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Question not a fan of my coach

Has anyone else been told by their coach that if I do not maintain an average of 2.5 lbs per week I could be removed from the program. I am post menapausal and have a high stress job. I have been told that this should not affect whether or not I go up and down on the amount of weight loss. I need some encouragement from somewhere. I am not losing this weight for any special occassion except the most important and that is for a healthier and longer life. Please help.
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Sorry to hear the discouraging words from your coach. Usually a person will be removed from the program if they cheat as cheating can cause significant health problems which in turn will look badly on the clinic which could lose their ability to "sell" (work with IP).

When you say maintain do you mean lose 2.5 lbs per week? (I ask this b/c you're still in P1 and not yet maintaining.

Keep your head up and see if there's another clinic close to you (or even another coach at your clinic).
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Hi Rae,
I've not been told that, but I have heard others saying something similar. Does your clinic have more than one coach? Perhaps you could contact IP directly for some help on this. The lack of consistency from coach to coach drives me crazy! I think we've all had weeks where we lose a pound or not at all. This is your journey and you shouldn't be expected to lose the way anyone else does. Good luck to you.

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This is crazy! A person cannot be "removed" from the program. Even if you gain weight every week, as long as you are going into the clinic and purchasing the very expensive food from them, that is the bottom line. I'm sure if this "coach" tells you that you cannot come back, there are a dozen more IP places down the street or nearby that would be more than happy to have you come in weekly and give them your money. It's a business - plain and simple.

I have read posts on here where people say it is in their Contract. What contract? Again, inconsistencies in coaches. My very supportive coach has never asked me to sign a contract about this, nor has he bullied me when my losses have been under 2.5 pounds. He will ask me what I have done differently, if anything, and help me work it out. People need to remember, this isn't an exclusive country club or secret society where you can get black balled by a coach! It's a business - another coach will be happy to have you as a customer/client.

Some people are coaches because they truly, truly enjoy helping and watching people succeed in the program (like our own Lisa!)
Some people are coaches because they have seen the dollar signs involved, and yet are still supportive without being rude and obnoxious.
And THEN there are some coaches who are in it simply for the power trip - They are usually in excellent shape and enjoy the aspect of legally bullying those of us who have weight issues.

Find another "coach" or order your products online until you find one you are happy with.

I know that I personally am finding the weight loss very empowering - the things I used to listen to and "take" from other people, I do not tolerate anymore. If she wants your money, she will be supportive or shut up.

Sorry - but this really ticks me off!
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Originally Posted by rae99 View Post
Has anyone else been told by their coach that if I do not maintain an average of 2.5 lbs per week I could be removed from the program. I am post menapausal and have a high stress job. I have been told that this should not affect whether or not I go up and down on the amount of weight loss. I need some encouragement from somewhere. I am not losing this weight for any special occassion except the most important and that is for a healthier and longer life. Please help.
Time to find another coach who is actually supportive in your weight loss journey. Your coach sounds she/he is all about the numbers and not the reality for you.
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Started IP 4/4/2012
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It ticks me off when i hear this or a coach that says if you cheat your out.

They're the ones who are supposed to helping us get over the hurdles here and help us boost our weight loss.

If I had your coach I'd be out - my weight losses are usually around the 2# mark despite being 100% OP.

Like others have said I would find another coach and also perhaps send an email to corporate regarding them.

Hang in there.

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Wow - that sounds real motivating.

I average about 2 - 3 pounds a week as well and my coach told me that for a woman that was right on track. Sometimes I have bigger losses but usually am around 2. I was told that for a woman the average is between 1 - 3 pounds per week and it is higher for a man.
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Default Another bad coach thread

I know that I've seen other threads on bad coaches, but I'm not finding them easily.

This is such a good diet, but I'm frustrated that we can't find a coach that fits our own personality. My coach is the wrong one for me. She doesn't seem to really listen to me, she always feels rushed, I don't feel like I can be honest with her (I know that I can't be honest with her - when I asked her about wine early on, her response was - I'm so glad you asked. If you have a glass of wine, you'll be immediately kicked out of the program.... way to make sure that I NEVER report it if I did have wine). She made me feel guilty about traveling for work (and once again, threatened to kick out out of the program if I can't weigh in in person, despite the fact that I told her in advance about the travel).

