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I've really enjoyed reading everyone's responses. So many different backgrounds, and here we all are -- on a journey together!

W1: -7lbs. W6: 0lbs
W2: -0.2lbs. W7: 0lbs
W3: -2lbs
W4: missed
W5: -7lbs
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My decision was a little bit spontaneous, and a little bit odd, since I'd always been super independent and opposed to check-in type programs and packaged food programs, but I was at the salon I go to, and several of the guests and one of the stylists were talking about all their success (which was obvious, of course). I mulled it over for a few days, did some research, and thought, "What the heck. I'm clearly having no success on my own, and I am freaking tired of feeling fat!"
I didn't really have a lot of confidence in my ability to stick with it, but here I am, three full cheat-free weeks under my belt, and I'm honestly enjoying it!

Plus, I have family coming for the holidays this year - That's my motivation to keep with it!

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For me it was the moment I reached 199, it was surprising that I let myself get there. I was work crying at my friends desk and I decided I was done!
I was done with continuing this path, I decided to start a biggest loser at the job, there were going to be $700 for the winner. At the first weigh in no one including myself lost one lb. I wanted to win, not just for the money but to prove to myself that I could do it.
A few people had told me about IP, and I decided I needed to look into this diet. I did and the results I was seeing were amazing, not only the amounts of weight that people lost but how quick they lost it.
I was in, made an appointment, and havent looked back
I am proud of the determination I have!!
Day 1-194
Week 1-187
week 2-184
week 3-179
I know it's just week 3, but I'm in it till I reach my goal
BTW since everyone saw my weight loss they all quit the biggest loser...I guess they were intimidated by their opponent...me!!! lol
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Started IP 5/29/13
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For me, it was when I had to start shopping in the women's section instead of misses' (16s and XLs were getting too small). I was completely appalled with myself. I'd been hearing about IP from women at work, and then my mother told me she'd been doing it for 2 and a half weeks and lost 13 pounds without feeling hungry -sold!
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I have been on BP and cholesterol meds for almost 20 years. Conveniently about the time I passed 185lbs.

the last trip to the Dr. I weighed 226, and he gave me two more medications to go with the two I was already taking. I am just now 41, so I'm thinking this is unreal. Additionally my stomach started bothering me 18months prior to the point everything was uncomfortable. Especially sitting in airplane seats, which I do often for work. Cutting all coffee helped a lot. So did all caffenated drinks but the pain below the ribs by the liver/galbladder was awful. Many Dr. Bills later, the best the could come up with was GERD and "rebound tenderness". They absolutely had no idea. I know this wasn't acid reflux.
At my cardiologist, I noticed he looked a lot better than when I last saw him.

I told him all of my health problems are related to being fat and I'm sick of it.
He basically said that he and a few patients did IP and for those that are really ready it is safe, works and sustainable. He didn't have the program and this particular Dr. Is 45 min away, so he suggested that if I am serious, I go to an MD that has the program and be sure they get my labs from him.

six weeks later I put away $350 to start and have been on since. The stomach pain has been gone since 4 weeks in! Lab work at week 7 shows my first normal labs EVER with triglycerides 90! (my highest ever was 1200!) and total cholesterol 165 (over 250 in Feb).

funny that 32 lbs of weight loss not many people say anything, but I got my face back now and don't feel/look tired and angry all the time. Most guys don't compliment other guys weight, so it's mostly been random women that I don't see often. My mom didn't notice, but my 91 year old grandmother noticed on mothers day. A. Neighbor's wife down the block said she noticed at a garage sale but not many others. Then again I haven't traveled for work since I started IP. That may be interesting when it starts again.
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Default The moment...

All my life I was pretty much a shrimp....but one day...my thyroid went out of whack...and that started years of nothing that helped me get back to the low weight I had always been.(Weighed 102 the day my first baby was delivered...before she was born).

Gained on WW (tried it 3X), so then got a personal trainer 3x a week and walked 5/miles a day 6 days a week for 2 years...($$$$$)...and plateaued at about 160..... WHAT THE HECK?! My very skinny best friend told me to quit agonizing over the issue, getting up at 4:30 to do all that before work... God Bless her...she passed away suddenly as the result of a pulmonary embolism after knee surgery 5 years ago and I wish she could see me now.

Then in November I was in Texas with my daughter who had just given birth and when we took her new baby to the Dr. office that week...the NP who was checking our precious baby was a striking young woman.... I noticed immediately her WILLOWY physique...although much taller than I...(OK..that's not hard).. and my daughter told me she had lost 100 lbs on IP. I'd never heard of it...and live in the middle atlantic area...so googled and luckily found a center in my geographic location and made an apt for early Dec ...but suspended starting the program until holiday travel was over..(HAD to go back to see that new baby!! ) Returned home on Jan 9th....started IP on Jan 10th. My daughter hasn't seen me since I started...BUT I will see her for a week beginning on Saturday the 8th of June for the first time in 5 months..... about 50 lbs lighter and rockin' an amazing wardrobe for this vacation on Captiva Island!!! Even BATHING SUITS with out skirts...and bermuda shorts.....first time in a long time. IP----Best decision I ever made. My original goal was to lose 65 lbs by my 65th B-day in late August...now I'd like to try to get 10 lbs lower than that, however long it takes.

