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Unhappy Thinking of quitting, advice?

Not sure if I should stick with the diet. As of current I'll be going two weeks without seeing the coach due to a conflicting work schedule. I just don't feel like my heart's into it as much as before. I've been feeling extremely depressed lately and I think a smidge has to do with the diet food. I love Rainbow's recipes, but doesn't feel like that helps motivate me anymore. Also! I've been getting sick a lot. And the cost is worrying me od conflicting with my bills (new apartment, medical, etc.; only retail job).

However the pros with staying:
1. About to goal
2. Only thing that seems to have worked

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If I were you I would keep going, you're doing so well! and should be proud of yourself. Change things up a little, get re-inspired, and find ways to afford it.

Good luck!! I hope you make the right choice for yourself.
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8/23/12 - 1/6/13
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Replace one or two IP packets with Costco Premier Protein shakes or Walmart EAS shakes. At only $1.30 each, the savings really add up.

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Vacation, Stress, and Teaming for an 4th Day Retreat = 7 pounds up in 4 months, so back we go...
IP Phase 2: -2
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I agree with Fishette's advice. I actually spend LESS money on groceries total using this method than I did before doing IP using alternatives. But, whatever your decision, good luck. You have done so well!

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Don't give up. Find another coach if you must. Go with alternatives for better savings, weigh yourself. You've done amazing! I hope to have that amount of weight loss shortly!
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If you are asking for advice about quitting, you're not totally ready to give up yet

As far as the financial side of things, as Fishette said you can use alternative products at a MUCH lower cost (1/2 to 1/3 the cost of IP), if that will keep you on plan AND on budget until you hit goal. I get the EAS ready to drink shakes at Wal Mart, a 4 pack costs about $4.50 and they are nutritionally almost identical to IP shakes.

As far as your feelings of depression, look beyond the diet. quitting something that was doing good things for you is NOT going to make that go away. Talk to your doctor, if your health insurance offers an Employee Assistance program you can usually have a couple of meetings with a counselor for free. Don't ignore the feelings, but also don't address them by eliminating something that is doing you GOOD.
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If it comes to quitting, don't give up on weight loss in general. You could always try calorie counting, which has actually saved me money in the long run (compared to the food bills I made before losing weight) and allows for a vast variety of food choices.

Started July 1, 2012 @ 290lbs
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You have lost 46lbs with this diet. IT WORKS! And you are at 2/3rd of your goal!

Keep at it, you CAN do it! Only YOU can decide to do this for YOU!

If you want to quit, please phase off properly and go in maintenance. You don't want to flush all your investments in yourself down the drain!

Best of luck!

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You're on the home stretch, YOU CAN DO THIS! Think about how good you will feel when you hit your goal. I would try to identify what exactly you are feeling bad about. It sounds like you moved and maybe have a new job. All of those things can be pretty stressful and may be the root of your depression. And don't forget to factor in all the money you'll save later down the road by addressing your weight now.


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Originally Posted by kelly315 View Post
If it comes to quitting, don't give up on weight loss in general. You could always try calorie counting, which has actually saved me money in the long run (compared to the food bills I made before losing weight) and allows for a vast variety of food choices.
I agree with Kelly. Don't give up. Even if you don't continue with IP, there a number of different programs you can use to lose weight that are just as effective. And you don't have to spend money to do it. You can do it on your own, and you don't have to buy any special pre-packaged foods. Personally, I do a low carb diet on my own and have lost 85 pounds so far in four months. All the things I buy for my diet are found in my grocery store.

The most important thing is making a plan and sticking with it. If you can do that, then you will succeed. Just find a plan you can stick to.

Started out at 405.5 on 7/31/12. Then lost 156 lbs to get down to 249.5 by 7/31/13. In the past year I have put back on over 40 pounds and reached a high of 291.5. But I have recommitted myself and quickly took off ten pounds by 7/31/14. I am now trying to take off the weight I put back on, and then lose the rest of the weight I was originally trying to lose. ‹---- Starting weight / Low weight / Current Weight / Goal Weight
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Don't give up! IP does work. Check out the alternatives that you can buy at Walmart (etc) and on-line. And keep checking in with IPeeps here for support. You can do this! You're so close.