Last week was the final straw. I have a very challenging job. I've been having issues with small cheats. I don't want to have the small cheats, and want to find a way to get back in control. I was asking for small goals that we can work through to help me with that (be 100% for a day - the reward being the feeling of the control, and repeating the next day), and her response was great, and if you can't stay 100% on goal for the entire week, we need to transition you to phase two. Having that stick come from her, vs. come from me, just made me angry. I immediately went to McDonalds (and I don't even LIKE fast food). I felt like I had regressed into a teenager, acting out.

SO - now that I'm done being angry, I'm going to try to start up again. I sent her an email letting her know that I was not able to stick to 100% this week, that the stick was a trigger for me to overeat. My expectation is that she will either move me to phase two or kick me out (which seems so counter intuitive to me as a business model, but whatever). That said, while her plan for me is to move me out to phase two or to kick me out, I actually really want to be on this diet, and want to be on phase one. It's been working for me (other than me not liking my coach), I've been losing weight slowly but consistently, and I think that if I move to alternative products and start finding small goals (being 100% on plan day by day) I can do phase one successfully.

Has anyone had experience with being moved to phase two by the coach, but actually staying on phase one with alternative products? Should I just quit the program all together, and work my own program? Any good advice? Doing the program entirely on my own seems really scary, but perhaps I can do it now that I understand the program better.
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You just answered your own question. You CAN do this without a coach now that you understand it better. The problem is, do you want to keep using IP foods and can you get them from her if you don't check in? Some places we've heard, are very strict. You cheat. You're out. It seems like "too tough love" to me but ....
I would think she would want your $$ for food. If she insists you go to phase 2, do it. It's only one pack difference, and lots of people still lose on phase 2. You'll save money on a pack It's up to you whether you like the accountability of checking in with someone. Lots of people on here have no coach and are successful. You have to know what works best for you. I could do this with no coach, but I've already paid her, and I like making myself accountable to go see her. Plus she does all the measurements etc. Do what works for you.
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That's really too bad MMMC. I am very lucky, with a good coach.

I would suggest that you read up on alternatives, and maybe go that route in a week or two, once you've done your research. And stick to the boards for the support that you need and deserve, which you obviously aren't getting with your coach.

Good luck with your decision.

Read my IP recipe and product reviews:

And now reviewing alternatives!
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Your coach sounds insensative but I'm not sure a sensative coach is really going to be able to help - they just might make you feel better about going off plan. Your coach might have lack of empathy but she is just holding you accountable to the protocol.

Unless someone only has a few lbs to lose what is most important with any dietary plan is long term compliance ultimately leading to a new way of eating. Because of it's heavily restrictive nature, the IP diet protocol is not for everyone. Some people can buckle down and stay on protocol for a long long time. Others find it much more challenging. It doesn't make one person better than another.

The IP diet is a PSMF diet. You don't lose fat fast on it because it has some magic products, or something special no other diet has. There are other PSMF plans that might be worth looking into that would better fit you. My personal favorite and the one I used to look the bulk of my weight is Rapid Fat Loss. You might find it easier to follow because it has built in breaks in the form of free meals and diet breaks.
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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I definitely agree with John IP is not for everyone!
My Coach is great but she will let you know what is expected and if you are not willing to work the program she does not have a problem letting you know that you are wasting your time and hers.
She has coached clients in several different countries and states. She is very compassionate and nonsense and the same time.
I loved my Soda ..Coke ,had to give it up,that was part of the program.
I'm not sure if you would not be posting about her if she condoned your cheating.
There is no magical weight loss wand a Coach can tap us with that will make us be complaint with the program...we have free will.. The choice is ours we can be truthful to ourselves and coach and stay on the program or tell them that at this time this isn't working for me and I need to find something that is a better fit for me and my lifestyle.
I think your coach could appreciate your frankness with her.
Good luck and again not every program works for everyone does not mean you are not capable of working a different program.
I think of diets like shoes I might see some cute heels but I can't shove my wide duck feet into a shoe too narrow and expect to be comfortable!
Good luck,and I hope I did not offend you,just offering a different perspective.

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Started IP 12-26-2012
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You sound a lot like me. Get yelled at, grab a burger and fries. Stress eater. Depression eater.