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Started IP 5/13/2013
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For the past year I would diet, lose 6 lbs, go off, gain 5 lbs, diet, lose 5 lbs, go off gain 7 ..... I needed a strict ridged program. No cheating. I'm loving IP. Yes it's hard but yes it's doable and this group is so supportive and such fun.
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I had a coworker do the program a year ago and lost a bunch of weight, I kept asking him for the program information never got it, after that I put the program into the back of my mind. Fast forward to the start of March and I started a new job where I ended up being the fat person in the office instead of being average at my last company, well I tried eating better with salads and fruit to lose weight but ended up gaining instead. A couple weeks after I started at the new company I received an email from my Chiropractor clinic saying they are having an information session/night about ideal protein, I wasn't able to make the session so I searched for local clinics and found one, April 15 I started the program and the rest is history

I also deal with Health Anxiety on a daily basis, anxiety in itself it terrible to deal with but having to constantly worry about my health and being around for my family was also a big motivator

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Started IP 5-13-13
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I put on my "fat jeans" and could barely get them to zip! I had an appointment with my doctor that afternoon, where the evil scale could not be avoided as the one at home had been for many, many months. After bemoaning my weight gain with my doc, she told me about the IP program they were going to be starting later in the month. I attended their second intro class and signed up that evening.
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It was a list of things for me as well.

After so many struggles with thyroid problems, and secondary fertility issues I finally got pregnant and had my baby girl in late 2011. I had gestational diabetes and my Dr said to me that I had a high chance of getting type 2 diabetes in the next 5 years due to my weight, age of last preg (38) and the fact I had gest diabetes. Having that condition for just a few months was awful enough that the thought of dealing with it on a daily basis forever scared me.

My primary care dr had been telling me for years that because of my constant very high cholesterol and triglycerides I was on what they call the "heart attack highway" and I was going at full speed. I want to see my kids grow up, I don't want to leave them without their mom.

I also knew that it was time I set a healthy example for my kids. I didn't want my daughter to grow up hearing me say "I'm fat blah blah" then develop her own body image issues.

I also took a look in the mirror one day and said - I'm sick of being the chubby one, I'm sick of feeling sick and unhealthy, I'm sick of hiding from friends and family because I'm embarrassed. I was just tired of the toll it was taking on my life, physically and mentally. It was time to take care of me.

A friend of mine had done IP and kept the pounds off and kept encouraging me to give it a try. My husband was supportive of it 100% as well. I called the clinic that next day and I jumped in with both feet on March 15th. its the best decision I made. Mommy is happy so the rest of the household is happy too Lol !
The biggest lesson, their have been so many, is that its so hard to love life if you don't love yourself first. Everyone I love deserves a contented me and I do too.
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Great thread!

The day of my first consult, I went home and put all the reasons why I was committing to the IP plan into my phone. It's remained a great reference for me for when I'm feeling frustrated/unmotivated.

Some of those reasons included:
Wedding rings approaching point of needing cut off
Shopping in plus size - inability to look my age (the fat puts at least 10 years on me!)
No longer able to participate in social activities with friends due to my embarrassment/self loathing emotions and mood
Weighing more than my husband
I was a bad example for my teenage daughters
Daily achey feeling in joints due to impact of obesity

SO GLAD - I had others in my life that had successful worked the IP plan, did well and encouraged me in this starting phase. I know I still have the bulk of the journey ahead of me, but my ability to cross off some of the aforementioned items in just the first 7 weeks is so motivating. As much as the 3FC community!

Weight Loss on IP in 2013: 61.8 lb 42.75 in (33 wks OP)
Weight gain since: 35.8 lb, 26.75 in

(7/13/2016) Wk 1: -6.2 lb, 2.75 in
(7/21/2016) Wk 2: -2.4 lb, 4.5 in

Total Loss since 7/6/2016: -8.6 lb, 7.25 in
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I had heard about IP from a coworkers sister, heard the cost and said I would never be able to pull it off financially because of having twins in preschool fulltime, so I said forget it. About a month later my girls pediatricians office annouced they were doing the programso I went to find out what it was all about, said i really want to do this, i just need to figure out how to pull it off, my friend started that week, and has had great success so here i am about 6 weeks later from when she began and I finally said I do everything for my girls its time I do something for myself, i hate how everything fits me, and I am just not happy with myself. I started sunday and cant wait to go weigh in this week!
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This is a great thread! So interesting to see that everyone does it for a different reason, but we all have the same underlying themes.

I am 25 and don't feel 25. About a week before I started IP, my friends wanted to go on a hike, and I opted to stay home because I didn't want to embarrass myself. At 25, I should be able to go on a hike!

