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IP: 2/28/12-9/1/12
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Plano, Texas
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S/C/G: 180/180/145

Height: 5'6"/39yo

Default What are you eating today IPeeps? Friday, January 18!

Phase 4: 6 weeks, 2 days preggers

Pre-workout [email protected]:15am:
Pure Protein Bar

2.5-mile run & [email protected]:35-7pm

[email protected]: Pumpkin Pancakes
1/2c pumpkin purée
1/2c egg whites + 1 egg
1/2c LF Cottage Cheese
1/3c SF Pancake Mix
Pumpkin+stevia+almond milk = pancake spread

[email protected]: Spinach Smoothie
Protein Powder
Almond Milk

[email protected]:30pm: Cafeteria Surprise
Chicken Breast
Black Beans
Pico & Salsa
*Pure Protein Bar (had to have a little something extra - the baby demands it!!...lol)

[email protected]: Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Breast
2 slices Bread
Green Apple
Neufchatel Cheese smear

[email protected]: out with friends

Started Ideal Protein - Phase 1: 2/28/2012, Phase 4: 9/1/2012
#1:-9lb,-1.19%; # 7:-3lb,-0.55%; *13:-5lb,-0.76%; #18:-2lb,-0.87%; Start Phase2! Start Phase 3!
#2:-6lb,-1.01%; # 8:-3lb,-0.60%; #14:-2lb,-0.48%; #19:-3lb,-0.53%; #1:-0,-0.00%; #1:+1.4lb,+0.82%
*4:-6lb,-0.95%; # 9:-4lb,-0.69%; #15:-.4lb,-0.1%; *21:-3lb,-1.40%; #2:-0,-1.10%; #2:-1.0lb,-0.33%
#5:-5lb,-0.79%; #10:-2lb,-0.50%; #16:-4lb,-0.98%; #22:-5lb,-1.41%
#6:-3lb,-0.57%; #11:-4lb,-0.76%; #17:-2lb,-3.70%; *on travel WI#3,12,20

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Location: Bermuda
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S/C/G: 180/160/140

Height: 5'3"


Bfast: Choc Shake (Pure Protein) while running out the door!
Snack: Blue-Cran Granata
Lunch: Potato puree pancake with frozen spinach mixed in (almost like a frittata without the egg) SO yummy!
Dinner: Steak and veggies!
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: DC
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S/C/G: 198.4/179.6/165

Height: 5'11''


Phase 1- Alternatives

B- Chocomint Shake
L- Baked Salmon, roasted broccoli w/ garlic and roasted asparagus and zuchinni from Whole Foods
Snack- Chocolate Chip pure protein bar
D- Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (protidiet)

For every 5 gone=
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Restarting IP 100%
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Location: Montreal, Quebec
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S/C/G: 272/see signature/165

Height: 5.6


Breakfast: made a crepe out of two egg whites + some baking powder an 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, which I ate with some strawberry Walden Farm spread.

Lunch: I made a veggie puree (and while doing that, I remembered you LizRR ), on a cookie sheet, I baked some yellow peppers, broccoli, cauliflowers, leeks, celery and two cloves of garlic, sprinkled them with olive oil and once tender, I pureed them with a little bit of chicken broth and ate two cups of that with the protidiet vegetarian joe.

For my snack I will be having the light muscle milk drink and for supper, not sure yet

Started IP 06-30-11 @250lbs - Started alternatives mid Oct. 2011 - Stopped on Christmas 2011 (biggest mistake of my life) Lost 50lbs by then. Gained back all the weight I lost + 20 more lbs after IVF in 2013.
Many re-starts failed miserably. I stopped IP as I wasn't sticking to the plan but always try to re-start.
Serious Re-start: August 7, 2017
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 45


B - pure protein choc shake (yum!)

