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Default Anyone else finding insomnia after being on Plan after a while?

I used to just go THUD each night.. now I find myself unable to sleep some nights just tossing and turning and feels like my heart is thudding a bit. Almost feels like a panic attack.. any ideas guys?
Anyone else find this?
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I had trouble sleeping the first time around on IP. My coach said this was normal as it happened to her too. A friend of mine said that she never had any issues with sleep. Must just be on an individual basis.
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Start IP 7/27/12
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I've been on IP for 12 weeks now and I have the opposite problem! I am so tired at night I drop off then sleep all night, but wake up really refreshed earlier than normal. I'd say I've never slept better since I've been on IP! I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. I suffered from it before IP and can totally sympathize!

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Not insomnia- I can get to sleep just fine, but I now have nightmares and I wake up in the middle of the night, full of anxeity. I haven't found a solution yet. You might want to try shuffling your meals around- if you are eating several hours before you go to bed, your blood sugar might be dropping too low.

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Started IP 6/14
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I do - although falling asleep has never been easy for me, it has gotten a bit worse. The funny part is that I get up at the same time every morning and I don't feel tired like I used to (and I don't sleep through my alarm anymore like I used to). Part of me wonders if the higher energy levels other people report just happen to me at night
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Takes me forever to fall asleep but once I do I sleep hard all night. I find if I drink my snack right before I lay down Im ok. If I drink it and then get busy with something for more than 30 min. I might as well find something to do for 3 hrs.
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I am finding that I dream... alot. I have always been a vivid dreamer but this is crazy.
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Vivid dreams and dreams about food. This was especially true when I did P1 the first time. I also find I require "less" sleep. I don't have trouble sleeping, but get by just fine on 7-8 hours whereas when I am on maintenance and eat carbs, I am in the 9 hour range.

PS- The vivid dreams and food dreams subside once you hit P3 and maintenance. But now that I am doing P1 for my reboot- they are back. The worst are the ones where you dream that you are cheating
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I have been taking Melatonin at bed time which has helped me get a nice restful sleep. I am not saying its for everyone but I had issues falling asleep before starting IP and I have found Melatonin works without making me drowsy in the morning.

Second go around
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IP start Aug 2012
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My sleeping was disturbed for a while. I was waking up sweating! I'm week 11 now and it seems to have calmed down. I'm almost back to normal on the sleep. I STILL have not had TOM, however! This happens too.
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Originally Posted by saskbushbunny View Post
I am finding that I dream... alot. I have always been a vivid dreamer but this is crazy.
I am the exact same way. I've always been a vivid dreamer as well, but nothing like what I am going through now. I dream every night too! I've been on the diet for just over 3 weeks and every single night except 1 night (which I think is because I didn't get enough sleep as I find I dream closer to when I wake up) I've had at least one dream. It's crazy!!
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I remember reading somewhere, either on this forum or in my psych classes or something, about cellular memory and how emotional and physical trauma is stored, not just in our brains but also in the cells within our body. They serve to form, inform and influence who we are today...perhaps as our physical bodies go through these big changes through dieting, some of those cellular memories are also shifting, being recalled, being eliminated and that is what influences the vivid or wacky or intense dreams and insomnia.

Personally, I am finding that a lot of this journey brings up a lot of emotions for me, not just tied to food but also why food became such a comfort to me in life and contributed to the extra weight I've been carrying around all my life.

Now, things are shifting in my body physically, mentally and emotionally. Par for the course, I guess.

Certainly helps to know that I'm not alone on the journey....so grateful for you IPeeps!
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Start: Dec. 18, 2017
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This is a really interesting thread.

I don't usually dream much but I have been dreaming quite a bit more since on IP and especially long dreams that go on and on and I keep following along. Before IP my dreams tended to be short scenes and sort of disconnected and nonsensical... Also my dreams have very weird lately, but I suppose dreams usually are that way, only now they are even longer...

Like some of the people above, I find that I am tired before bed and fall asleep fairly easily, but wake up - refreshed - before I intended to, like 2 or 3 hours earlier. If I wake up too early then I feel the lack during the day, I get tired in the afternoon, and especially my brain gets tired. Otherwise I definitely have more energy and it feels wonderful. I was the type of person before that always felt lack of energy, often just barely dragged myself around, sleepy, tired, but not now!

I find the notion of cellular memory quite fascinating!

I live in the north, a rural area, and there is a greater percentage of Aboriginal population than in the cities. So I've been hearing stories about fasting that I might not have heard otherwise. Fasting (usually in spring) is one of the traditional cultural things, and they say that for the 3-4 days that you don't eat or drink anything, you stop feeling hungry and you start to have all kind of spiritual experiences and visions.

I always found that quite interesting, but of course had no intention on trying it out. But I'm wondering if now with reduced calories diet we are experiencing a sort of faint shade of that fasting experience... For example the serenity that someone mentioned in a different thread (also interesting notion) was also a part of I've been hearing about the experiences people have during the fast.

Interesting stuff.

About the feeling of anxiousness, well, it might be something to discuss with a doctor, but what I wanted to say is regarding very mild feeling of anxiousness before sleep: having something sweet (or a little sweet, as long as it's not say, spicy, sour, bitter etc) calms my mind and gives me that comfy feeling of being ready to relax and sleep. Kind of like an infant with it's bottle Definitely no heavy foods or greasy...

For example before IP it could be a glass of milk or if I am more peckish then even a peanut butter sandwich. On IP it's a drink for me (any of the drinks are fine for that) or a pudding. For others it might be one of the bars, but the information I received in my starting package did say that in the evening we should choose one of the lower carb packets, such as a drink or a pudding.
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No problems sleeping, but I wake up so much less tired in the morning.
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I'm on Week 8. I can fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow (which I never used to be able to do), but now I find myself waking up at ridiculously strange hours and not being able to get back to sleep. One night (morning), I finally just gave up... I got up at 3:30am and went for a brisk 3 mile walk. I do find I have a tremendous amount of energy, more than ever before, as well as some disturbed dreams. The concept of cellular memories make sense of those dreams, I guess... but the residuals from the dreams create a bit of emotional conflict during my waking hours.
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