IP Start: 8/17/12
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Started IP April 27, 2011
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All I see are excuses to stop, and if you are coming here to get an ok to do that...it won't happen. You are worth every penny you spend on the food, reguadless if its IP or alternatives. ONLY YOU can motivate yourself, YOU have to dig deep down to do this. We can give you words of advice until we are purple and blue spitting out green dots but it won't do any good if YOU are not into it. I have been on this program for 19 months now....TRUST me when I say I have seen people go and come over that time. NOT many have stuck to it from when I started, but with that being said many have come back because they KNOW IT WORKS!.....ITS UP TO YOU to do this....NO ONE else can do it for you. EXCUSES are not accepted here because there are none....NO EXCUSE is good enough when it comes to your health!...just sayin

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Started IP 3/26/12
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Please don't give up. You've done so well, and it seems that you're already 2/3 of the way to your goal.

I found myself thinking (sort of 'drifting' or more apathetic about things) around the time I got beyond the half way mark. I was starting to look much better - felt good - was receiving compliments, etc., and was bored with the whole dieting situation. But decided after more reflection to keep 'keepin' on' and here I am - 5 lbs from my goal. You can do it too.

As we lose weight there is more estrogen being secreted from the fat cells that are shrinking, and it's flushing around in our blood stream. It affects our moods and can make us emotional - or depressed. I've read here of many others who have experienced this. If your depression is becoming severe, by all mean seek out some professional help - but keep the diet going as well.

As to the cost factor? I and many others here have lost most of our weight while using alternative products. The cost savings have been very significant. At least half the cost, and often more. There are lots of good alternative products available, you just have to compare nutritional values with those of similiar IP items. In fact, if you have a look at my blog (link below) you'll see that it focuses on helping those who are exploring the alternative route. Maybe it will help you.

There are also several threads here were posters compare and critique/evaluate different alternative products. Very, very useful information. Here's a link to the most 'alternative' thread, and it contains a couple of other links to earlier ones.

If for whatever reason you decide that IP is not the dieting program for you, please phase out properly so you give yourself the best foundation for maintaining your current weight loss... and don't give up on your overall dieting effort. I really believe that if you do, it will just be another source of dissatisfaction and depression for you. Whereas if you keep working towards your goal weight it will give you focus and a feeling of accomplishment.
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AmaJean, I would suggest imagining yourself in the future: January 2, 2013. And think what you would like to look back on for the last months. I think there are 3 options:

1. Option 1: You went off your diet. If you are like me, and you go off your diet (especially right before the holiday season), then you end up eating all the things that you have been craving but not allowing yourself for the past several months. So, especially since you've been restricting your calories, that weight has bounced back on. And there you on on January 2 with many of the pounds gained back -- those same pounds that you sacrificed for and spent money on in order to loose. (Or, maybe, you'll look back and think how good all the food tasted and you'll be glad you caved. For me, the memory of the food and wine is NEVER worth what it cost me.)

2. Option 2: You went onto a maintenance diet. You decided that for whatever reasons -- stress in your life or whatever -- that you just couldn't diet right now. But you didn't give up -- you just went on a brief hiatus. You are still within a couple of pounds of where you were at the beginning of December when you made the decision. And now, maybe, it's time to be the conquerer again and go back to dieting. Or not. You redecide at that point.

3. Option 3: You stuck with it. You stuck it out and on January 2 you are many pounds lighter; and so, so, proud of yourself for sticking to a diet during one of the toughest times of the year. You are starting the new year with a big victory under your quickly shrinking belt.

Also, for me, every time I start a diet and go off of it, it makes it that much harder to do it again. Losing those pounds for the 2nd time (or 4th or 9th) is many, many times harder. And sticking to a diet on the 2nd try when you already let yourself cave is pretty slippery. For me, anyway.

Finally, I really like the book, "The Beck Diet Solution". (This is not a book about a specific diet, but a book about sticking to a diet.) One of the things suggested in this book is to make a stack of index cards and write a reason or motivation to diet on each card. Then you read these cards each day -- and visualize them as you read them. Think about why you want to have that weight gone in very specific terms. Then you read the cards every day. For some reason, I find it very hard to read the cards every day. But I'm doing it, and I find it really helps. Those images are right there -- motivating me when I want to reach for a dessert or a glass fo wine.

And I agree with Scorbett -- if you are asking, it's because you arent' ready to give up yet.

Now, I just need to go back and follow my advice so that I stick to my diet!!

At any rate, good luck and I hope you are happy with whatever you decide.
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