First, a coach that has no empathy is not going to help you with this because you will run from her office and eat bad food. This is not healthy, and like me, it might be what helped get you in this position in the first place.

YOU are more important than what that coach says, or how she says it. My experience with my coach has been very good, but I am trying to lose weight so I can safely go through open heart surgery. When I lost 30lbs and went back to the surgeon, only to have him say very bluntly (and meanly in my state of mind) "Not good enough. Lose 30 more" What do you think I did? I believe it was fried chicken that day.

So, number one, YOU need to change your mind set. Food is not going to solve the problem, and in fact is making it worse. I have (not that it was easy to do) adopted a "Screw you, watch this!" attitude about my weight loss and the doubters.

I have a lot of health issues that even on IP I'm not a 3lb a week loser. I'm thrilled when I reach 2lb a week, and pat myself on the back even if it's only 1 lb. It's difficult to stay totally on plan when the scale moves so slowly.

You can do this diet without a coach. If you want to use IP products, I found a website that carries all the IP products and doesn't charge shipping. www.plainprotein.com And the threads for alternative products is very good. I like Health Smart and a few Wonder Slim products. Syntrax Nectar is good too. (and all of these are considerably cheaper than IP)

The biggest reason I started IP was that I thought I needed to have someone to answer to each week. I would feel too ashamed to admit to being bad, therefore I wouldn't be bad. What I realize now that I'm on plan for almost 6 weeks, the urge to cheat is pretty much gone. What I know now is that I answer to my scale every single morning. I don't wait for my weigh ins because I'm too much of a control freak for that. I have a piece of paper taped to my bathroom wall and I record my weight on there daily. My family can see it, but no one else needs to.

I think what you need to do is try this on your own if your coach upsets you to the point of running to the nearest bad thing you can find and eating it. Use the IP products or the alternatives. Follow the IP plan that you got from your coach. I have taped my sheets to the kitchen cabinets, so I see them every time I'm in there. Especially the DO NOT EAT list.

And do remember, a glass of wine can send you OUT of ketosis, therefore you're only hurting yourself. McDonalds will send you out of ketosis, so you're only hurting yourself. You need to decide that the weight loss is more important than having that cheat. If you are not in ketosis, you are literally wasting your money. It takes 2-3 days for you to get back into ketosis after you fall out by having that one bad thing.

Don't give up on yourself. But moving on to a different way is not horrible. Find what works for you. Just remember. If you want to do this diet, no matter how you do it, if you only do it part way, it will not work.

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Restarting IP 100%
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OMG! That is not a coach! That is Hitler!

You don't have to take her abuse! You can do the program on your own using alternatives or go look for a nicer coach in your area, she cannot be the only one!

Started IP 06-30-11 @250lbs - Started alternatives mid Oct. 2011 - Stopped on Christmas 2011 (biggest mistake of my life) Lost 50lbs by then. Gained back all the weight I lost + 20 more lbs after IVF in 2013.
Many re-starts failed miserably. I stopped IP as I wasn't sticking to the plan but always try to re-start.
Serious Re-start: August 7, 2017
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Wow, maybe we go the same center, but just don't know it. What you said reminds me of my coach, but I have learned to just deal with her. I don't like or dislike her, but I'm not crazy about her method of coaching! I don't really deal well with being made to feel like an idiot!
Grrrr...insensitive coaches really tick me off. At my center, if you cheat twice, they kick you out. That doesn't seem like a great business plan to me, but whatever. On weeks that I've had low losses, she really makes me feel like a total failure. She will scold me and question me closely to see what I might have done wrong, and I feel like a 2nd grader called to the princial's office. And it's always that I must have done something wrong, not that maybe my body is hanging on to the weight for that one week just because sometimes that happens.
You have to do what is best for you. Like John said, IP is not for everyone. Or you can stay with IP and just go it alone. It depends on whether or not you think you need the accountability. I won't say "need the motivation" because to me, your coach's attitude is NOT motivating or encouraging. I have stuck with my center, but I buy some alternative products, mainly due to cost. Now that you have a good understanding of the plan, maybe you could "go rogue" and just stick to it without a coach and find your internal motivation. This plan is not magic, coaches are not magic, it's just a matter of following the protocol and making the right decisions about your food choices.
Good luck to you, regardless of what approach you take or what plan you decide on!
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