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MiX'N' iN THE KiTCH'N.... Recipes from the Rainbow VOLUMN 2

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a yummy scrumptious delicious greek lemon egg soup!!

ooooo so divine!! this is FANTASTIC!!!

this was so good i wanted to crawl into the bowl and lick the bottom!

Recipe makes 1 Serving and equals
2 cups vegetables
1 unrestricted packet
1 daily egg

and optional:
1 tsp oil or butter
1 oz daily allotment of milk

What I used:

i'm sure you could substitute the IP chicken soup with no issues

with a microplane, zest 1 lemon and juice 1 lemon
and add to a small bowl or container, add 1 TBSP hot water, to warm the mixture

next step is OPTIONAL and NOT IP complaint
i added 1/2 tsp cornstarch to help thicken (you could also use xantham gum here) thanks frawniemae
this adds 5 calories and 1 gram carb
DO NOT ADD THIS if your coach does not allow it
you can continue WITHOUT this, only it just won't be quite as thick

mix well
in another bowl, whisk your egg very well until frothy
then add your whisked egg into your lemon juice

grate your cauliflower and place into a small bowl with 1 tbsp water
and cover with a wet paper towel
and microwave for 3 minutes

in the meantime, heat 1 cup water until boiling
add your soup mixture and mix well with a whisk

now, this is where you need to be careful
add 1 spoonful of your hot soup into your eggs
and mix well, then add another spoonful, and mix again
this will "temper" your eggs, and keep them from cooking in the bowl

then slowly add the rest of the soup into the egg mixture mixing well

add your mixture into a small pot

next, remove your cooked cauliflower from the microwave
and add it to your soup in the pot
over low - medium heat, slowly heat until it thickens a bit
this only takes about 1 minute!!

add to your bowl...and top with some chives!!

i like to add 1 tsp of a daily fat....to give it a richer taste
i use 1/2 tsp butter, but then i am not 100%
so you can use olive oil, or coconut oil

i also add my daily allotment of milk for extra creaminess
but this is not necessary

the soup tastes GREAT either way!

i like to add a little pepper to mine!!

see how thick and creamy it is!!
looks like rice but it isn't!!



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S/C/G: 399.7/322.5/225

Height: 5'8

Default Chayote Applesauce and Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

Chayote Applesauce

so i had an old recipe that used applesauce to make brownies,
i thought i'd use chayote applesauce!

i made the previous recipe, baked caramel chayote "apples" and
pureed 1/2 cup in the magic bullet!!
presto!! "apple"sauce!!

this is delicious on its own! but today i made it for brownies


1 Weight Loss Systems Pudding - Chocolate Chip with Marshmallows
1 ProtiDiet Dessert - Chocolate Fudge Cake
1 egg
2 packets stevia
1 tbsp water
2 tsp olive oil
dash salt
1/2 cup chayote "applesauce"

1 spoonful premade mixture
1 spoonful walden farms peanut butter
enough water to make it very thin and spreadable

i used a mini brownie silicone pan

add the stevia or sweetener of your choice to the chayote "apples"
puree in magic bullet with 1 tbsp water to consistency of applesauce

i removed the mini chocolate chips and marshmallows from the pudding mix

whip the eggs, salt and olive oil together and add the rest of the ingredients

mix well and remove one small spoonful into a small bowl
along with 1 spoonful walden farms peanut butter

the mixture filled 16 brownie holes

i added 4 ip soy puffs to the "toppings" and crushed them

bake 350 for 13 minutes

frost and add your toppings!!



reboot wk1: -10.2 wk:2 -5.6 wk:3 -3.4 wk:4 -4.6 wk:5 -3.8 wk:6 -3.4 wk:7 -1.6 wk:8 -4.4 wk:9 +.8
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