thinking about doing this for a vacation coming up mid-September. Thanks!
Hi! For my mini phase off I did 1 week on phase 2 followed by 1 week on phase 3 immediately preceding my trip. Then when I got back, immediately back on phase 1!
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Originally Posted by sonolady View Post
Question, I asked the coach today about when to move to phase 2.... she said not until goal weight? It seems I see people move to phase 2 before that, is it just personal choice or is this coach wrong? I've never seen this person before. She asked what I had eaten today and when I told her a chocolate spinach shake for breakfast and gasped and said "no veggies for breakfast"...... I told her I do it at least 3 times a week. She said too many carbs for the morning??? I think I will choose to not see her again.
Originally Posted by Art3mis View Post
i believe you are supposed to move to P2 once you have lost 80% on what you wish to lose ....
and unless she can give you 100% understanding on why no carbs in the am i would just keep doing what you are doing.
When IP updated the protocol last year, they changed the phase off point from reaching 90% of weight loss to reaching 100% before phase off. Many people here phase off a bit early.
Also, many coaches have said it is okay to split the veggies into meals, including breakfast.
"too many carbs?" Spinach? Really?
Get a friggin grip & go back to coach school....
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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Lisa LOL.... you are the best. I just looked at her when she said too many carbs in spinach and shook my head. As I said I will be sure to not see her again. Thanks for the protocol update, so on the regard she was correct no phase 2 until goal reached. Hopefully I can do that shortly if I can keep up the 2lb a week loss and I know I dont have too much control over what my body decides to do, I can just stay OP and keep the gym up.
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That is sooo amazing!! Congrats to you..
Originally Posted by Breakofday71 View Post
Had WI today, and saw second largest weight loss since I started IP, down 6.6 lbs My coach and I were both crying tears of happiness .

This officially puts me to my "Hawaii" goal which was to loose half of me, so now I can start the fun part of shopping for best prices for my trip which I will take next year.

I encourage all of you to stick with the plan, whether you have a little or a lot to loose, IP works!

determined to make it to onederland by Jan 1, 2015
wi 1 -
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Today a girl at work asked me if I've lost weight! First person to notice (besides those who know I'm on IP). Great feeling!!

wk1:-6.2 wk2:-1.6
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Originally Posted by shrinkingsusie View Post
I hope this works!

Before pic and 6 weeks OP! Have I mentioned that I LOVE IP?!
Isn't it amazing how IP transforms your body! You are making such great progress. Congrats on your losses. Thanks for posting the photos. I need to do the same.

Don't look back, you're not going that way!
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Originally Posted by mom2sparky View Post
I had my first week weigh in today, and I lost 13.4 pounds! I am so excited about it. I know, I know, I won't lose that much from now on, but it is so gratifying to get a nice little jump start this first week. I have to say, with only a few very small incidents, the whole week has been kind of fun for me, trying new things and learning that I do like vegetables that I previously turned my nose up at.
Wow, that is so cool! You have such a great attitude and I am amazed at the veggies I now love too! lol.

Don't look back, you're not going that way!

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Wow such amazing stories and victories out there today. I have my small victory this week. I was another lb down and another inch down. I too have a very special trip coming up in late October with my husband. We are finally getting away together since our honeymoon over 8 years ago. I was trying to decide what to do since I will not be at goal by then. I read here today some very excellent advice. Keep going and treat my vacation as maintenance practice then as the wheels touch down right back to P1. Thank you all for your help and CONGRATS on all those victories out there.

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Hello. I don't get to post too often as I've been very busy. I read daily, just late. Wanted to say welcome to all the newbies. Each day I'm getting closer to goal. Day dream about unlimited veggies!
Before and current pic in my profile.
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Originally Posted by jmanovich View Post
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am very happy for you- and I felt the need to comment to you because trying to get pregnant is one of my main reasons for beginning IP. I had my first daughter easily- tried for 4 months only, but my cycles have always been irregular. So I thought after she was born meh I don't have PCOS or anything because she was easy to conceive! How wrong was I- this time around I have been trying for almost a year (10 months now) to conceive baby #2. Now I know that isn't even that long- I know others try much longer than that. But I started going to the OB-GYN and he kept on saying to me lose weight lose weight...and I would get so mad at him. But I guess he finally go through to me that the weight is my biggest barrier to conceiving. It took me about 5 months to finally get to the point where I realized I needed to get healthier. Another couple turn around points as well- my insulin levels are sky high- meaning I definitely have insulin dysfunction and insulin resistance, and signs of PCOS. And then during an abdominal ultrasound that I had to rule out any structural issues to infertility- they happened to find a "spot" on my liver. This was very scary. I was terrified that I had liver cancer for a few weeks. I ended up going for a CT scan of my liver and it was found that the "spot" was only an area of "sparing" of fatty liver disease. Meaning my liver is fatty with the one little area not being fatty which shows up on the ultrasound as a tumor-like spot. So I researched fatty liver disease and realized that it is caused by being overweight and that losing weight can reverse it. I think that is what really hit home for me. The weight was controlling me- it was preventing me from having my baby #2 and it has been harming my liver. That was it. I have had enough of the weight controlling me- time for me to control it!

I have been on IP for 3 weeks tomorrow. I am happy to report I am down another 4lbs at my WI today! I am now down 15lbs and 15 inches in total. (230.4 to 215.4) I am very happy and proud of myself! I even battled a very bad respiratory illness this week and an eye infection to boot. I even stuck through making my toddler her "toddler foods" without sneaking a bite here or there. It is soooo worth it to see the scale move down!

It was also my Mom's 50th Birthday yesterday- and I didn't have cake! I have had three birthday celebrations since starting IP- and not once have I had cake. This is truly one of the biggest accomplishments of my life I have had so far and it's only been 3 weeks! I am very excited for the future! And I also have you girls on here to thank as well! I have gotten so much info and support from you all! THANK YOU! Feeling very blessed today!

Oh and I wanted to add - Shrinkingsusie- you are doing AMAZING! Congrat to you! Let's keep on truckin! I know we will both reach our goals in no time at all!
Congrats on all your successes. This site is invaluable! Keep with it!

1st mini goal - losing 25lbs - done!
2nd mini goal - weighing 195 lbs
3rd mini goal - fitting into a size 12
Other goals to be set later.
Final goal - to be comfortable being me! - reward, Being me!
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It is week 4 and I just had my third WI (missed one due to a vacation).

I'm down 14.5 lbs and 6.5 inches!

So excited with what I've done so far and cannot wait to keep it going.


PS--Keep up the good work everyone, your encouragement helps a lot!

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Nalaroo - where are you going to Turkey in November? I will be there In November for 13 days and then 5 days in London!

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Well survived the work dinner. The food was terrible! There were zero veggies! I had a little roasted quail and some sea bass but that's all I could eat. Come home and made myself a small salad and a pudding.

I'm off to bed now!
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nolasmurf, good for you! I know it is hard making the right choices sometimes, but it sounds like you did great. The other day, I was in my weekly ceramics class, just a group of girls who meet at my church, and they usually order a pizza or something else fattening. Well, of course they ordered one of favorite things, cheese nachos! I just walked right on by the table and did not eat one bite. I think we both deserve a pat on the back!!!!
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Dinner tonight for work. Seafood Alfredo, rolls, fruit salad and rice. I ad a packet before and after and just passed on food and wine. Yea me!
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