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Default Loooong afternoons......

Im on day 7 and Im finding that the stretch between lunch and dinner 12-6:30. Is just to long....by about 4 i am starving!!!! My coach says to save the snack for after dinner..and i do love ending the day with a hot chocolate drink, but do you think i should have the snack earlier...any advice?
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I have my snack earlier in the day too because of my schedule.

There are a some other things you can try.

1. You are allowed 2 egg whites as a freebie each day. You might want to try having 2 hard boiled egg whites for a mid afternoon snack.

2. Split your IP snack- 1/2 mid afternoon and 1/2 at night

3. bake muffins from a non-restricted packet and split that up between lunch and mid afternoon.
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I'm not on IP, but my metabolism works like this: Morning, fairly hungry. Lunch VERY hungry, between lunch and dinner VERY hungry. Dinner, not very hungry, after dinner, never hungry.

If I were to feed my body the way it would prefer to be fed, I would eat a medium meal at 8 am, a HUGE meal at noon and a big meal at 4 pm and nothing else the rest of the day as my metabolism slows down and I wind down.

Society, though, has us eating dinner so late which goes against a lot of our natural rhythms. So, many of us get hungry between 3 pm and dinner time at 5 -7 pm. If you can't move your dinner time up, then eat a healthy snack then to tide you over and then nothing after dinner.

But, that's following more intuitive eating - not a restrictive program, so I don't know what your IP sisters will say about it, but those are my thoughts.

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My coach always told me not to eat past 8pm. My snack has always been in the afternoon. I have a hard enough time going from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner is also a killer. I am usually pretty full after dinner and don't need a snack then.

I have my snack between 3-4pm. Try that today and see if you feel better. Switch your evening IP drink with hot tea (there are chocolate teas out there that aren't bad-I think Numi makes them).

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I actually split breakfast, which moves lunch later
My spinach/dk choc/coffee smoothie is HUGE!
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I will split my snack into 3 portions (usually choc shake poured into 3 small pyrex dishes and put in the freezer) and eat as needed. There are days when I am hungrier than others. I save one for bedtime.

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I also have my snack in the afternoon. If I am still hungry, I have 2 scrambled egg whites and a large lettuce salad with WF dressing. I sometimes split my dinner protein also, and have 2-3 oz at lunch and save 5 oz for dinner. That has really helped!
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Today I made the pudding muffins. I get 3 muffins for one pack of chocolate pudding. This can be 3 snacks throughout the day. I have one with a coffee or tea when I'm hungry.
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I have my restricted bar mid afternoon. That is the most difficult time of the day for me. I'm fine with not eating after dinner. If I want something sweet I have a cup of tea (which I never liked but learned to enjoy once I started IP)
I also "fry" my egg whites and it is wonderful!

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all great ideas. I sometimes have my snack in the afternoon and sometimes the evening. This time of year I love herbal tea in the evening, celestial seasonings has a Thai coconut tea that is great.
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Thanks.. Everyone..i didnt know about the freebie egg whites, my coach never mentioned that.Splitting up the protein may be the fix I need. I will give it a try
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I'm not IP either but I can definitely speak to trouble with the time between lunch and dinner. I don't think it helps that I work a desk job and am just watching the clock tick by. I usually always have snacks for that time or else I'm starving by dinner and just scarf my food down without actually enjoying it.

I hope you find the right balance that works for you, good luck!
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Thanks, my coach never mentioned the egg whites either. I'm on day 3 and starving, but I'm definitely not cheating.
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I am in the exact same situation as many of you! I get home from work around 3pm and am so hungry that many days I just say heck with it! I will eat off program and not care! All sensible solutions go out the door and I will eat anything I can find. I hate it, because I can mostly be OK the rest of the day.
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I too suffer between lunch and dinner. This is what I do. I eat my bar at 11. Veggie at 12:30-1, then eat my salad at 2:30-3pm. I have lost 60 lbs in 20 weeks so it has not effected my weight loss. This helps me get to dinner which I eat at 5 - 5:15 then I eat my snack at 8pm since my coach also told me not to eat after 8. Good luck.
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