L - Proti-Diet Chicken soup with 2 cups vegetables

D - ground turkey breast burger with salad and oil/vinegar

S - Proti-Diet hot cocoa
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Feed Your Freedom
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Location: Carolina Girl
Posts: 4,429

S/C/G: 399.8/362.0/224

Height: 5'8


Brekkie: Chocolate Frappuccino with Jay Robb
Lunch: She Crab Soup, 1/2 canned blue lump crab meat and veggie puree with old bay seasoning and fresh sweet basil, lime basil icee
Supper: Sautéed Green & Yellow Zucchini, 6 ounce Grilled Sirloin Burger, 1 tbsp 1 carb ketchup and mustard, Orange Blossom Tea
Snack: Peanut Butter Creme Power Crunch Bar, Raspberry Coffee

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Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 34

S/C/G: 250/217/170

Height: 5'0


Breakfast: Jelly donut french toast (omelet cooked with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and served with WF strawberry sauce)

Lunch: strawberry wafer cookie

Snack: Starbucks Venti iced latte with the IP vanilla drink

I haven't figured out anything more than that!
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Reboot 9/2014
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 4,856

S/C/G: 198.6/173/165

Height: 5' 8"


Breakfast: ProtiDiet Honey nut soy cereal w/2oz Pure Protein vanilla shake, coffee w.2oz Pure protein vanilla shake

Lunch: Balanced Protein Spicy vegetarian chili with 1 cup chopped zucchini

Snack: 1 cup sliced jicama with cinnamon and WF caramel syrup

Dinner: Not sure yet, depends on whether I have to get chow from the work cafe or not

Snack: Peppermint Mocha (cocomint creme mix in coffee)
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IP Start Date 8/31/2012
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Posts: 333

S/C/G: 250/119/124


Phase One

Breakfast: IP RTD Mango drink
Lunch: Shrimp, Salmon, asparagus
Dinner: Rutabagus fries, Tomato Basil soup (IP)
Snack: IP Bar or soy nuts, maybe the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
~ Alison

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Started IP 12/6/12
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 648

S/C/G: 174/140.2/134

Height: 5'7"


Phase 1, Day 44

B: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Proti-Diet)
L: Petit filet salad w/ WF Honey Dijon dressing (went out to lunch so swapped lunch and dinner and had steamed broccoli after return home)
D: IP Broccoli & Cheese Soup w/ fresh broccoli & cauliflower
S: IP Caramel Nut Bar

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Started IP 12-26-2012
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Location: Pacific Northwest
Posts: 469

Height: 5'7"


B - IP plain omelet with mushrooms, green pepper and 2 oz fat free ham
L - Green salad
D - Turkey meatloaf, cauliflower, broccoli and a Miracle Noodle stir fry.
Snack (around 4pm) Syntrax Nectar apple ecstasy drink
Snack (around 9pm) IP pre-made chocolate drink
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IP start Aug 2012
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 8,219

S/C/G: 260.2/165

Height: 5'5"


IP Phase 1 day 173

B: IP Dk choc/spinach/coffee smoothie
L: Orange drink, cauliflower pancakes with salad
D: Steak and veggies w/ salad at a restaurant for DH's birthday. Taking my own dressing
S: IP Pina colada or Pink Lemonade
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
Lost 95 lbs on IP!
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Posts: 1,785

S/C/G: 289/147.8/150

Height: 5'6"


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Subway Salad (lettuce, spinach, pickles, peppers, oil)

"Salted Caramel Pudding" (Dark Chocolate Pudding with 1 tablespoon WF Caramel Syrup and a sprinkle of sea salt)

Lettuce and fresh baby spinach leaves with grilled chicken
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Location: Seattle, WA
Posts: 102

S/C/G: 250/181/169

Height: 5'5


B- chocolate drink
L: crispy cereal pancakes w/ ICBINB spray & WF syrup.
D: IP rotini w/ shrimp & broccoli baked with evoo, garlic & Lawry's seasoning salt
S: strawberry wafer
Lost the first 39lbs with low carb

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Location: CT
Posts: 64

S/C/G: 283/268/150

Height: 5'6

Default Day 14

Breakfast - IP Herb Omelette

Lunch - Lettuce with 3 spice peppers, 2 cups sauted mushrooms and IP Wildberry yougurt drink (did not sit well!!)

Dinner: 8oz ground beef, 2 cups roasted cabbage

Snack: salt and vinegar ridges
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