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Default What are you eating today, Thursday, January 10th?

Chocolate Chip Cookie

"Pasta Salad" (Rotini, cucumbers, fresh baby spinach leaves and Walden Farms Italian dressing)

Raspberry Jelly

"Eggs Florentine" (scrambled eggs over a bed of fresh baby spinach leaves, 1 tablespoon Veggie Shreds Cheddar, topped with 2 teaspoons olive oil)
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Yogurt, usually 3 cups

6 inch Subway sub + soup if I like what they have

Stewed Veggies
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IP Start Date 8/31/2012
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Phase one

Breakfast: Crispy Cereal with WF Chocolate syrup
Lunch: Chicken breast over lettuce, green pepper, onion, mushrooms and WF dressing
Dinner: Either Rutabagus fries or cauliflower with either a bar or G&O soy nuts
Snack: IP RTD Chocolate drink or Strawberry banana drink
~ Alison

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Breakfast: Balanced Protein Cinnamon Crunch cereal w/2oz Pure Protein vanilla shake; coffee w/2oz Pure Protein vanilla shake

Lunch: Salad w/1 cup spinach, 1 cup green peppers and homemade chili-lime vinagrette, Balanced Protein chicken noodle soup.

Dinner: Edit: Golden Mustard baked pollock, roasted cabbage, Rutabaga fries

Snack: Chocolate Creme pudding with a little WF peanut butter on top - Reese's snack!

The Chili-lime vinaigrette was homemade, and pretty good! If I can tweak it I'll post it!

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Phase 1: Day 41

B: chocolate pudding shake with coffee

L: Salad with EVOO, ACV, Braggs, cucumbers, green peppers
coffee blended with EAS RTD chocolate

S: ProtiDiet omelette with extra egg whites

{workout - group circuit training, 5:15pm}

D: cauliflower rice with sauteed tofu

IP Start: 12/01/2012
Phased Off: 4/18/12
Reboot: 01/01/13
Reboot: 09/08/14
Reboot: 01/01/15
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Phase 1: day 171

Breakfast: Chocolate EAS, hot with sweetener and coffee...then tea

Lunch: Salad, 1 oz chicken breast..soy nuts

Dinner: big mac in a bowl, salad, cucumbers

Snack: not sure yet...honey nut soy cereal... with tea

water, water, water...
Starting over...

current beginning weight 172
1. 166.2 -6
2. 165.6 -.6
I just miss my mom..

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Default Day 6

Breakfast - IP Herb Omelette

Lunch - IP Chicken Patty (umm....it's ok but not good), lettuce, 2 cups cucumber, 1 TB WF Italian dressing

Snack - IP Blueberry Cran Drink - it was ok, but I won't buy it.

Dinner (I made two portions last night)...8oz of lean ground beef, 2 cup bell peppers (chopped and roasted), 1 Tbl raw onion, a few dashes of tabasco, 1 tsp oil, salt, pepper and 2 cups lettuce. All mixed up into one big salad.
--the 2 cups peppers was a precooked measurement.
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I made the crispy cereal into a belgian waffle this morning and ate it with WF pancake syrup.

lunch was strawberry wafer bar
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B: GNC Chocolate Shake, 10 oz. coffee w/Torani Hazlenut syrup
L: 2 c. steamed broccoli drizzled w/1 tsp. Garlic Olive Oil & GNC Chocolate Shake
D: 6 oz. Herbed Cod 2 c. sauted spinach
S: ProtiThin Caramel Nut Bar

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IP attempt #2
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Height: 5'1


Breakfast: coffee with Splenda, IP peanut butter bar
Lunch: IP rotini with 1 c cucumber/broccoli, wf Italian dressing
Dinner: pork tenderloin, 2 c broccoli/ cauliflower
Snack: 1 c cucumber, crispy cereal pancakes with wf strawberry syrup
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Started IP 12/6/12
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Height: 5'7"


B: Coffee w/FF milk & Truvia; EAS AdvantEdge chocolate RTD
L: Salad w/WF honey Dijon dressing; IP broccoli & cheese soup w/fresh mushrooms and broccoli
S: IP chocolate shake
D: Grilled NY strip steak w/WF spicy BBQ sauce; baby bok choy in olive oil & garlic

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B: IP Crispy Cereal, coffee with caramel torani syrup
L: 2 Cups Cauliflower and brocolli, salad with WF bacon ranch, IP pink lemonade
S: chicken broth, IP Chocolate soy balls
D: Grilled chicken, 2 cups roasted bell peppers, salad with WF ranch
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B: IP white chocolate cinnamon bar, coffee with splash of Torani gingerbread syrup

L: salad with mixed lettuce, bell peppers, cukes and cherry tomatoes, IP Chicken a la King

S: IP chocolate drink

D: grilled steak tips, sauteed spinach with garlic, chilies, EVOO
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Default Help

I'm new to Ip and I know the basics but don't think I am eating the right amount of food.
How important is measuring the foods?
For lunch you need 2 cups of veggies and lettuce?
For dinner how much protein can you have and how bad is it if you eat more protein?
I need salad dressing recipes please
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Originally Posted by Maria7 View Post
I'm new to Ip and I know the basics but don't think I am eating the right amount of food.
How important is measuring the foods?
For lunch you need 2 cups of veggies and lettuce?
For dinner how much protein can you have and how bad is it if you eat more protein?
I need salad dressing recipes please
It is VERY important to measure the foods - not just to manage what you're eating daily, but to learn correct portions. Doing it every day now will set you up to be able to "eyeball" things better later on. You also want to make sure you're getting ALL four cups of veggies in every day, no skimping. We need every bit of food we're allowed on the diet.

Lettuce is not mandatory at any point of the day, but it IS unlimited - so have lettuce salad as often as you want. There are NOT hard rules about when you have to eat your foods, as long as you get in everything (3 packets, 4 cups veggies, 6-8oz meat protein, water and supplements), you can break it up in a way that works best for you.

Your dinner protein should be 6-8oz measured BEFORE cooking. Meat shrinks when it is cooked. It's not the end of the world if you eat a little extra protein now and then, but don't go overboard and don't do it too often - again, part of the process here is learning portion sizes and measuring so you get in the habit. Little things like that make you all the more successful once you get to maintenance.

There are several recipe threads on this forum, including salad dressing recipes - search around and see what you find!
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