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Now that I'm thinner.....

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Originally Posted by safetylady View Post
Now that I am thinner

I am cold all of the time!!
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Now that I am thinner...

I have the self-confidence I once had when my husband was still alive - he was my biggest cheerleader!

Today's first baby step: wearing white slacks, who knows what tomorrow will bring!!
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Now that I am thinner I am excited to wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts/dresses.
Now that I am thinner I have a whole new confidence with my husband (wink wink!!)
Now that I am thinner I am happy.
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Now that I'm thinner
...people say I look taller..
...I'm cold all the time
...I don't need a belt or elastic to hold my pants up - I have a waist now
...I don't have to hold my breath to tie my shoes
...I don't wear Hawaiian shirts to draw attention away from my gut
...I can see my "tools" without a mirror

"Skinny Taste Better"
Started P3 7/19/13
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Posted a comparison photo on my profile.
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Now that I'm thinner... I don't feel like I'm in everybody's way. I don't have to preplan a way out of a busy dining room at a restaurant. I don't have to constantly make sure my shirt has not folded into one of my stomach rolls. If I spill a little food, there is a greater chance it will miss me altogether and hit the floor instead of staining a shirt or pants.
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Great thread!

Now that I'm thinner there's a whole hand's width between my stomach and the steering wheel (it used to rub).

I can outlast my teenager in the energy department!

One for every 5 lbs
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"...I don't have to hold my breath to tie my shoes" - me too, and same as with several of you about being cold.
Cindy quote from Lisa: "If we only focus on what we're missing (and how soon we can have it again), we're not learning a thing about how to keep it off, & all the struggle to actually lose the weight is for nothing!"

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Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post
ROFLMAO - when I saw the title of this thread that was the FIRST thing I thought of!

Never knew how hard those commode seats were.....

Here's a new one from this week:
Now that I'm thinner, I am not afraid to go to the supermarket in my form-fitting yoga pants! This one got tested because I finished up at the gym and remembered that we were completely out of milk and bananas (my kids would rise up and revolt!) and I didn't have time to go home and change first.
LOL Scorbett!!!

Originally Posted by ragdoll74 View Post
So true!!!

Now that I'm thinner strangers look me in the eyes and smile at me as they walk past. I'm no longer invisible.
I'm getting the same thing too. Makes me think how sad it is that people can't see past the weight to take the time to look you in the eyes.

Originally Posted by BEEGEE View Post
Now that I am thinner my 6 year old and I can sit in our recliner together!! Hes the one that said look mom we fit!! What a great feeling to be able to keep up with him as well!
I love this one! How very special and your son seems so excited to make that kind of statement. So sweet!!

Originally Posted by RareBird View Post
I found a huge lump between my breasts! I had my doctor check it out at my recent visit, and she said it's the point where my ribs meet and it's only normal cartilage that can develop as one grows older. Who knew?!?
Heeeehhheeee...I can laugh because at first - when I started to read the first sentence - I thought you were going to say that you actually did find a lump now that you are thinner. So glad that's not the case and it's just your rib cartilage.

Originally Posted by A1Texan View Post
Now that I'm thinner

...I can see my "tools" without a mirror
HAAAAAHAAAAAAA HAAAA! Your "tools". That's very important!

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Now that I'm thinner......

.....People look me in the eyes as I'm passing on the street rather than avoid my eyes or see through me.
.....I overheard my coworkers talking and one said, "OMG, have you seen how much weight Amber has lost!" (made me smile really big)
.....I can see the car seat cushion on the sides of my butt instead of filling the entire seat.
.....I'm cold all the time.
.....I feel so much better about myself and I smile more.
.....I need a new bra because I no longer fill out the cups anymore...sad NSV though.
.....I can wear my bicycle shorts again to go bicycling!!
.....I can buy clothes at REGULAR stores. Think I'll cut up my Lane Bryant credit card.
.....I can keep up with my dog when she's running.
.....I no longer have to wear shapers to smooth out my butt dimples in pants. I'm doing the thongs these days.

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Now that I'm thinner:

I can rest my hands in my lap if I want to. I no longer have to fold them across my chest or have them hang limply at my sides, because my stomach is out of the way!

I no longer have to turn sideways to fit all the way into the bathroom.

I have ample room around me in the bathtub.

I can go up and down the stairs as often as I please without holding onto the railing and I enjoy doing so!

I can lean over in my car and get into the glove compartment without taking my seat belt off.

I have way more confidence in general.

Feb 13- Jan 14, 73 pounds lost, regained 20 during 4 months off
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Now that I'm thinner my hip bones have lost so much 'insulation' that they jut out and press into the floor mat when I roll over during floor exercises. It hurts! But I'd still rather be thin!
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I thought of some other ones..
Now that I'm thinner:
  • my knees don't ache from walking or standing, however they do hurt from laying on my side poking into one another.
  • that sound walking (especially with corduroy jeans) has disappeared
  • I can find nylons in my size at the regular old grocery store
  • I have this third "boob" where my ribs meet (cartilage)
  • normal size bath towels wrap all the way around me instead of just for my hair
  • necklaces are too long - must purchase new ones
  • my cross body purse actually fits across my body without being fully extended
  • I can reach higher into my kitchen cabinets as I can get closer to the counter
  • I get lost in department stores not knowing where to go to find the clothes my size.... and I'm suspicious someone will see me looking in those ladies size racks tell me I've made a big mistake.
I so agree with others on being cold, moving the car seat up, taking longer to get ready trying to have some sort of fashion sense, getting used to others looking me in the eye now, having more lap space for holding doggies or knitting and no more belly bench to set things on.

Restart 6/3/14 using alternative brands

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
― Winston Churchill
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Fun thread!
I totally agree with the butt bone and being cold thing! And several people have mentioned not being invisible anymore--I've noticed that, too!

Now that I'm thinner...
...my wedding and engagement rings fit again (and are getting loose now!)
...I can wear necklaces that I forgot I had because they were uncomfortably tight on my neck
...I can walk up a hill without getting winded--I used to have to stop halfway up to catch my breath
...I moved my car seat closer to the steering wheel because my stomach is not longer in the way
...I have more self confidence, more energy, and more happiness!
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Getting there!
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-my wedding set fits again
-I am excited to be in a bathing suit and summer clothes this summer
-I can chase other goals in my life rather than always putting losing weight as my top priority (and not doing it)
-I too am cold all the time, today I commented that for the past few days I have not taken off my jacket all day.
-I WANT to take pictures of myself and a family photo!

Began IP 2/13/2013
Reached 154 lbs June 2013-phased off for summer and gained 9 lbs.
10/28/13- reboot 1 (163 lbs) for 4 weeks at 159.
10/12/2014 gained weight (179 lbs) need to lose it again! Back on P1.

8/3/2015 REBOOT starting 182 lbs
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Now that I'm thinner....

I can climb up and go down the slide with my little granddaughters!
I can cross my legs and feel sexy!
I can wear little skirts!
I love to try clothes on.
I can smile when people do a double take. (especially those who have not seen me for 6-10 months)
I smile when I see my reflection in the glass - and still do a double take sometimes.

Yes, Halfagain, that walking sound has disappeared! And when it gets really hot and muggy in a month or so, now that I am thinner I will not have that horrible heat rash if I wear a skirt and walk several blocks.

Started June 14, 2012; Reached goal: March 19, 2013; Maintenance: May 2, 2013; 81 pounds lost!
Started 2015 reboot Sept 2 at 150.
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