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Default Dancing carrot

It's nice to see so many new faces.
I no longer feel like a newbie excited and nervous about the start of the journey Trust the plan. It really works.
Down another 2.6 pounds and a total of 36.5 inches.
I just picked up the new IP cookie dough bar. Can't wait to try it.
Is anyone else amused by the noting that it is one of the veggies that is off limits? Maybe it is happy that it will live to see another day.

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Originally Posted by coloradogirl View Post
Unrelated: Does anyone know that website where there is a virtual model and you can adjust its weight? Anyone know what I'm talking about??
Is this what you were looking for?
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Originally Posted by Lindsbob27 View Post
I started week 4 yesterday. Im feeling a little discouraged because Im doing this with my husband, and he is already down 20 lbs and Im barely down 13. And the funny thing is I have more to lose than he does. I started out at 219 on July 29th, so I guess a completed month wont be till August 29th. Sometimes I just wish he wasn't on the diet so I wasn't constantly comparing myself to him. After two weeks on the program I was only down 7 lbs at the WI and he was down 16. grrr. I just have to stay positive on my success cause Im down inches too right?
A little tough love here, You have done an amazing job! But honestly don't ever compare your accomplishments with anyone else, especially on the weight loss field when the other person is a man. It's a part of life that men can lose more and faster than us women. I am sure there is something that we have the advantage over them with, I just haven't found it yet. Embrace and celebrate that your body is losing and getting healthier *hugs*

Originally Posted by mrskuby View Post
First WI on my reboot...down 3.5 lbs!!!
I didn't expect to lose so much since I've heard it doesn't work so well the second time around but I lost the couple of lbs I put on during maintenance plus one more!
Lowest weight yet!
I like to do mini-mini goals so my next will be to see 155 on the scale!

Having been on "maintenance" for several months, I have come to the conclusion that low carb is the best and healthiest way to maintain. I did not phase off using the IP protocol. I did research on low carb and Paleo style eating and I simply started eating that way. I incorporated almond and coconut flour into my diet as well as fats...butter, coconut oil and such.

So having succeeded in maintaining in this manner, I know how to make conscious decisions about eating "off protocol" foods. I will not tell you that I never eat those foods...but I certainly don't call it cheating. I don't discuss these things on here because I know how sensitive folks are about their diet and I have seen people take things personally.

I firmly believe that staying 100% OP is important in the initial stages of the plan but if you must eat off plan...don't eat the carbs! They are the root of all evil!!!

Just my $2.31 (my two cents plus inflation)

Glad you shared, as over the last week I kinda sort of phased out with a mostly phase 3 ... but it wasn't perfect as I have been very angry over the circumstances of my needing to stop for a while. Maintaining a primal/ paleo diet but making sure I get ~100 grams of carbs. Have been so worried about gaining all the weight back, So this is really timely and helpful to me.

Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
Congrats Breakofday71! What an accomplishmet!

When I went to buy Muscle Milk Lite (which I have used for 3 years), they said they are no longer making it. I am currently using EAS shakes.
Originally Posted by coloradogirl View Post
I am a huge fan of Chocolate Muscle Milk LIGHT. HAS to be Light!

Unrelated: Does anyone know that website where there is a virtual model and you can adjust its weight? Anyone know what I'm talking about??

I love the Muscle Milk Light, but Wal-Mart and my Kroger owned store can't get it in. I didn't worry too much about it as the EAS Advantedge was cheaper and to me very similar. Well now they are changing the formula, I would be interested to know what really is going on with the Muscle Milk Light.

For both ColoradoGirl and Artemis, I have in the past used My Virtual Model, but when I looked up that site they seem to only sell their software to online stores. grrrrr. So I kept looking here is what seems to be a free app: http://modiface.com/weightmirror/

and a place that reminds me of My Virtual Model: http://www.modelmydiet.com/

Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by Art3mis View Post
I searched for the exact same website/phone app for hours and came up empty handed..if you find something lmk !! good luck with the BBQ tomorrow.

So i'm just back from WI myself today...down 3.2 thank you very much !!!
And finally getting some coffee and my first pack into me YUM! HOT as HECK outside again.! I'm losing TONS OF HAIR again (I told this to my coach she tried to book me in to see her husband who runs some hormone clinic for 350 for the first visit and then 250 for every visit after, i was like hmm i will think about it. WTF does she not know how much IP costs lol)...i know VLCD and Low-carb diets can do that to us..but i worry its just my thyroid going insane again....so question to those who have been here longer, how long did you wait to get your level's rechecked?

Please go get a thyroid panel done. Speaking from personal experience . . . I should have gotten one done two months ago when I was having my issue with being cold and I still had a Primary care physician. Perils of living in a small rural town but I can't seem to get anyone to order one for me now that my doctor of the last 14 years has retired. Go get it done, they really are not that expensive and you will know for sure where you stand.

Like the saying "Failing to plan is a plan to fail" so is true with "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Good luck.

Originally Posted by Breakofday71 View Post
I stepped on my scale this morning, and I was pleased to say that unofficially, am now half the woman I was when I started my journey . I still haven few days to go for my official WI, and yesterday was a sick day, so that throws things off a bit, but still, it was a nice feeling.
How awesome for you!!! Congratulations and I hope you are over being sick as well.

Originally Posted by Art3mis View Post
Please let us if it lives up to the VitaMix name i was watching QVC the other day and almost broke down and bought one lol.....im with April tho...just using my Ninja..it seems to do okay...
I love my vitamix that I got from QVC about three years ago! I use it all the time. A regular blender is a whole diffrent class of kitchen gadget and I would never trade mine now that I know what it can do for me.

Originally Posted by lighthouse101 View Post
Hi all, I'm a newbie on day 5 of IP. I'm finally beginning to feel more like myself - headaches and fatigue have gone! I am beginning to stress about my first weigh-in though.

I am inspired to read about all of your successes and how the program is working for you, but can't stop the niggling fear in my own head that it won't work for me, after so many other attempts to lose weight have failed! In the past I have always been a slow loser, so I don't know if I'll hit the 3-7 pound per week mark, even though it would be great if I did. I've been completely OP for these 5 days and am committed to seeing it through.

I would appreciate any tips from others who experienced similar anxieties at the beginning and how you dealt with it. Thanks!
the 3 - 7 pounds loss a week sounds like an old part of the advertising for the program, which has been taken down by the company. As you will find out though that every clinic can make up 'house rules' or just still be operating with outdated information. I am not positive about the new claims the company makes about expected losses per week, think they might advertise 3 to 4 pounds for women. For the most part my average was at the 2.8 pounds someone else mentioned. It is a good diet, and it works. Also to share, when I first began I didn't believe it would work, that I could follow it for more than a few days. Now after a week of not being on it, I miss it and hoping the day I can return comes quickly. I was on it for almost seven months and itching to return to lose what I have left to get my body into a 'healthy' BMI.

Good luck with your journey and make yourself at home here. Without this forum I would have not made it this far.

I haven't been on much in the last week because I haven't felt I should be here since trying to go to phase three. Today though I really needed to not feel alone doing this. It was nice to read about the many kitchen 'mis adventures' and the great losses and other victories.

I hope everyone has a great day, well night now.

REBOOTTax day 2015 {wk1 -5}{wk2 -2.2}{wk3 -1}{wk4 -2.4}{wk5 +1} {wk6}

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Originally Posted by MSEMDEE View Post
Is this what you were looking for?

This is cool! Thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by MSEMDEE View Post
Is this what you were looking for?
LOVE this! Thank you for posting the link.
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