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Default What Day of IP Diet Was Most Difficult for YOU?

I started IP diet last year and lost 23 pounds in 6 weeks before falling off the bandwagon. I started back on the plan Monday, so today is my 3rd day. Yesterday (Day 2) was killer for me with the nausea and constant migraine. I am praying that today is better. What was the hardest day for you and why? Thanks in advance for sharing.

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Started 3/4/13
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Day- the first week was rough for me. The evenings were the worst, when I just had no energy. It WILL pass though, just tough it out (and then you don't have to do it again). Stay strong, you can do it!
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When I started this WOE in February, I had a head cold and I had just started my TOM. I wasn't a happy camper for at least the first 3-4 days. I allowed myself to attribute that to the TOM and cold, it kinda made it easier to bear for some weird reason. One observation though, I had my TOM for the 2nd time since being on this, and it was markedly easier for me than my usual monthlies in the past. I had my usual cravings but this just gets easier and easier as the days go by. I'm even up to making my family some of my favorite dishes without it bothering me!

You're almost through it! I never tried the salt and water trick for my headache, but that might work for you. You'll make it!

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it takes me 4-5 days to get into ketosis...I did it twice...once for IP and once when I took a vacation during my initial phase 1 and it was the same (hoping for a different result lol)

Everyone has different timelines and some people don't notice it at all (my mom!)

You'll be great Dig deep, sometimes it's just plain grit.

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Restarted IP February 19
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Day 4 was the worst for me because of a terrible headache. Day 5 was much better.
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The first 3 weeks ...Cuz I needed to get my head wrapped around it.

I gave into the diet excepted it as it was ....and this was my lot in life right now ...and there has been No Turning Back!
Think everyone is a little different ...I knew I was going to succeed and just had to ...Color inside the IP lines .... To achieve my desired goals!

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Working to be an after!
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Days 2 and 3 were the worst for me. By day 4 I was feeling pretty much back to normal.
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Day 2 and 3. 2 was worse than 3. Tomorrow will be day 4. Hoping it will be better than 3.
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Starting again 06.04.2014
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Day 1 was the worst for me. Constant nausea in the afternoon and I really thought I would never make it through Day 2 if it continued. However, Day 2 was back to "normal" and I have felt great ever since.
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I started IP 2 weeks ago. My worst days were day2 to day5. After that, it's been ok. But every week end, I find it hard to stay OP. But hey!, first week I lost 10 lbs, second week : 3 lbs. so worth the effort!
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Day 3 was my worst. I was so hungry and cranky. That is the only day that I had serious doubts that I could do this. I promised my husband I would stay with it until my first weigh in then re-evaluate if necessary. Day 4 was like magic for me, no more hunger and the intense cravings stopped. I'm in week 4 and so happy I didn't give up.

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start IP 3-3-13
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Day 3 and 4....it's gotten easier and easier as the weeks roll by now
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Well... I am on day 3, but yesterday was the worse day so far. I am feeling better today. I didn't really like some of the food today which didn't help, and yesterday I didn't get time to eat lunch so I had to settle for a chocolate drink.
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