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How do you drink all that water?

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Originally Posted by Spiritman View Post
I do feel like a camel taking on water for a long desert trek with all the water we have to drink. However it has become a habit now so it has gotten much easier. The constant running to the bathroom is something that I find more annoying than drinking water.
I like the way you put that, best description I have heard. Made me smile. That is what it is like!

Anyway....I drink one full glass with my early morning medicine, another with breakfast and then I carry a 32 ounce water bottle. I have to drink it and refill it before I leave work. Getting water in early in the day helps at night. This is how much water we should be drinking no matter what phase, diet or lack of we are on. Once you get used to it, you will feel better having the right fluids in your body.

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Originally Posted by jkinjo1024 View Post
Actually doctors recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. The way I get my water in is keeping a 24 oz. bottle with me at all times. When I stop at a stop light I take a few swigs, if I have to get up from my desk, I take a few swigs, when I finish a task, guess what? I take a few swigs One of my clients put it perfectly. She said, I drink water like it's my job.
Excellent. My doctor has told me the same thing - 1/2 your body weight in ounces. The 8 cups a day is kind of like the minimum daily requirements for vitamins. Really...we want MINIMUM daily health? I am after MAXIMUM daily health!

When given the choice between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried before. Mae West
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Originally Posted by GetYa1 View Post
I think once your body gets used to drinking the allotted amount of water each day, the bathroom trips will slow down. I've been drinking tons of water for years, so when I started IP, the water consumption wasn't an issue. However, I do remember when I started drinking so much water...the bathroom trips were more frequent than today. Hope that helps.
Originally Posted by foreveryoung View Post
OMG 20 times is a lot! The most for me throughout the day has been 6 times, I don't know if that's ok or I should go more times but 2 months ago I had my kidneys tested and they are great.
I hope I get used to it. And it slows down. I should do a recount I think it could be slowing down during the day. Still about 3 times a night though which is annoying. You should have seen me pregnant. I was horrible. Would go before leaving the house get in the car and have my husband looking for a gas station in five minutes time. I used to be one of those kids that drank a ton of fluids and hardly went. Worried my mom. People would tell her I should get checked for diabetes and the doctor pretty much laughed at her and said I was super healthy and not to worry. Now I am opposite.
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I also walk around all day with a large water bottle and fill it twice a day. My husband keeps laughing at how often I am running to the bathroom!
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Originally Posted by Donna Gel View Post
Phase 1 has me drinking tons of water. How do you get all yours in?
Donna Gel

We should be drinking about 8 full glasses (8oz) of water every day, whether or not we're on a diet - so it's a great habit to get into!

I have a 32oz cup that I drink from - I carry it around with me all day, and just sip. As long as I fill it twice, I know I've gotten enough water!

Don't forget that herbal tea and decaf tea/coffee count as water (because there's no caffeine, it won't dehydrate you). So if you like hot drinks but have trouble with cold water, try adding some tea to your day!
Yay on the decaf coffee counting as water! I have been on a coffee kick lately (decaf only) and was hoping that was the case!
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I use my mouth.

I have several large, 22oz I think, blender bottles at home and work. I fill up several times a day at home and work.

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I started using a 20 oz bottle that has a straw attached in the closeable lid. I fill it up with filtered water after I eat my breakfast, and generally drink at least half of it immediately to take my after-breakfast supplements. Then I drink the rest of that bottle + 1 more before noon. Generally put some acv in the 2nd bottle. The third is in the early afternoon, generally with some MIO or 1/2 of one of those individual serving packets of sucralose-sweetened Crystal Light. The fourth (with the other half of the Crystal Light packet) I start drinking right after dinner, with my after-dinner supplements. Total 80 oz. I also drink only decaf coffee & tea through the day.
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