I have a pair of work pants that have always been a little bit tight, but they got to the point that I could no longer wear them to work.

Weight loss surgery in 2010 failed me which was mortifying. I thought that was my "last resort" and even THAT extreme decision didn't work.

I finally caved and started shopping plus size. I have been trying to avoid this for YEARS, but I finally hit a point where size 16 bottoms just don't fit anymore. At first, I was okay with it, but then I realized I shouldn't have to do this!! I can control whether I shop in this department or not.

My father died at 39 of a massive heart attack and my mom had her first heart attack in her 40s. I don't want to follow in their foot steps! I want to be healthy for when I have my own children. I want to be able to sit on the floor with them and play with toys rather than feeling like I'm too fat.

My stepdad started IP in December and has lost over 50lbs. We have never been super close, but it's nice that we have this weight loss journey in common.

Happy to be on this journey with all of you! Yes, it's a strict diet, but I need structure in my life and knowing that I just can't eat anything that's not on the list makes it easy to follow. Weight watchers was too flexible and set me up for failure. I'm only at the end of week 3, but I have high hopes for IP!

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Started IP 6/14/12
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Height: 5'1"


I, too, had been chubby and overweight all of my life. Never really obese, but never "regular." The only time I was happy in my body was when I was pregnant.

My doctor brought IP to my town and suggested it to me 2 years ago. I didn't even listen to her speak, believing that this was just another money-making scheme.

Two specific events were my catalysts for beginning IP. The first was my photo on a family calendar. Every year my grown daughters create a calendar for the year with photos of everyone in the family. When I turned the calendar to the April page last year, I was shocked to see a photo of myself and both of my daughters at my oldest's baby shower. I did not recognize myself, even though my daughters have been talking to me about "doing something about my weight" for a few years. I was embarrassed that everyone in the family (all over the country) would have this awful picture of me on their wall for an entire month! I was really upset at my daughter. Now I thank her with all of my heart for motivating me to change my life.

The other event was last March, when a dear friend in another city fell in his bedroom. He was so overweight that he could not get up and lay there for 48 on the floor of his room. They finally broke down the door when he did not show up for work the second day and admitted him into the hospital.

Both of these events were catalysts for me. I decided that I was "ready" and asked a friend what she did to lose weight. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with her as she old me about IP. I was leaving on a trip to NY for a week, but stopped at the clinic on the way out of town to meet the coach, get a little more info, and make an appointment to start as soon as I returned. I know she thought I was nuts.

While on my trip I researched IP, found 3fc and read these message boards every night for 20 minutes and made my decision. When I came back I started the very next day. I stayed 100% on Phase 1 from June 14, 2012 to March 19 - 9 months. Then I phased off properly with 2 wks on P2, 3 wks on P3 and now I'm in maintenance.

You HAVE to be ready. No one else can tell you what to do. The decision must come from within. It's so interesting to read everyone's stories.
Started June 14, 2012; Reached goal: March 19, 2013; Maintenance: May 2, 2013; 81 pounds lost!
Started Winter 2018 reboot on August 13 at 176.
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IP start Aug 2012
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I've told this story before but this thread is a good place to put it.

I'm a low-carb loving girl. I did Atkins 10 years ago and lost 100 lbs. I never got to goal and had more and more problems sticking to plan & getting back to plan.

In November 2011, a friend of mine who lives in a different state posted on FB a pic of a HUGE pile of clothes she was discarding. I inquired and she told me about IP.

I researched and found all the reasons I couldn't (wouldn't) do it. Too much processed food, too restrictive, too much soy (I don't believe soy is healthy), too limited in healthy fats (I DO NOT believe grapeseed is healthy and olive not for cooking).

Fast forward to June 2012. I had foot surgery in May. I had been less and less active as my foot had bothered me more and more, needing the surgery but trying desperately to wait until the end of the school year b/c recovery would be 6 weeks or more. Inactivity breeds depression. Depression breeds overeating (in me). I felt like total crap. EVERYTHING hurt. Laying around was causing me more and more back pain. I was getting weaker and weaker and heavier and heavier.

I finally cried "uncle" one day and decided I was going to do IP when we returned from our annual July vacation. I decided the processed food was a means to an end and would be "temporary". Last July, we visited my parents in Michigan and my Mom was on IP! My husband had the gall to suggest that I could start IP then, since my mom was on it, I could just join her.

But I decided my mindset was for AFTER vacation and I stuck to my guns. I read 3FC-IP daily while on vacation, lurking and learning. We returned on a Sunday and I started with alt protein powders on the Monday (eight months after learning about IP). Tuesday was my appt with my coach and I've been OP ever since. I'm not the fastest or the biggest loser but the tortoise won the race in the end anyway so I'm not concerned.

I'm happier and healthier and headed to my goal. I've just surpassed the weight I achieved on Atkins. This time I'll get to goal.
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
Lost 95 lbs on IP!
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